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  1. Add to that lazy scheduling, it certainly does not take 58 minutes after rush hour to run an R1, expect many buses to be running hot or sitting at time-points
  2. It’s actually not known yet if this will be the new fleet numbering system, we’ve asked before ( internally ) and were given no definitive answer. I personally wouldn’t be against a numbering scheme of year/number of buses like the old days. If they choose to go the usual way the next bath of electric buses could either be 4850+ or in the 5000/7000s for different “fuel” type as were the Orion Hybrids in the 5000s
  3. Sorry for late reply, LFR isn’t needed but the most recent Xcelsior would be fantastic, if you can grab a Nova I’d be very appreciative as well
  4. Hey all, pretty broad question but I’m looking to see if anyone has photos of the drivers area and controls for your LFS and Xcelsiors, any model except the Trolleys is fine as the spec sheets tend to be the same. Looking into something for my workplace. If you don’t want to post here or if there’s a direct fan site you can send me a PM if needed thanks
  5. Tbh the R1 would work far better if it were to be run on a headway system vs schedule. Far too often is the R1 schedule padded to the point where buses need to either leave late from tunneys/Blair or they sit and wait at stops which defeats the purpose of an efficient replacement. Lees WB and cyrville should be a shuttle run from Blair-Cyrville-hurdman-lees and back with proper signage on the buses. nightly closures from 20:00 to EOS will really screw a lot of passengers over making last buses
  6. Wheel trans is probably the least available mode to be offered to new hires. I know of 1 person who was offered it yet turned it down, next time was offered bus. Smaller amount of drivers and low turnover so you’re unlikely to get it when hired. if you want wheel trans but don’t get offered your best bet is to switch modes once you’re eligible
  7. Don’t have the logic for them leaving around the same time, they should be staggered but aren’t. As for interlining, Sometimes yes and sometimes no it all depends on the trip times at cardelrec. At cardelrec they’re more spaced out edit: I had some time so 15 of the 42 trips to cardelrec interline with the 62, the others either return as a 61 or go off elsewhere
  8. I don’t believe it’s from the 300 Orion’s as they have a diagonal yellow bar. Could just be parts ordered from new flyer and they have a different window setup
  9. Not so much that we’re trying to run up the mileage. It’s more so that as the inveros are slowly retiring ( we’re below 90 ) the DD are now needed more than just as tripper buses. We simply don’t have the resources to keep them parked anymore. Add in lots of buses used in training and the double deckers are more needed than ever (at least in a long time)
  10. You mean a bus was used to cover a trip that otherwise would be cancelled? That’s common everywhere..
  11. I’ll add to what has been said, just get in whatever mode is offered and eventually move around. I know someone who applied and were offered Subway and turned it down the first time, second time they were offered para and we’re told take it or we move on to next candidate and you’re done. It may not be your ideal choice but getting in is what matters
  12. As immoral as the lawyers for the TTC sound to dismiss her claim as “her fault” it’s always done this way to ensure the agency has no fault in this situation and doesn’t have to pay out anything to the victim. I don’t agree with their counter argument but that is the norm. It’s their job to save the commission money from frivolous lawsuits.
  13. Which is fair that you would want a more direct line, however this is a issue Ottawa needs to fix as a whole, which is to provide all the service you need to live, within your areas boundaries. A lot of times people feel the need to travel from Kanata to downtown to do stuff which is a product of Ottawa not building to cater peoples needs. Ottawa is a massive city and it’s impossible to have everything be within 1 bus if you’re going end to end. Route 88 is one of those routes that gets halfway there and look how unreliable it is when things go wrong. If the city just “redeveloped” within itself to provide all services locally, it would help solve a lot of issues
  14. That is unfortunately sounding like your agency slacking on maintenance. there’s some mechanics/technicians on this board such as @Bus_Medicwho would know the actual reason but a bus shouldn’t be shaking at only 80kmh
  15. Why would they? Local routes like the 161,168 or their counterparts 170,171, 131 and 138 all serve their purposes well. Not every route needs to extend or be altered to a LRT station. It’s growing pains for OC because there was no way to create the full line in one stage which causes more transfers for passengers. The same thing will happen for for when stage 2 is complete. Do you really want all routes funnelled into moodie and baseline? Or would you rather still have your locals do the full route but with higher frequency. if they’re all deviating or ending at moodie you can forget about anything better than 30 min headways
  16. I was always under the impression it was just a design modification done between different models. 2060 being series 1 and 2129 series 2
  17. I’d suggest you look at the frequency of all their grid system routes including ZUM/Miexpress , their ridership growth numbers from 2012. As well as their overall future plan. Brampton transit is constantly growing outwards and bumping up service levels while miway has been constantly juggling service with their resources of which is scarce. now this isn’t because miway sucks. This is because two different cities operate very differently. Brampton runs frequent grid with more walking to final destination vs MiWays local feeder system ( which comes at a cost to grid routes ) Bramptons council is constantly boosting the budget whereas Mississauga leaves their transit agency to penny pinch. which is a shame because miway has serious potential to expand. you can do all the comparative research even by our wiki. But electric vehicles doesn’t mean when service is infrequent and unreliable edit: I’ll add a few things in terms of ridership Brampton jumped 14% from ‘17-18 and another 2.16% right before Covid to a total of 31,914,000 for the year with a POP of 611,000 MiWays 2019 numbers are 41.2 with a population of 763,000
  18. The 30ft are also diesels and have a much smaller tank, trial and error.
  19. You’re not wrong there, ever since they fixed the running time on the 16 we can do tunneys to parliament in about 9-11 minutes, 18 can easily do parliament to st Laurent in under 20… unless they reroute the R1 via Albert/Slater again but that’s another story
  20. route 11: i see partial problems with using 60 foot buses constantly down somerset to main simply because the parking and spacing situations down around the university and residences especially during the winter but the 16 does occasionally use them as is so maybe im overthinking it. Route 18: it makes sense to send it to tunneys/westboro i dont see any issues. as it stands its a relatively short route. However i think ending it at Laurier Station for the "18X" is a mistake. it needs to serve rideau CTR and end at parliament. otherwise there's no connection to the train WB Route 10: this is a smart choice and it should of ended at rideau from the beginning. extending it to Bruyere will only help citizens more when it comes to visiting patients in hospice care. which is crucial one change i would make however is to reroute the 9 to continue sussex to mackenzie AVE then left to rideau staiton to terminate. return trips start at rideau station, right sussex to route route 10 would do Bruyuere as last stop/first stop. Right sussex, Right Boteler St, Right Dalhousie to route thus creating more linear routes for transfers requiring less walking to get to one stop vs the other
  21. Typically the rear signs are the last ones to get replaced when they go down. Front and side are much more important for AODA, back signs are an optional spec order for a reason and if the unit is pulled out to replace/repair it’s better than pulling a bus from service over a sign
  22. Like others said above it’s not the worst idea, but it is flawed. To offer GO and Ontario Northland at 1$ as well, will cripple the two services. With people already preferring GO instead of municipal to cross the gta you’ll have 100 people lined up for a bus that fits 55 or 81. The same with a coach bus that’s designed to transport people for travel will turn into a bus people will ride just because they can with nowhere to go in mind. with transit it’s more doable. 1$ a ride plus transfer ensures the people who ride the bus - who tend to be lower income residents working jobs that barely cover the bills, will become a “god send” for many. 40$ for a bus pass vs 125 is a couple dinners for a family that cannot afford it usually. However there are Issues with this. I’ll use OC transpo as this is where I live and work. In order for OC to provide 1$/40$ service they will need extra funding provided by the liberal government. This is obviously in their plan but there needs to be a clause in the funding stating the agency is not to cut service anywhere and they are to increase service as demand arises ( and it will when it’s a buck ). Without a clause such as this you will have the company panicking when their profit lines deteriorate ( even though they’re a public entity, they still need to at least try and be self absorbent ) And slowly attempt to scale back service whether it’s reducing headways or adding artics to replace 40ft and therefor cutting a trip. Then there’s the issue of the private contract sector. YRT gives a set budget to their contractors yearly to provide service as well as penalize them for small service related issues. That will crush the contractors bottom line and they will slowly back out of the bids in Ontario. Smaller towns will loose transit because they can’t support themselves with fare revenue and the funding they receive will be nowhere near enough to expand when majority of funding will go to GTHA agencies and OC do I hope it’s a successful campaign promise? Of course, the public deserves essential services to be affordable. However I only want to see this happen if there are promises to maintain and expand services without destroying taxes or putting the province in a larger debt than it already is
  23. I would actually really welcome these changes as a driver, the 85,57 have stops way to close to each other with no benefit of service. If I serve a stop, close my door and the bell rings for me to stop less than 15 seconds after for 1 person that’s an impact to service. OC should model what Translink did which was condense and spread which leads to 1 stop picking/dropping 5 people instead of 5 stops with 1 each https://www.translink.ca/plans-and-projects/projects/bus-projects/bus-stop-balancing people may not want to walk an additional few minutes but this is what’s needs to be done to reduce run times on the trips
  24. @2044 is referring to the rear door seating, at some point a passenger must of had their arm hanging over or elbow and the door whacked them. Hence why they closed it off pending a probably modification to raise that barrier STM still does on their newer models however I feel it’s not as much of a concern since they’ve been like this since forever a fix DRT would likely look into is the ways of miway and Brampton Transit
  25. It’s not, apply with only English and very basic French understandings ( directions and route numbers ) and you’ll be fine
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