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  1. Oh yeah 28105, one of the D40LFRs, is back in regular service now. All others are still out. I wasn't able to get a great photo of it but I did get this
  2. Yes I use Pantograph all the time, it's a pretty useful tool. That's how I knew that up to 21809 is in service, as on 21810 and above they're still reported as never being active.
  3. I'm not really sure what you mean, there's no information in the notes section on the 2021 XD60 page. On the main Community Transit page it does say that the first one, 21800, entered service on 2/15
  4. 2021s are starting to enter service more quickly now. up to 21809 is now running. I caught 21806 on the 116 today
  5. Everett Transit B0114, a 2001 Orion V, parked at the Mukilteo Ferry Terminal. With more electric buses arriving for Everett, these might not have much longer in service.
  6. Wait really? Yeah I saw it in service just a few weeks ago
  7. This is a very minor change, but something that was annoying me... Can the first letter of "Transit" on the Everett Transit page please be capitalized? https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Everett_transit
  8. That works! The regular link is now showing correctly as well. Thank you!
  9. I'm currently trying to use the wiki on mobile, however the site appears to be stuck in desktop mode. (I don't have the "desktop site" box checked in the browser settings, I tried that and it didn't change anything). It has been like this on every page I looked at, but wasn't when I was looking at the wiki just earlier today.
  10. Sound Transit #91904, a 2020 Alexander Dennis Enviro500, arriving at Ash Way Park & Ride on route 511, having just switched its sign to Out of Service.
  11. I submitted an application almost 6 months ago and still haven't heard anything back
  12. Everett Transit is going to be getting 9 new electric buses from Gillig, expected to arrive in 18 months, according to this article: http://www.snoho.com/html/stories_2021/04072021_everett_transit_electric_buses_seen_by_rick_larsen.html
  13. Pantograph has assignment history information, you can find it in a tab at the top of the page or by clicking the bus number or route after selecting an icon on the map You can access the history for 9820 here: https://pantographapp.com/vehicle/1/9820
  14. Yes, I just confirmed by looking it up on Pantograph, it was on 554 all day on the 3rd
  15. Route 554, I saw that same bus on Saturday
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