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  1. I doubt it will make a huge difference though in regards to headway, the 53 even before covid typically had quite a bit of extra time during the route and on top of that some time as a layover on hurontario, an extra 2 minutes each way ( minus rush hour ) would likely keep the schedule the same. Adding another bus for less than an extra Km of route wouldn’t make any sense
  2. Yeah it’s a rarity but also used as a last ditch effort to get the run covered if something happens, with covid going on there are extra conventional buses sitting around the city and they can be used on whatever route needs it 1517 was also used yesterday
  3. Last class was I believe a month or so ago and it consisted of 2 trainees, it’s going to be on hold until ridership increases again
  4. Although I’d normally agree, I haven’t done the 501 in quite some time and memos have been put out saying do not pick up in any circumstances inside VMC in the passed, perhaps this isn’t the case
  5. Brampton transits route 501 will begin to serve platform 9 at YRTs VMC terminal, it will then continue regular route to highway 7 and serve the regular Viva station, it’s unknown yet if it will drop off at vmc terminal yet
  6. The full roof fairing is completely cosmetic, many agencies did not order it because it’s simply not needed or the previous orders were government funded while this one is not. As nice as it may be looks wise, if it costs them extra they won’t do it
  7. Only if needed, there are still many routes that even before Covid don’t exactly need high service levels ( 12,13,16,31/32 ) which still are not being brought back and most are within a 10-15 min walk to a main route so it’s low on their priority. they won’t be eliminated permanently but for now, no point in wasting funds. School routes ( if school starts in September ) would run for routes outside of the transit network like on mayfield and bramalea, however schools along routes might just be using the current Covid network
  8. Garbage or use them on the older fleet as replacements that isn’t scheduled to receive the new mirrors
  9. The XD40 that caught on fire earlier last week on route 5, was unit 1311
  10. Mirror is slightly larger and is curved like a convex to cover more of the rear of the bus
  11. Masks will likely still be a requirement on transit for a long long time, this is to double up to reduce the risk
  12. Likely not. Check routes 4,20,77 or go on https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=yrt and check the tracker to avoid unnecessary travels
  13. Exactly, Brampton’s fleet numbering is a dead giveaway, 1119 is a 2011 Xcelsior. Likely way past the warranty The only ones that were active recently were 216 and maybe 221 ( it’s been awhile since I’ve seen 221 in the garage ) 216 was seen a week ago and is either in for repairs, storage or retired.. anyone’s guess and there isn’t a need for older buses to be out right now either
  14. It only makes sense for them to switch terminals once completed, 610 Bay is in horrible shape in a customer service view. By closing 610 bay they can move operations to the USBT or even Yorkdale terminal which receives some trips currently and 407GO. The only factors I can see where they would not move in is either leasing spots ( is there even enough, how much for the spots ) and if the agencies even want to go in, MegaBus is known for curb side pickups even in large cities like Montreal and New York, Ontario Northland would likely save a lot of money starting and ending at 407GO and Greyhounds future is as always, undetermined
  15. True, I should be more specific, diesel 40ft with air doors and not electric, are the newest 3xxx much faster with the rear door compared to their older counterparts?
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