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  1. It will be a job where he/she will need to report to a bunch of people and any good ideas they may have will be cancelled by “we don’t have the budget” YRT is notoriously known for service cuts way prior to Covid and this new member of their staff will be no exception, unless they miraculously find a way to prove to YRT and council that by improving service and making transit more affordable you’ll reach more customers. But that’s a far fetched idea apparently
  2. Pittsburg is another that has a wide variety of Colours. The whole local/express paint scheme isn’t a bad idea, if it works. Brampton has almost perfected it with ZUM branding but that’s simply because they have enough of each branding to not worry about a shortage. the public doesn’t care if a blue or orange bus shows up but if miway really cares then they’ll just stop one or the other colour and go to Miway on all buses. But again they’ve invested a lot of money into this branding including the buses but signage and graphic design as well so in the end their best bet is to just improve reliability of a miexpress bus staying on an express run
  3. The medical exemption ones will fall flat and be denied. Maybe then they’ll get their shots but as for the ones who were already given a termination letter. If the union can guarantee they get their jobs back on condition of getting the shots, I say lucky them. But there isn’t any accommodation they’ll get for a public service job like this
  4. The greyhound ( and old voyageur) line via highway 7 was the typical routing anyway as it cut down on fuel and some kilometres but the buses would often have one stop in between in a town I honestly can’t remember, however even the “milk run” would be a full load since even with multiple stops it wasn’t much slower vs express and certainly wasn’t worth waiting another hour for the next trip
  5. Ultimately the same bus however OC always goes for as much seating as possible whereas the STM goes for capacity. Both have their pros and cons
  6. It will likely be the same as when ours in Ottawa enter service, the department in charge of monitoring its performance will ride the bus periodically throughout the various runs it’s on. But these newer buses ( nova and NFI ) have so much data capabilities they can tell exactly how it stops/starts, takes corners etc. having driven the XE40 myself I can tell you the passengers will notice a much smoother and eerily quiet ride and they lean a lot during corners but that’s really the only difference
  7. here’s a photo from “Articulated” that he posted on Facebook awhile back, it shows the control system is a joystick and what could be a red emergency stop button. I haven’t seen it in person to know if that’s indeed it’s function edit: zoomed in an it’s indeed a “emergency stop” button
  8. So it would be the exact same on the protera, I was hoping for some viable excuse but it’s just carelessness, thanks.
  9. Is there normally a mount or frame to grab onto just past the bumper on a Nova or Orion? I can’t imagine a tow company that has a contract just casually hooking to a bumper, maybe the guy figured proteras would be the same…
  10. Only 1293-1302. They ran somewhat smoother than their s60 counterparts with the ZF but not much better
  11. 100% it’s the same at my workplace, the only difference is if we complain about run times it somewhat will get fixed… a couple signups later but it will happen, from my friends with the YRT I’ve heard their input goes unheard unfortunately which ultimately makes the passengers suffer
  12. Excessive run times and pressure to not leave the first stop late from the company, but they won’t fix it because they would then need to add more buses to maintain headways
  13. Highly doubt it’s intentional, Other media agencies reported the number was supposed to be 0039 not 0009, simple harmless typo that’s going to get blown up just because.
  14. Brampton Transit 217 Brampton Transit 221 Brampton Transit 204 Brampton Transit 208 Brampton Transit 214 All of seen better days, but all are for sale for parts
  15. Part of the issue is the divisions don’t necessarily “speak with each other” as they’re all separate contractors. The region is so fixated on not running a deficit that the bottom line of meeting or excelling service expectations is missed. All they need to do is have it so passengers wait 10 minutes for a transfer to either route instead of the mentality of buses meeting at an intersection at that moment or not meeting at all with the frequencies you mentioned. for example routes 85 and 90 were designed to meet at 16th Ave, however because YRT headways are complete insanity you would have the 85 running extremely late towards 16th Ave ( yet too much time going opposite way) whereas the 90 would often run right on time SB causing a missed connection and a long wait, or no bus at all for the night Last 85EB is 11:44 last 90SB is 11:37 until the planners make an effort to communicate the needs of riders and fix the schedule YRTs ridership will drop and headway issues won’t get fixed
  16. I’ve driven those before, I’ll never understand the need for mirrors to be the size of your arm and still barely provide ample vision, one of the worst designed mirrors imo
  17. I believe so far the MTA is the only one with that plug style door, I’ve seen Enviro500s with that issue happen before and Nova recently has had issues with regular rear doors in various Quebec agencies
  18. Ah that’s true their retarder is set off the accelerator Off the brake can also be rough, the agency needs to set and maintain the retarder so it doesn’t have an aggressive kickdown. VIVA probably gets more care and attention for the brand plus on a 60ft you don’t feel it as much
  19. Depends where the jerky ride is coming from, YRT uses Voith and for the most part it’s a smooth transmission until it gets “tired” and will sometimes slam between gears ( nowhere as bad as ZF ), other factors could be a rougher suspension or in the case of their new flyers the operator can open them while moving however the interlock will catch almost at a stop and slam the bus, Novas don’t open until stopped. the jerky ride Can also be caused by the brake hold feature grabbing the bus when stopping which happens on the Xcelsiors
  20. How is a 3300 a “handmedown” I love the troll job but that’s a brand new bus, hey maybe this is the start of queensway getting some 2018 and up
  21. Definitely not only available bus at night brampton has quite a surplus in evenings, it was likely being covered by an operator done for the night and extended if it wasn’t tracking. Bramptons slowly getting away from the stigma of zum buses being for zum only and will use whatever bus needed to cover work
  22. Saw a Onexbus downtown Ottawa by parliament station I believe 2 nights ago around 1:30-2am. Turned off and parked in a strange location so possibly being used as a charter, it’s being operated by An H3-45 from Belca Tours
  23. I’m assuming your clever device unit now tells you on the top with that green bar what the fare type is? We’ve had it in Ottawa for ages and I find the amount of child/youth passed being used is insane
  24. Pretty much all it comes down to is risk assessment. Miway had an incident. The risk assessment/insurance department likely had to pay out to a passenger and someone somewhere said “instead of us dealing with this again, let’s just get rid of the risk” every major TA has a risk assessment department, some just have better things to do with their day and in reality miway is quite small so they’re able to focus on the “less” important issues a company such as the TTC would choose to not bother with just pretend you’re riding an Orion V without the middle seats
  25. Slightly off topic here but we’re they doing teams at the time? as I vividly remember them looking drained as you said but they’d team drive NYC to Buffalo and back and rarely be put up like we were in a hotel. They also weren’t employed by coach USA, they were often a smaller company that bid to get the megabus runs and operate the coaches
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