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    All aspects of OC Transpo.
    Worth Noting: the collecting of current and old OC Transpo route schedules, system maps, and information flyers/brochures. In addition, the collecting of current fare media (paper transfers, PRESTO cards, single-ride vouchers, single-ride tickets, etc...); and old fare media (bus tickets, daypass vouchers, paper monthly passes, etc...).

    The specific and day-to-day activities, operations, and goings-on of the TTC, GO Transit, and the STM.

    The day-to-day operations of the different public transit systems in Canada (especially subways, buses/bus rapid transit, and commuter rail); and how they compare to OC Transpo.

    The history of public transit in Ottawa (especially the streetcar era from 1891 to 1959), historic transit vehicle preservation, and building imaginary transit systems for Ottawa.

    The history of Ottawa from before the city's founding to the present day.

    Aviation in general, especially wide-body and multi-engined commercial aircraft.

    Other transportation-related interests include freight trains and cargo ships.

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  1. Days after taking delivery of its first Boeing 787-10 (G-ZBLA), British Airways has taken delivery of its second Boeing 787-10 (G-ZBLB). G-ZBLB was delivered to British Airways on July 1, 2020. G-ZBLB was delivered to BA as flight BA9151 from Charleston (CHS) to London (LHR). G-ZBLB departed CHS at 22:43 local time on June 30th. It landed at LHR at 11:00 local time on July 1st. See the screenshot below.
  2. Porter has further extended their flight shutdown to August 31. More info here: https://www.flyporter.com/en-ca/about-us/news-details?title=Porter+Airlines+announces+new+restart+date+of+Aug.+31+2020+06
  3. Update: As of today, June 29, three of KLM's Boeing 747 Combis (PH-BFT, PH-BFV, PH-BFW) continue to fly from Asia to the Netherlands, and back, carrying cargo. In other news, Boeing 747-400M PH-BFY flew as flight KL747 from Amsterdam (AMS) to Chicago (ORD) today, June 29th. After clearing customs in Chicago, PH-BFY flew as flight KL747 from Chicago (ORD) to the Mojave Air and Space Port (MHV) today, June 29th. See the screenshot below for full final flight information. Here is a tweet I found about PH-BFY flying its last flight.
  4. After several delays in delivery, G-ZBLA was delivered to British Airways on June 28, 2020. G-ZBLA was delivered to BA as flight BA9151 from Charleston (CHS) to London (LHR). G-ZBLA departed CHS at 23:37 local time on June 27th. It landed at LHR at 11:49 local time on June 28th. See the screenshot below.
  5. Sadly, another casualty of COVID-19. LEVEL Europe had six Airbus short-haul jets in its fleet: 2 Airbus A320s and 4 Airbus A321s. IAG also operates a long-haul airline called LEVEL, which is separate from LEVEL Europe and is not affected by the bankruptcy of LEVEL Europe. The article about LEVEL Europe filing for bankruptcy, that is referenced in the tweet below (from June 18th), can be found here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-airlines-level-eur/iag-airline-level-europe-files-for-insolvency-idUSKBN23P1OJ ----------------------------- Forgot to post this last week, but the last street convoy of Airbus A380 fuselage sections made its way through rural southwestern France, en route to the Toulouse Final Assembly Building last Wednesday night (June 17th). The fuselage sections will become the very last A380 to be built. See the tweet below from June 18th. The article about the last A380 convoy that is referenced in the tweet below can be found here: https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-airbus-a380/last-a380-convoy-in-french-village-spells-end-of-an-aviation-era-idUKKBN23P07O
  6. Thanks for the info. I will add that B-6139 was here on a repatriation flight for students, according to this tweet: https://twitter.com/ErnestGutschik/status/1275540147296243713 B-6139 left YYZ as CZ8432 at 11:11 A.M., heading to Chengdu (CTU), according to Flightradar24.
  7. Qantas has retired its second last Boeing 747-400. Boeing 747-400ER VH-OEE flew as flight QF6001 from SYD-LAX yesterday, June 16th. Today, June 17th, VH-OEE flew as flight QF6001 from Los Angeles (LAX) to the Mojave Air and Space Port (MHV). VH-OEE was the first 747-400ER built, and was used as a testbed for Boeing (reg: N747ER). N747ER was later refurbished, repainted for Qantas, then handed over to Qantas as VH-OEE. Qantas' last Boeing 747 in their fleet, Boeing 747-400ER VH-OEJ, will follow VH-OEE to retirement soon. See the tweet below from yesterday, June 16th.
  8. Another airline has retired their 747 fleet. French airline Corsair retired their last Boeing 747-400 today. Corsair's last Boeing 747-400, F-GTUI, flew from Paris Orly (ORY) to Kemble Cotswold (GBA) in Great Britain. See the tweet below.
  9. Air Transat is planning to resume flying on July 23. More info here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/air-transat-earnings-air-canada-1.5607476 The CBC article also has an update on the Air Canada takeover of Air Transat.
  10. Porter has further extended their flight shutdown to July 29. More info here: https://www.flyporter.com/en-ca/about-us/news-details?title=Porter+Airlines+deferring+resumption+of+service+to+July+29+2020+05
  11. A few nights ago, a skunk sprayed in my backyard. Even with all of the windows closed in my house, the smell was somehow still able to waft into the house. Absolutely Disgusting!! Anyways, here is a photo I took from my kitchen of a skunk in my backyard. I took this photo a few years ago. When it comes to wildlife, there is no shortage of it at my house. My house in suburban Ottawa borders the NCC Greenbelt, which means that there is a large forest and a large marsh/wetland behind my house. Every day, I see tons of wildlife around my house, including: chipmunks, squirrels, whitetail deer, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, and a variety of small and large birds and waterfowl. Surprisingly, these are only a few of the animals that I see on a daily basis. Amazingly, on a few occasions, I have even seen coyotes, wolves, lynx, and a few black bears in the forest behind my house over the years. Here is a winter photo from a few years ago looking out into my backyard, taken from my kitchen. The NCC Greenbelt is a 20,000 hectare area of green space, including farms, forests, and wetlands. It was created in the 1950s to protect the rural land bordering Ottawa from urban sprawl. Here is some more information about the NCC Greenbelt: https://ncc-ccn.gc.ca/places/greenbelt https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenbelt_(Ottawa)
  12. In case anyone is interested, here are the relevant press releases regarding the closure of the Mitsubishi deal. Both press releases are from June 1, 2020. Bombardier: https://www.bombardier.com/en/media/newsList/details.binc-20200601-bombardier-concludes-sale-of-the-crj-series-region.bombardiercom.html?filter-bu=bombardier Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: https://mhirj.com/news/mhi-rj-aviation-group-launches-mitsubishi-heavy-industries-ltd-closes-acquisition-crj-series
  13. As an aviation enthusiast, I have lots of memories of spotting and photographing Air Canada's 767s. I also have many memories of standing on the third level Observation Deck at YOW, waiting for them to arrive from LHR and FRA, as well as YYZ. Whenever I would head up to YOW to do some spotting, I would make sure to visit when an AC 767 was arriving or departing. It was always nice to see these beautiful birds. For the last several years, Air Canada operated the year-round flights from LHR-YOW and YOW-LHR; as well as the seasonal FRA-YOW and YOW-FRA flights with 767s. AC also operated some of the YYZ-YOW and YOW-YYZ flights with 767s as well. The AC 767s were definitely a regular feature around YOW. One time, due to mechanical issues with one of the 767s, as well as bad weather, there were four AC 767s at YOW at once. Now that was a sight to see! One of the AC 767 pilots was on the Observation Deck later that day, and he and I ended up having a nice long chat about the 767s. Sadly, I am not much of an overseas traveller, so I never got the chance to fly on any Air Canada 767s. However, from now on, whenever I go to YOW to do some spotting, I will be reminded of the Air Canada 767s, and how they played a role in introducing me to the fascinating world of aviation. Here is a photo I took of two Air Canada Boeing 767-300s at YOW in 2016. I took this photo from the third level Observation Deck inside the Main Terminal Building. C-FXCA (foreground) and C-FOCA (background) at Ottawa International Airport (YOW). Taken on June 30, 2016. A few days after completing its final revenue flight, C-FTCA flew to Marana (MZJ) on Friday, June 5th. See the screenshot below from Flightradar24.
  14. The Antonov AN-225 is scheduled to arrive at Montreal Mirabel International Airport (YMX) on Thursday afternoon (June 4th), carrying PPE. See the tweet below. This will be the third visit of the AN-225 to YMX since the beginning of May 2020. The AN-225 previously visited YMX on May 1-2, 2020; and May 24-26, 2020. UPDATE: (June 5, 2020): The AN-225 landed at YMX at 16:50 EDT on June 4th. It left YMX the next morning, on June 5th, at 05:29 EDT.
  15. Another Volga-Dnepr Airlines Antonov AN-124 arrived at Edmonton International Airport (YEG) today, May 30th. See the screenshot below. The Volga-Dnepr Airlines Antonov AN-124 (RA-82078) landed at YEG at 18:54 MDT (20:54 EDT) on May 30th. UPDATE: (June 1, 2020): The Volga-Dnepr Airlines Antonov AN-124 left YEG on June 1st at 17:37 MDT (19:37 EDT). RA-82078 is the third Volga-Dnepr Airlines AN-124 to arrive at YEG within 24 hours; with RA-82043 and RA-82046 being the other two Volga-Dnepr Airlines AN-124s. Additionally, an Antonov Airlines AN-124 (UR-82072) visited YEG on May 25th-26th. Edmonton International Airport has a news article on their website regarding the three Volga-Dnepr Airlines AN-124s arriving at YEG: https://flyeia.com/corporate/media/news/eia-setting-records-with-cargo-charter-flights/
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