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  1. Well the leafs were doing inner country travel all year and I believe come September other leagues will start and be doing cross border
  2. Did they drop their contracts with the NHL, NBA and I believe MLS for pickup/drop offs at Pearson as well, or did they keep a remaining few for that contract?
  3. Different times, different exhaust pipes and systems. It could very well be that the exhaust pipe didn’t have smoke make its way into the bus, or simply that nobody thought of it in the days of diesel VIIs
  4. It’s a spec choice by the agency because sometimes you’ll have outside exhaust come into the bus, OC Transpo for example has the back windows closed on their 60ft it also may not be needed on smaller agencies that don’t sit in stop and go traffic all day like Toronto
  5. Correct, however it’s been quite a few years since they were repainted, this unit is a 2012 so it may not have too much left in her anyhow ridership going out was about 15 or so, I happened to be pulling into st Laurent as the evening trip was dropping off. That seemed to have 20+ people getting off
  6. Coach Canada/MegaBus 42632 awaiting departure from Ottawa, On at st Laurent station
  7. MegaBus will be using stop E at St Laurent Station
  8. This was a couple years ago, I’ve since moved onto transit but at the time he stated a year in advance, as it was often a race to get the cheap tickets for commuter runs like that
  9. That’s because they’re typically bought months in advance, back when I worked there, there was a gentleman who bought 7 months worth of 1$ tickets from Toronto to st Catherine’s. I had asked him how early he bought them, he said normally he would buy them over a year in advance for Monday - Friday ( daily commuter ) the Toronto - Montreal line is likely very similar, business travellers will scoop up early and reserve just in case. Many times on the manifest the 1$ reserved seat would not be claimed and it would go to a last minute ticket sale at the terminal
  10. Only issue with this is Coach Canada doesn’t follow this rule, their operators are only permitted to operate 10 Hours a day maximum, there is a good chance they will be changing mid route, although it pushes just over the 10hr max this will be the case unless CC changes their policies, I remember many times when I’d be doing a charter from Montreal to Niagara and be pushing the 10hr max rule to the limit. hopefully they change to 13 Hours a day, much more opportunities but their reasoning for 10 hours was for safety. hence why buses were governed to 109 for j4500 and 105 for megabus
  11. I’m wondering if anybody can provide me a photo and a model # of the operators seat and drivers cabin for your newer Nova Hybrids. I’m trying to put together something for my employer and would love some photos to assist my presentation
  12. I get the frustrations but as a driver of novas myself, I’ll say they will never go away like Daimler/ Orion. Nova neck is still a thing but I barely feel it anymore compared to the days of paper bus passes as for design flaws, I’m not sure what you’re getting at, from a drivers standpoint they’re very ergonomic, they maximize capacity loads compared to other models and they’re a solid build with a design that’s easy to maintain. The T mounted engines worked for a long long time and well, when they switched to the conventional engine placement they put a lot of work into maximizin
  13. Correct, it’s not the left side that’s a factor for drivers, infact you hardly need to do a “blind spot” check in a nova with the way mirrors are positioned on the left, the nova neck factor also isn’t as prevalent anymore since most fare payment is presto based and you don’t tend to turn your head as much to the right to look at fare media
  14. Thanks for the detailed response, I had assumed after looking over the redesign that they were either a) be able to reduce run times on runs and reallocate buses or b) have a surplus of spares due to their already expansive interlined network allowing better use per bus. With that possibility out of the question is makes sense why they contracted out for the two years. personally, I’d like to see more local coverage tied in with the network, each zone on that on demand map could be covered by 1 bus doing a fast paced local after finishing a main line run then interlining to a local..
  15. Sorry if this has been asked already in another thread, little out of the loop. That being said, why was this service which is apart of ETS ( according to the branding ) being contracted out to PWT? I assume the fare revenue from the on-demand goes to ETS, but a portion surely goes to PWT from the contract awarded.. seems extremely strange that the city opted to contract out within their city and that ATU even allowed this edit: I see the first 2 years are “free” and you pay when boarding a actual ETS bus
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