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  1. https://www.bctransit.com/victoria/news?nid=1529712017059 Victoria is going to be getting 15 more CNG Vicinity Buses which will probably send the remaining Diesel Vicintys to replace the 2013 27.5ft Vicinity's. They're also going to be refurbishing the North Side of UVic Exchange and the stops on Ring Road Also, the first 2020 Enviro500 (9533) went into service yesterday on the 50
  2. I'm hoping by the time that I would book it, it will be finished.
  3. Once things go back to normal, I'm hoping to set up a charter with WVMT 995 however I am not sure when that would happen and not sure if it will happen.
  4. It will be going through Champlain Heights. Only for a bit on Matheson Crescent though.
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