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  1. Image change- He barely got the van and hisself out of the way-CLOSE CALL!


  2. BNSF railyard Greene County was 3/4 empty... afeared it's gonna cause the next Great Depression. The US is falling to shreds. I keep seeing UP roll through Greene County. I have even Seen a full NS go through. a 2-loco NS consist going through the Frisco! Long live Trains! The yard where I live is EAST-WEST running.
  3. I dion't know whether ro be concerned about this, but I probably should be: That was on March 4th 2020. 1 week ago.
  4. If you don't have Access to YT, you can Post Railfan Trips Here! I look Forward to seeing what you Capture!
  5. the locomotives they are using are already part electric
  6. Railfanning 101:  Find a spot you can easily access, and set up Shop!

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