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  1. I’m assuming your clever device unit now tells you on the top with that green bar what the fare type is? We’ve had it in Ottawa for ages and I find the amount of child/youth passed being used is insane
  2. Pretty much all it comes down to is risk assessment. Miway had an incident. The risk assessment/insurance department likely had to pay out to a passenger and someone somewhere said “instead of us dealing with this again, let’s just get rid of the risk” every major TA has a risk assessment department, some just have better things to do with their day and in reality miway is quite small so they’re able to focus on the “less” important issues a company such as the TTC would choose to not bother with just pretend you’re riding an Orion V without the middle seats
  3. Slightly off topic here but we’re they doing teams at the time? as I vividly remember them looking drained as you said but they’d team drive NYC to Buffalo and back and rarely be put up like we were in a hotel. They also weren’t employed by coach USA, they were often a smaller company that bid to get the megabus runs and operate the coaches
  4. Regardless of tech or not this is a dangerous move in terms of transit, yes YRT runs on a privately funded contractors who must work with what they’re given ( Miller, TOK and maybe transdev.. I think they got the boot ) but this isn’t how you run sustainable transit. over the years they keep cutting service and even prior to covid they were slashing routes to the point where I see YRT purposely jeopardizing their network to promote VIVA and force the feeder routes out. I personally am only familiar with the western portion of their network and many buses that used to be relatively full would have headway’s increased every service change and slowly less and less use it. A prime example I used to always see is promenade ctr have a ttc bus come in full at night and taxis/Uber lining up to take people the rest of the way while the once an hour buses leave empty. how people of York region are okay with this? I don’t know but I fully expect any non-grid network route to be gone within 5 years
  5. Yes MegaBus Canada is the same pay scale as Coach Canada, paid by the run based on distance and time. The runs are picked based on seniority, you can sign a line run or go to the charter board MegaBus USA is hourly paid and far less than their Canadian counterparts. When I was there some USA operators were being paid 12.00/hr
  6. Don’t think anyone’s looking for a little violin to play us off, it’s more like everyone handles things differently and with all this heat sometimes it does become unbearable and you need to take a breath of “fresh air” as for the breaks comment, that’s your opinion but nurses and hospital staff certainly do get to walk away and get a well deserved breather, just like transit staff do.
  7. Put it this way, you ever sit in a glass capsule with a shield blocking passenger AC and all you get is a little vent on the top left to cool down your shoulder? It can easily get to +30 in the drivers area, In Quebec the government decides operator shields were sufficient protection to drive without them. Here in Ontario we have heavier/bigger shields that legit block air from flowing ( Toronto, Ottawa, Brampton ) and yet masks are required at all times. as for customers complaining, you bet your rear end they’ll call in if the mask slips beneath the nose or if you take it off for a breather / drink of coffee
  8. Still front facing, passenger is just sitting sideways on it
  9. The dest sign I can agree with, the sensors don’t work well and never adjust based on outdoor lighting but I’m curious what you dislike about the interior lighting, is it the yellow tone similar to the older D60LFs?
  10. Yet from a drivers standpoint it’s one of the best buses out there. powerful, smooth, very driver friendly cab and and air conditioner that’ll keep you frozen all day long. Their time is long gone and they should of been retired by now ( Ottawa ) but when you look at the xcelsior model you can see just how much of the invero actually went into the Xcelsior and for a good reason
  11. This is most likely MegaBus dumping the 1$ campaign and switching to 10$ minimums, you’ll notice a lot of megabus DD have been stripped of the branding for either all blue or for a more simple livery not advertising the 1$
  12. I used to work there quite a few years ago… about 5 I believe and at the time it was any bus. when the van hool 60ft came in they tried to keep it as artics only but that wasn’t doable because they were so unreliable. I’d ask for a Nova instead and was told vanhool or Xcelsior only. From when I asked at the time it was strictly for reliability and appearance, XD40s were better buses and therefor went on the 20. However about your claim of passenger counters, I honestly cannot remember if the LFS had them
  13. It’s not just Amazon, Brampton is a large city based on commercial, industrial and education. Of course the buses were full all day on every route and not just the 11,511,51. If Brampton transit had thought things through more thoroughly they would of kept dozens of extra buses at gateway and BCC to do flex trips to relieve crowds but they didn’t Brampton Transit has had one of the highest number of operators get sick/pass away from covid and it was due to lack of spacing and lack of mask enforcement
  14. Well the leafs were doing inner country travel all year and I believe come September other leagues will start and be doing cross border
  15. Did they drop their contracts with the NHL, NBA and I believe MLS for pickup/drop offs at Pearson as well, or did they keep a remaining few for that contract?
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