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  1. Am I missing something with the 62? If they were that concerned with lack of service to iber why not have the 62 from granite ridge go Left Harry Douglas Dr, Right Iber, Right Abbott to cardelrec and vice versa. I get OC is severely short on buses, funding and ideas but common. A deviation and a roundabout for 650m doesn’t make sense. If you route it down Harry Douglas you serve more area and waste less time. also disappointing no return of full 55 or a boost to service that service Carleton U or Algonquin.. but not surprised
  2. If it’s a dead bus agencies will do this so drivers know not to park right on its bumper. Otherwise if it’s not dead then the door swung open but that’s not so common with newer buses compared to the older flyers that were held by two metal latches
  3. Eventually they will, right now I’m noticing it’s the more worn out cards that have the most trouble. Like the original readers it’ll take some time to smoothen out, I was hoping for faster readers like Compass in Vancouver but it doesn’t seem to be the case
  4. Driving a nova with a new reader right now.. these things are picky when they want to read a card or not. Hopefully future updates fix this
  5. I don’t believe a firm timeline. It was in a testing roll in phase initially and it’s likely going to be like any other campaign where it’s replaced when the bus goes for repairs or when the old readers crap out
  6. I highly doubt this service would work, the route is far too long and travelling along lakeshore will absolutely destroy the scheduling and any headways. the idea to reduce traffic is nice but lakeshore traffic is a mix of industrial/commercial and people hoping on and off the Gardiner. Traffic won’t be alleviated by transit especially when the route will struggle from day 1 outside of rush hour. the other issues are, 15 buses still would bunch since lakeshore traffic is unpredictable but so are the top ends of each route. You also have streetcar access on King and Queen with one transfer will be way faster. the idea is good and noble however there wouldn’t be a budget either from the TTCs side to run this or passenger revenue to offset any costs
  7. I’d argue it does. The tremblay portion takes almost 10 minutes to do with very little ridership to get on/off. We could very easily implement a bus going via tremblay as every say 3rd bus. The road networks are so wonky between tremblay, cyrville and even lees that cutting any portion out and running direct shuttles would help a lot it affects a small minority but sometimes that’s needed for the bigger picture, something OC sometimes struggles with
  8. Please use the proper threads for questions instead of opening new ones each time
  9. Instead of asking the forum and not liking the answers you’ve been given from Current Transit Operators, why not email/call local 113 and find out the answer if you don’t agree with the CBA wording? I guarantee you all of us drivers, whether we work for TTC or not understand what a collective agreements wording is or isn’t. As a new hire you gotta be open to listening to drivers who will help you throughout your first year or two.
  10. free wifi helps you forget you’re waiting 30 minutes in the cold for a 75
  11. In addition the 81 actually has two buses located in Beaverton so it’s more or less the same two D4500s and drivers pending a bus change for repairs
  12. And you’re exactly right, they are changed off for return trips for 60ft buses. In reality the DDs were purchased for express routes and have slowly ended up throughout the network. Over the years they will dwindle out and we won’t have nearly what we have now. DD are great in theory and on paper, in service where every second counts though is a different story. Even on local routes they’re terrible because local routes simply are not the casual driving around they used to be. If you ever take a 170/171 or 161/168 you’ll see they don’t have time to cruise and wait for upper deck passengers anyway, I’ve derailed this thread enough with my love of the double decker, movin on!
  13. Regardless future buses will be electric so that’s not even a question about model type. once line 1 is fully operational we won’t need 300+ artics, it’ll be nice but not needed. As for DD on any run except a connection or potentially new express in the future it’s a waste of time. Each DD takes on average 20 seconds a stop due to stairs and slow doors. It’s not what local routes need. im currently looking at a DD offload at hurdman, it took the operator 1.5 minutes to unload. Talk about efficient.
  14. Back in the glory days of OC transpo it was rare to see anything but articulated buses on the 95, this was due to lack of interlining and it was much easier to maintain proper bus types on proper routes. We need to get back to this as it’s clear we cannot manage properly. Far too often do I see 75s running 40ft at night with people smashed up against the window, or DD 88s finishing 10-15 late because of the dwell times and just overall slower buses. if OC isn’t going to get extra funding with sutcliffe (and we don’t know yet so maybe we’ll be surprised) then we certainly need to restructure and take a look at the day to day operations. Any route that’s “frequent” (I say that term loosely) needs a 60ft, with life essentially back to normal minus feds our ridership is suffering and even being left behind.
  15. Time for more funding.. oh wait, do we do that in Ottawa?
  16. From an outsider who works for a smaller agency( although still large city) I’d like to ask those in the know. You say drivers run whatever schedule they like, some milk it and take 20+ min layovers and some turn and burn, my question is how is that possible from a scheduling standpoint? At my agency and every other one I’ve seen the operator has time points and and a “paddle” where we follow (I believe TTC is termed waybill?). Obviously if there is 0 min recovery on a run you will run late when nature calls and it’s easily traced and monitored on smaller routes. so let’s go with the 501, at 21:10 I see 10 buses with the rest as streetcars, you’re telling me that control cannot monitor 10 buses for adherence? If it’s “generous” schedule times then it’s a failure of the TTC and not the operators. clever devices and the CAD/vision system isn’t new, where I am control can see the minute I run hot/late and my location. With a click of my gps location my work pops up on their screen and they can monitor and adjust if needed. There is no way the TTCs program cannot do it. this may not be as clear cut as people say. When you see buses taking “extra” layover it has to be some directive from control and not fully up to driver discretion, if it is then this is a chance for management to realize you’re either a) understaffed b) overly stingy with “waybills” or c) they have a serious morale issue which means there is more to this. again I’m an outsider chiming in, but something isn’t right when the tech is used all over NA and with Toronto’s grid system it should be a lot easier to manage
  17. It doesn’t help, but it allows transit to board passengers faster while also absolving the operator of conflict over fares, it’s a lot easier to ignore back doors
  18. Yes fare evasion is rampant on OC property, but it’s because the infrastructure has made it this way. Decades of teaching passengers to do all door boarding with 60ft buses, transitway or not. Now with the mismatched LRT stations that were slapped onto bus stations (minus hurdman) it’s extremely easy to just walk on through the roads and bam you’re in a fare paid zone. although as a driver I’d love to see fare enforcement brought back, I don’t know if it will but I don’t check fares anymore because the minute I question an expired transfer people think it’s okay to lash out and threaten/yell at us… it’s a different world in transit these days
  19. You are not in service during training. The wording is “Ten months of continuous service with the TTC” that’s why if you’re new (it’s the same with all agencies) and you pause your employment for whatever reason, your probation stops and starts on your leave/return.
  20. I know the results are what they are. But this is just completely false narrative. The 250M was an accelerated plan instead of a set amount yearly, it would simply finish projects earlier. transit being free for under 17 isn’t even much of a stretch considering students and low income already have heavily subsidized fares and the 20% they had suggested directed for transit would of brought OC close to pre 2011 cuts. for advocates for transit im surprised anyone would neglect to look at the bigger picture and instead vote for sutcliffe who has said he thinks buses are running empty. When is the last empty bus you’ve seen, especially downtown? My only hope is he lets people with knowledge direct OC in a better direction and not interject constantly like Watson. Enjoy your 4.00 cash fares and 3.90 presto July 1.
  21. The other two players aren’t even in consideration regardless. BYD hasn’t proven any reliability in Canadian markets, yes a little in the US, but totally different climates. Proterra although doing relatively well in Edmonton, hasn’t shown the same success in Toronto and when it comes to a mass order they won’t compete. New Flyer and Nova are the only viable options and the order may be split anyway to ensure faster deliveries
  22. This thread gives a decent look into CSA, apparently pay and hours aren’t ideal and there’s the seniority issues with work as well (however that’s all agencies). It seems that it’s also contracted out, although it might be to Alstom/bombardier.
  23. Rapidbus branding works well enough, if buses are ordered/delivered fast enough. Translinks “issue” is the system is working extremely well and they’re already running short on the proper branded buses. This is the case with Brampton transits “ZUM” service where up until Covid hit they never had an issue with non ZUM branded buses running on the 500s. Cut to Covid times where they started using articulated buses to help with social distancing + aging fleet and they’re now struggling to maintain the branded routes. the fact that they can’t keep up with rapid bus branding is a great thing in essence, it means more funding and more buses year and after for growth
  24. With the route showing it going to walkley then back up to bank, did it service the stop just off walkley then use the transitway loop to go back up towards bank street?
  25. Lot of agencies are delayed due to parts and resource shortages, you may not see 22xx series enter till 2023
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