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  1. I would be very surprised if KCM got more diesel buses. They didn't just get hybrids to use in the bus tunnel. I expect them to just get more hybrids in the future, or more all-electric buses.
  2. CT's first 2021 XD60 entered service on the 15th, I didn't even realize they had 2021s already until I saw 21800 on Pantograph a few days ago.
  3. This Sound Transit bus (2017 Enviro500 #91705) is missing a logo on the right side
  4. 2004 and 2005 Inveros and 2008 D40LFRs have returned to service after about 10 months
  5. Community Transit 2016 New Flyer XD60 #16807 parked on layover at Edmonds Station before starting route 116 to Silver Firs
  6. The new ferry terminal in Mukilteo recently opened on December 29th, and a new bus station with it. I think it's kinda cool that the bus stop is now right on the waterfront. Offers some nice views, though would be better if the weather was nicer at the time I went down there.
  7. The first bus appears to be a Turtle Top Odyssey XL and the second is a Starcraft Allstar XL
  8. Sound Transit currently has 50 double deckers- 5 2015, 32 2017, and 13 2020s
  9. Sound Transit's last D60LFs they had in service are now retired
  10. rip the last D60LFs were retired
  11. Island Transit, of Island County, WA, has some 2019 Glaval buses on propane Ford E450 chassis. I noticed that these buses are not listed in the fleet for Island Transit. They are numbered 265-269. I'm not sure on the model of the bus body, but they are made by Glaval, and are on Ford E-450 chassis, and use propane as fuel. I also included a couple of pictures I have taken of them.
  12. Sound Transit 2004 New Flyer D60LF #9538 seen at the Lynnwood Transit Center, having just arrived from Bellevue on route 535. This is one of only a few D60LFs currently active with Sound Transit.
  13. I just thought I'd share a few pictures I've taken of Everett Transit buses. Here is Orion V's B0113 and B0122, and Gillig BRT B0505
  14. Here's a picture I took a couple weeks ago at the Lynnwood Transit Center of a 2004 D60LF.
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