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  1. One of King County Metro's newest electric buses, New Flyer XE60 #4803, parked at the Federal Way Transit Center.
  2. I was just checking a few license plates to see if they matched any buses in Community Transit's 2022 XD60s, and I found that VIN 5FYD8YU10NB104690 matches up with license plate D2959C. Both of these are only one off from 22807, however the wiki currently doesn't list any buses beyond that. It definitely seems like this should be a part of the same series, but it's not listed. Also, 22800 has never entered service, at least according to Pantograph, and I'm not sure why that is as all of the other buses in the series have been running for at least a month now.
  3. trolleybus on route 36 on a Sunday... Saw this last weekend (the 17th), strange that 36 was the only route they were being used on
  4. Community Transit 18701 parked at the Lynnwood Transit Center for a groundbreaking event signifying the start of construction on the Swift Orange Line, which is set to open in 2024. Seen in the background is construction progress on the Lynnwood Link Light Rail extension, which is also planned to open in 2024.
  5. I've been trying to find the VINs for the new XE40s and XE60s but it appears they've reused license plates from the 1100-series Gilligs so I can't get any information from them, does anyone know how else I could find information on them?
  6. The first of the Brookville Liberty streetcars for the Tacoma Link are finally being delivered. Looks like these are going to be the new Liberty NXT model https://www.facebook.com/groups/505066506854906/permalink/904179700276916/
  7. That might be true, but it'll be a while before they'll want to replace the hybrid Gilligs
  8. Hello, could these three pages have "(Boeing)" removed from the route names? Community Transit route 107 'Lynnwood Transit Center / Seaway Transit Center (Boeing)' to Community Transit route 107 'Lynnwood Transit Center / Seaway Transit Center' Community Transit route 227 'Seaway Transit Center (Boeing) / Arlington' to Community Transit route 227 'Seaway Transit Center / Arlington' Community Transit route 247 'Seaway Transit Center (Boeing) / Stanwood' to Community Transit route 247 'Seaway Transit Center / Stanwood' I know it's a pretty minor change, but Boeing isn't mentioned on the official signs and information for these routes. Thank you!
  9. 302 and 301 were on their way from Seattle back to Chicago... until the train hit a truck in Sultan, WA. Here's a video I took of the train in Edmonds prior to the incident https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BQR6a8WokE
  10. It's probably easier on operations and maintenance to have all of the buses, at least for this initial large order, to be from the same manufacturer
  11. At least for a couple days anyway... looks like it might be gone again. I have no idea what the situation is with the XE40/60s though, I've been wondering about that too.
  12. I noticed something odd while looking at Island Transit's Twitter page. Their newest hybrid buses are supposedly 40 feet long according to their VINs, but looking at photos of them, they look 35 feet. Photo from Island Transit's Twitter
  13. Community Transit's Inveros got to see a few days of use last week on snow routes.
  14. Hello, can I please change my username to PNWTransit
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