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  1. You’re right I should have elaborated a little more but I was at work. Years ago I did some planning and scheduling work for the region and you are correct. The run times and headways are dictated by the region, however it’s also with discussions with the contractors in terms of what they can produce with resources and fundings. With every crew they report back to the region their counts per trip data and then the region almost always reduced headways. When I was there in the mid 2010s the goal from the region and contractors was never late and always able to sit at timepoints. Thus why the run times are set so high, you can see it today with the 77 last trip towards finch in how it’s given 42 minutes at 26:29. That trip can be completed in 25-28 minutes however transdev (at the time) and the region agreed to maintain headways in order to reduce costs for labour and resource usage. so yes the region does make choices but it’s not without contractor management discussions as at the end of the day in order to maintain good relationships they all need to work collectively. Neither the region or contractors care about the public and it’s a sad burden on the public
  2. Welcome to the world of contractor run services. The region continues to forgo giving them a higher budget which means they have to work with whatever resources they have. The contractors also face penalties for delays of service which means they pad the schedules as well trip time itself to avoid the chance of running late or cancelling a trip and having to explain to the region the delay in order to avoid a penalty. This then created that viscous cycle of nobody wants to take a bus that takes forever, then wait for another one all while paying some of the highest fares In canada. York region knows what they’re doing, but as long as they can whip together some money for new terminals they can say transit is moving forward
  3. At the moment there is not, the logic has always been get to Kingston and take megabus to Cornwall. The route actually could be profitable as well if it did stops in Limoges and Casselman on the 417 and then local down the 138. Before deregulation there may of been ownership on that corridor by greyhound or 417 bus lines (now roxborough) but it’s open game now
  4. All the speculation seems unnecessary, we know OC is in bad shape. We have so many 200s routes running empty and a lot and I mean lot of the locals run empty as well. We need changes and what might end up happening is a serious revision of routes in the suburbs. Winding routes aren’t working and if we can get people on buses using linear and frequent then why not? A fantastic case study is Brampton Transit. Look at what they were before ZUM and now. They saw a problem and fixed it and it sutcliffe allows the people that know make changes, we could be in for a pleasant surprise
  5. The XE60s range is currently at 153 miles or 246 kilometres. Although it’s not terrible it isn’t near the range many agencies would like for a bus in order to be out all day. Tons of variables that can drain the batteries faster than 246km. By comparison the XE40 is 400km and the LFSe+ is marketed at 340 to 470km Many agencies (especially Canadian) are holding out till new Flyer or Nova can release and show a articulated bus that can match the range of a 40ft
  6. Am I missing something with the 62? If they were that concerned with lack of service to iber why not have the 62 from granite ridge go Left Harry Douglas Dr, Right Iber, Right Abbott to cardelrec and vice versa. I get OC is severely short on buses, funding and ideas but common. A deviation and a roundabout for 650m doesn’t make sense. If you route it down Harry Douglas you serve more area and waste less time. also disappointing no return of full 55 or a boost to service that service Carleton U or Algonquin.. but not surprised
  7. If it’s a dead bus agencies will do this so drivers know not to park right on its bumper. Otherwise if it’s not dead then the door swung open but that’s not so common with newer buses compared to the older flyers that were held by two metal latches
  8. Eventually they will, right now I’m noticing it’s the more worn out cards that have the most trouble. Like the original readers it’ll take some time to smoothen out, I was hoping for faster readers like Compass in Vancouver but it doesn’t seem to be the case
  9. Driving a nova with a new reader right now.. these things are picky when they want to read a card or not. Hopefully future updates fix this
  10. I don’t believe a firm timeline. It was in a testing roll in phase initially and it’s likely going to be like any other campaign where it’s replaced when the bus goes for repairs or when the old readers crap out
  11. I highly doubt this service would work, the route is far too long and travelling along lakeshore will absolutely destroy the scheduling and any headways. the idea to reduce traffic is nice but lakeshore traffic is a mix of industrial/commercial and people hoping on and off the Gardiner. Traffic won’t be alleviated by transit especially when the route will struggle from day 1 outside of rush hour. the other issues are, 15 buses still would bunch since lakeshore traffic is unpredictable but so are the top ends of each route. You also have streetcar access on King and Queen with one transfer will be way faster. the idea is good and noble however there wouldn’t be a budget either from the TTCs side to run this or passenger revenue to offset any costs
  12. I’d argue it does. The tremblay portion takes almost 10 minutes to do with very little ridership to get on/off. We could very easily implement a bus going via tremblay as every say 3rd bus. The road networks are so wonky between tremblay, cyrville and even lees that cutting any portion out and running direct shuttles would help a lot it affects a small minority but sometimes that’s needed for the bigger picture, something OC sometimes struggles with
  13. Please use the proper threads for questions instead of opening new ones each time
  14. Instead of asking the forum and not liking the answers you’ve been given from Current Transit Operators, why not email/call local 113 and find out the answer if you don’t agree with the CBA wording? I guarantee you all of us drivers, whether we work for TTC or not understand what a collective agreements wording is or isn’t. As a new hire you gotta be open to listening to drivers who will help you throughout your first year or two.
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