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  1. 1602 has officially been retired. Last service date was September 1, 2020. Also, please feel free to add any of the pictures listed in this drive here - they are my own. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XY0pzXIMtK1hwRikmlM5laWmi7O-ww6t?usp=sharing
  2. https://publicsurplus.com/sms/greaterlafayetteta,in/auction/view?auc=2726306 Access bus 443 up for sale on public surplus.
  3. GLPTC has bought 20519 and 20521 from Yosemite Concessions. Not sure if they're going to put them in service or use them for parts for the other Hybrids. These are the first Hybrid Standard Low Floor Gilligs CityBus has owned. All Hybrids CityBus has had have been BRT. I'm interested to see what they'll do with them. Low mileage according to the auction listing, 180k. Thanks to Orion6025 for doing the roster edits.
  4. Regular Routes Needing Updates / Added: 1B - CityBus Center, Wang Hall, N. Salisbury St. & Park Ridge Dr., Cumberland Ave. & Browning St., Walmart (West Lafayette) 4B - CityBus Center, Purdue Memorial Union, Village West, Walmart (West Lafayette) - Monday - Sunday 5 - Soldiers Home Rd. & Prophet Dr., University Crossing, LAUNCH Apts., Purdue Memorial Union, Armstrong Hall 6A - CityBus Center, 4th & Owen Sts., Elston & Old Romney, Twyckenham Blvd. & S. 18th St, Walmart (South Lafayette) 7 - CityBus Center, Ferry & N. 26th Sts., Sunnyside Scho
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