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  1. Yes. All of CT's 800-series routes will also be ending at Northgate instead of UW.
  2. Northgate Link extension is opening in less than 2 weeks!!
  3. Fall service changes are coming up on October 2nd... The biggest changes will be the reroute of all 800-series commuter routes to Northgate instead of UW, as well as ST 511, 512, and 513. Also, route 855 will be eliminated, with the trips instead being added to route 821. More specific information can be found on the Community Transit website: https://www.communitytransit.org/newservice Also, I heard that the 29ft Gillig BRTs will be returning to service with this change.
  4. Community Transit is auctioning 3 more of their 2004 Inveros, #24416, 24417, and 24420 https://m.publicsurplus.com/sms/list/current?orgid=854884
  5. One of Pierce Transit's 2006 C40LFs, #225, seen here entering the Commerce St Transit Center in downtown Tacoma, WA. The last of these buses was retired last month, marking the end to what was once the backbone of Pierce Transit's fleet.
  6. Another fleet page change... https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Everett_Transit_B0707-B0715 Everett Transit B0707-B0715 needs to be changed to "Everett Transit B0707-B0708" since they only ended up getting 2 ZX5's.
  7. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Pierce_Transit_10144-10164 Pierce Transit 10144-10164 should be renamed to 10144-10170
  8. preferably it would be at an angle where the front and full side of the bus could be seen
  9. Only 2 of their 2006s are listed in that auction, 221 and 223, so I'm guessing the rest will be auctioned off at a later date since they were just retired within the last couple weeks.
  10. The last of Pierce Transit's New Flyer C40LFs are now retired. Three of their C30LFs will remain in service for now on the Gig Harbor Trolley until new replacements can be found for those.
  11. ok either 32096 is 3364 or 32097 is 3364... but they can't both be the same bus. I'm not sure what's going on with the Proterras, I noticed that too.
  12. It appears they have updated the information on the page from when I last looked at it, adding a model (it previously just said "Gillig Bus") and changing the VIN. 3364 is still a different bus than is listed on the wiki though, which says that SPD 32096 should be 3334.
  13. I found this auction for ex-SPD Gillig Phantom #32096. According to the info listed in the wiki, this should be ex-KCM #3334, however the VIN listed on the auction matches #3267. http://murphyauction.com/Auction/Details/8391/Item/17
  14. Oh yeah 28105, one of the D40LFRs, is back in regular service now. All others are still out. I wasn't able to get a great photo of it but I did get this
  15. Yes I use Pantograph all the time, it's a pretty useful tool. That's how I knew that up to 21809 is in service, as on 21810 and above they're still reported as never being active.
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