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  1. I found old 1997 stat 851 over in a storage facility by Canada post the other day.
  2. Found 851 buried in a group of containers
  3. Retired 1997 stat d40lf #852 for sale on Facebook marketplace
  4. Looks like all the vicinity buses are back on the streets.
  5. 4273 is the second 2001 bus to escape retirement & 4300 is also back
  6. I really hope so! It seems that the 4200s in the 2000 range are being retired though, I have seen some parked missing bike racks over at the new garage
  7. If this is the case then Edmonton transit at this point seems to be retiring everything 4299 and down while they can cause of current situations
  8. Hmm, Any thoughts on where Edmonton sends their buses to be scrapped?
  9. Went back to Paterson today, here’s a list of the 99 buses I saw there were only 1999 buses there
  10. I saw 4151 in Paterson compound last week missing parts, I want to go back because I did see a few others there but cannot remember their numbers. They were also next to the new XD40s that haven’t been in service yet
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