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  1. South African Airways has sent four of its A330s (A330-200s) to Tucson, Arizona (TUS) for storage. ZS-SXW (Flew as SA4705 from JNB-GRU-TUS); ZS-SXX (Flew as SA4703 from JNB-GRU-TUS); ZS-SXY (Flew as SA4707 from JNB-GRU-TUS); ZS-SXZ (Flew as SA4701 from JNB-GRU-TUS). Here is a tweet about the South African Airways A330s going to storage.
  2. Found final flight info for the three E190s that were in storage: C-FMZW: Final revenue flight was on March 20th as AC596 from IAH-YYZ; then Ferried on March 21st as AC2322 from YYZ-YRQ. C-FMZU: Final revenue flight was on March 23rd as AC475 from YOW-YYZ; then Ferried on March 24th as AC2336 from YYZ-YRQ. Did a short test flight on May 11 as AC2321 from YRQ-YRQ. C-FLWE: Final flight was on May 6th as AC607 from YHZ-YYZ. Update (14:10 EDT): C-GBHM (A319) is now flying from TUS-YYZ as AC2336. Scheduled Time of Arrival at YYZ is currently 17:11 EDT. EDIT: C
  3. WestJet is extending flight cancellations into July. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/westjet-flight-cancellations-covid-calgary-1.5564305
  4. According to the CRJ fact sheet from Bombardier, the CRJ-200LR has a range of 3,148 km (with 50 passengers). YYZ-MZJ is only a great circle distance of 3,020 km: http://www.gcmap.com/dist?P=YYZ-MZJ&DU=km&DM=&SG=&SU=mph Here's the full CRJ fact sheet from Bombardier: https://www2.bombardier.com/Used_Aircraft/pdf/CRJ200_EN.pdf
  5. Yesterday (May 9th), another 787-9 went nonstop between Auckland and Toronto; reg: C-FVLU. AC7220 landed at YYZ yesterday night at 21:48. Based on the screenshot below, C-FRSE (a 787-9) also flew AC7220 from AKL-YYZ, landing at YYZ at 21:46 on Wednesday, May 6. EDIT (May 12, 2020): It looks like Air Canada is operating the nonstop AKL-YYZ flights as one part of a scheduled cargo route, as more nonstop AKL-YYZ flights are now scheduled. Both Boeing 777s and 787s are being used for these flights. Here are the flight numbers for the Y
  6. An Air Canada Rouge A321 flew from Marana to Montreal this evening. C-GHQI landed at YUL at 21:49, as flight RV2366. C-GHQI flew from Toronto to Marana on April 11 as flight RV2373, which can be seen in the post from @TTC Guy that I have quoted above, as well as the screenshot above that I took. Also, an Air Canada Rouge A319 flew from Montreal to Marana this morning. C-GBHZ departed YUL at 11:28, as flight RV2367. Update: C-FNNU is one of Air Canada's 777-300s that are currently flying cargo-only flights. Over the past couple of weeks, C-FNNU
  7. I noticed that too. I have the National Capital Forum bookmarked on my computer, and when I went to it today (around 14:30), I got an error message. I went to the Forums Index and logged in, and the National Capital forum showed up fine. Later on, I logged out and went back to the National Capital Forum, and it was missing again. I got a screen grab of the issue, which I put below. I then went to the Forums Index (around 16:00), and this is what the Forums Index looked like when I was logged out. Still no National Capital Forum visible in the Ontario Transit Discussion Forum.
  8. Yesterday (May 4th), a 787-9 went nonstop between Auckland and Toronto; reg: C-FGEO. AC7220 was a cargo flight, and it landed at YYZ yesterday night at 21:43.
  9. As airlines around the world are parking and storing their passenger aircraft due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cargo flights are still extremely vital, especially right now. While passenger levels have dried up substantially; vital medical supplies, PPE, and other cargo still needs to be transported. With the current heightened demand for air cargo capacity, Airbus is offering a solution to get parked passenger A330 and A350 family aircraft working again, by swapping out economy-class seats for freight pallets on the main deck of the aircraft. More info here: https://www.airbus.com/news
  10. On a similar note, it is also a sad time here in Ottawa. Lufthansa was supposed to take over Air Canada's seasonal non-stop YOW-FRA route in May. Lufthansa's service to Ottawa would have been the first scheduled service by a European carrier to Canada’s capital in 24 years. Service between Frankfurt and Ottawa was scheduled to start on May 16, and go until October 24. Airbus A340-300s were supposed to be used, and the flights would have operated five times a week: https://obj.ca/article/sponsored-ottawa-airport-lufthansa-readies-ottawa-frankfurt-route Now, due to COVID
  11. I was tracking that aircraft on Flightradar24 as it arrived this morning at YYZ from Hanoi. Here is your answer, courtesy of a tweet I found. I also tracked another special flight that arrived at YYZ this morning. A Qatar Airways B77W arrived at YYZ this morning on another repatriation flight. Qatar will be doing three more repatriation flights, which are planned to arrive in Toronto on May 4, 6, and 8. See the tweet below that I found.
  12. I had time to clean out my computer today, and I found these photos of some heavies/rare visitors to YOW, that I took in 2018. All of the photos I took are from the interior 3rd level observation deck inside the Terminal building. Sadly, the observation deck has been closed since Fall 2019 for construction. For all of these aircraft, they were very nice to see in Ottawa, as YOW does not get a lot of 4-engined aircraft traffic. Two different Antonov AN-124s visited Ottawa in mid- to late- June 2018. UR-82072 visited on June 16-17, and June 19-20. UR-82072 lea
  13. Of course, as I have been reading your posts in the "YVR spotting" topic. Thanks! Yup, typically CZ uses a B789 on that flight, although a B77W was used for the April 21 flight. I was linking in with what @Zortan was saying in the "YVR spotting" topic. Personally, I often track the traffic into and out of YVR on Flightradar24, so I am used to BA being the only regular/frequent A388 operator into YVR (A388s in the summer only; B744s in the winter). Honestly, it is nice to see CZ bringing in the A388. On your point about cargo, given that airlines like Lufthansa, British Ai
  14. From YYZ and YUL, there are plenty of Asia-bound flights by several carriers: such as EVA Air, China Eastern, Hainan Airlines, and Air Canada from YYZ; and Air Canada and Air China from YUL. To build on your point, I have seen Asia-bound flights from YVR sell for even cheaper than $600. There are so many airlines offering service to China from YVR: EVA, China Airlines, Xiamen Air, Sichuan Airlines; to name a few. Yes, YVR-SIN sounds like a great idea in concept, but it's not economically viable. @Zortan, even the China Southern Airlines A380-800 that arrived at YVR from Guangzhou today is
  15. I will add that Singapore Airlines currently operates the world's longest scheduled direct passenger flight: SQ21/SQ22 from EWR-SIN/SIN-EWR. That distance is around 15,400 km; and takes around 18 hours. They only use A350-900s (A350-941ULR's, to be precise) on those flights. So, Air Canada could definitely run flights to/from SIN, from both YYZ and YUL, with the A350s. The distance between YVR-SYD is around 12,500 km, which can easily be flown by a B77L or a B789. However, the A350s would be useful for flights originating at YYZ and YUL, as a stopover in Vancouver would be remov
  16. The Antonov AN-225 is expected to arrive at Montreal Mirabel International Airport (YMX) on Thursday night (April 30th), carrying PPE. More information here: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-worlds-biggest-cargo-plane-to-ship-chinese-ppe-to-quebec/ UPDATE: (May 2, 2020): The AN-225 was delayed leaving China, and arrived at YMX a day late, on the evening of May 1st (at 20:22 EDT). It left YMX the next morning, on May 2nd (at 07:16 EDT).
  17. Porter has extended their flight shutdown to June 29. More info here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/porter-airline-grounding-1.5546363
  18. Thank you very much for the info @9924. Nice to see WestJet joining Air Canada in flying cargo-only flights to help transport vital supplies.
  19. Possibly, I didn't even think of the codeshare aspect. Thanks! I did go to WestJet's website, and tried to find flight status info for both flights, with no success. However, WestJet's flight status page says that codeshare information can be found on their partners' websites. Therefore, I also had a look around Delta's website, to no avail. On Delta's website, I even searched flight schedules/statuses for today between DUB and ATL; and YYZ and ATL; and nothing about the two flights came up. Although, anything could be possible these days, and perhaps they were codeshared flig
  20. Interesting that you bring this up, as I actually noticed this flight this morning while looking at Flightradar24. I will add that WS9517 actually originated at Dublin International Airport (DUB), and arrived at YYZ at 8:32 am this morning under the same flight number: WS9517. Here is C-GUDO's flight history: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/c-gudo Another WestJet B789 also did the exact same journey this morning. C-GKKN operated from DUB-YYZ this morning, landing at YYZ at 9:52 am as flight WS9513. As I post this, it is also now en route to ATL, also as WS9513. Her
  21. Air Canada is suspending flights to the US from April 27 until at least May 22, subject to further government restrictions beyond that. More info: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/air-canada-to-temporarily-suspend-flights-to-u-s-1.5539796
  22. Looks like a third Boeing 747 Combi is back in the skies. According to Flightradar24, PH-BFV is currently flying as flight KL895 from Amsterdam (AMS) to Seoul (ICN). PH-BFV looks to be joining PH-BFT and PH-BFW; flying cargo from Asia to the Netherlands. This is odd, as KLM has only stated that 2 Combis would re-enter service. Also, this means that according to Flightradar24, the only KLM Combi still left in KLM's listed fleet (as of April 18) that has not flown since the end of March is PH-BFS, which last flew as flight KL686 from Mexico City to Amsterdam on March 26. PH
  23. Lufthansa is temporarily decommissioning its entire Airbus A340-600 fleet. Here is the news release they issued, which I will be quoting below. https://newsroom.lufthansagroup.com/English/Newsroom/lufthansa-temporarily-decommissions-a340-600-fleet/s/c34f14ee-9f51-490c-98d2-872c1e6b2f0b
  24. A Further Update: PH-BFW is the second of KLM’s two 747 Combis that are re-entering service to fly KLM's new special cargo flights. PH-BFW is flying as flight KL897 from Amsterdam (AMS) to Beijing (PEK). It left AMS today, April 15. Yup, lovely to see them getting a life extension, especially with the current heightened demand for cargo flights. The Combis still have lots of life in them, and even though they won't see any passengers apart from the flight crews going forwards, they will have their work cut out for them hauling cargo in between the Netherlands an
  25. UPDATE: PH-BFT was the first of KLM’s 747 Combis to fly KLM's new special cargo flights. PH-BFT flew as flight KL897 from Amsterdam (AMS) to Seoul (ICN). It left AMS yesterday, April 14. More info on the special flights: https://news.klm.com/klm-and-philips-establish-special-cargo-air-bridge-between-amsterdam-and-china/
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