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  1. I noticed something odd while looking at Island Transit's Twitter page. Their newest hybrid buses are supposedly 40 feet long according to their VINs, but looking at photos of them, they look 35 feet. Photo from Island Transit's Twitter
  2. Community Transit's Inveros got to see a few days of use last week on snow routes.
  3. Hello, can I please change my username to PNWTransit
  4. Woah that's cool... wish I knew about that then I could have gotten a ride on one of those
  5. I wonder what Pierce Transit will do for the Gig Harbor trolley next year. They got new ARBOC trolleys, but took them out of service due to accessibility complaints, according to what the driver said on the last time I rode the route. They used C30LFs on the route this year, but I doubt they'll keep them around. I was surprised to find out that they went with ARBOC rather than Gillig for the trolleys, as they've been ordering Gilligs for their standard bus fleet for the last 10 years
  6. Here's a few turning shots I've taken of Community Transit buses.
  7. Nope 12 isn't a trolley route anymore, it's been using Orions since the service change. Also 45 is now running out of North
  8. October 2nd was a big day for Seattle transit, with the Northgate Link extension opening, adding three new stations and 4.3 miles of track to the 1 line. Seen here is a set of Siemens S700 trains arriving at Northgate Station, the new northern terminus for the 1 Line.
  9. Hello, Can Sound Transit Tacoma Link be changed to Sound Transit T Line, to reflect changes made to Sound Transit's line names? The main Sound Transit article on the wiki states that the change isn't supposed to happen until next year, however changes have already been made in the station signs and schedules.
  10. Yes. All of CT's 800-series routes will also be ending at Northgate instead of UW.
  11. Northgate Link extension is opening in less than 2 weeks!!
  12. Fall service changes are coming up on October 2nd... The biggest changes will be the reroute of all 800-series commuter routes to Northgate instead of UW, as well as ST 511, 512, and 513. Also, route 855 will be eliminated, with the trips instead being added to route 821. More specific information can be found on the Community Transit website: https://www.communitytransit.org/newservice Also, I heard that the 29ft Gillig BRTs will be returning to service with this change.
  13. Community Transit is auctioning 3 more of their 2004 Inveros, #24416, 24417, and 24420 https://m.publicsurplus.com/sms/list/current?orgid=854884
  14. One of Pierce Transit's 2006 C40LFs, #225, seen here entering the Commerce St Transit Center in downtown Tacoma, WA. The last of these buses was retired last month, marking the end to what was once the backbone of Pierce Transit's fleet.
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