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  1. It doesn’t say on the website or their Instagram but it may also be running on the 27 as the 26/27 typically interline during off peak periods, 23 usually runs as a standalone run without interlining. Of course this can change with the signup when these buses enter service
  2. Looking for some information on the rear panel design on the Orion V, are there any other agencies who ordered their Orion’s with the “flat top” rear design, such as OC Transpo’s 1991 V’s? photo from busdrawings.com this design seems unique to Ottawa vs the traditional elevated rear panels with the destination sign molding such as this unit, again from busdrawings.com Both designs were capable of having an AC so my only theory on this design is either the Niagara transit one provided better ventilation or OC cheaped out on a spec
  3. If greyhound has said their operator did as company policy allows, I’m leaning more towards the passenger demanded to be let off, as on google maps mile marker 15.6 is very close to Dixie bee and Sango road which has no exits anywhere near it. Everyone is an adult and if they demand to be off they can’t be held “hostage” on the bus
  4. Thanks for the correction, I remember looking at them and not seeing the typical lift door where the windows are, however just went to some old photos of 0653 and it’s clearly there
  5. The Ex- first Canada buses were not wheelchair lift equipped, if they haven’t been transferred to Toronto it’s likely they’ve been sold, since they were recently deep cleaned and plastic wrapped seats + back sealed off with tarp from the drivers area, I’m aiming towards sold the other x3-45s ( 8870-8888 ) are equipped with wheelchair lifts and could be dispatched down South
  6. Last 3 remaining x3-45s have been removed from the Ex first student / greyhound lot, I didn’t see them inside either. Will try and get a better look during the day next time I’m in the area edit: Ottawa location
  7. Currently the garage is a multi use facility, has been for quite a while now. Prevost/Nova was doing maintenance there and warranty repairs for OC Transpo and STO, they’ve since moved to another location. First Student was storing school buses there until I assume the sale was final and have left and parked at their other yards. there is also Gordon food Service ( GFS ) that parks on the dirt road beside the outdoor fuel tanks, they are renting the space, also outside beside the GFS trucks was where greyhound was storing their approx 15 X3-45s, only 3 are left inside the
  8. Not sure of the date of that photo, but there are two D4505s in the Ottawa yard being worked on currently, unsure if it’s cleaning or actual maintenance
  9. Yes you’re right on that, I was mistaken in that Trentway Wager doesn’t own the coaches they just operate them and employ the drivers and staff for the Coach Canada/MegaBus branding stagecoach disposed to coach Canada ( and USA ) in 2019 to an equity firm
  10. Not sure if they’re under new ownership, but coach Canada is owned and operated by Trentway-Wager who has had line run service going back to their purple buses. deregulation would affect them greatly just like it will affect greyhound. Coach Canada could lose key runs that actually make them money ( pre covid ) such as Kingston-Pearson airport, Toronto-welland and Toronto-Niagara-Buffalo Airport, runs which aren’t subsidized by megabus
  11. I can’t find my list unfortunately but most were 6000s from western Canada when they shut down operations, a couple 1100s from what I remember as well
  12. Greyhounds Ottawa yard no longer has any MCI 102DL3 left, all that remains are the x345s and some D4505s. Some of which have decals removed and had a professional cleaning done
  13. No, school buses were based out of their Mississauga yard, along with their smaller coach buses. They have sold off some school buses recently I’m unsure if there is any left. The Kingston yard caters mostly to queens university in Kingston with Coach Canada getting majority of the charters in that city
  14. The bus isn’t typically there for a spare it’s likely there was a defect with the bus and it’s Awaiting a mechanic or a Kingston driver to take it back to the Kingston yard. there is a small break room for drivers there, a layover for them is normally 1.5 hours to 4 hours and they will never deadhead a bus back, the schedules are made so all drivers ( Toronto, Kingston and Montreal ) are able to do a full round trip. As for the damage on the roof, yeah that overhead canopy is the reason for it
  15. I have a list somewhere buried around, from what I remember majority mci parked there were 6000s and some 1100s
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