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  1. Badder bus has been doing greyhound overloads between Detroit and Toronto for years
  2. Was told by a driver ridership is down at least this way. By at least half in the last year.
  3. We had one sit in Chatham for a week before it was towed. By that time we had already fixed the bus(fuse), and called dispatch telling them the bus was fixed and to send a driver on the next bus to Chatham. When the tow truck driver finally showed up(from Toronto) he was instructed to take it to Toronto. When we told him its fixed he just shook his head.
  4. Same provider as before(Radio Cab). Sorry Auto Correct did it on my phone. They also provide Wallaceburg Accessible Transit too
  5. Here are the new Inter-Urban buses for Chatham 2014 ARBOC #501-504
  6. They need it. Only charter company in southern Ontario(Windsor to London) that can accommodate large groups
  7. Thanks seen 2911 when it was down here in chatham. Miss working for them
  8. Been collecting Greyhound(and affiliates) bus pics for awhile now. Realized im pretty close to having all the fleet from 900-on. Between pics i have taken and ones ive found over the web im short a few wondering if anyone could help. For my person collection. x-grey goose #246 252 253 254 256 257 347 900 902 906 913 916 950 954 959 964 1037 1048 1059 1082 1084 1099-Fire Retired in 2008 1104-Grey Line West? 1107-Grey Line West? 1110-Grey Line West? 1113 1177 1191 1220 x-pmcl 7680 7699 7750 7751 7752 x-US MC-12 8020-Not listed on wiki? 8024-Not listed on w
  9. Leuschen transportation had backed out of their part of the contract( urban transit/wallaceburg para transit. They wanted all or nothing. Not sure who will get it voyageur was next in line for.the urban transit.
  10. Reg has nothing to do with it. He's retired. This is going to be a dispatching nightmare. I personally had a problem when it was just split between aboutown running the conventional and para, and radio cab running the urban. People get upset really quickly when they have several different numbers to call for different services. Chatham isn't like london or windsor. Everything has always been under one roof. Like the buses they chose except that they want to push for.more ridership and the first complaint will be the buses are too small. Other issue is.they only run to 7:15pm. The city want to.
  11. Everything is clear and done with Aboutown. All pay was up to date and paid on time as the company promised. Service is as usual nothing changed other then the buses all drivers went to the new company. Service is still.the same buses are still late but that is something the city has known and hopefully fixed with the new contract.
  12. Seen them driving by....40 ft white with a red stripe.....couldn't see the make defiantly not any ltc
  13. Greyhound was notified back in september that this may happen and to start looking for a new agency. When advised the greyhound rep asked for aboutown to find a replacement agent(not aboutowns job) Yes the drivers are still going to the same spot on grand ave, but are treating it as a flag stop now on the street. The buses can not enter the yard due to the nieghbouring property putting up a fence across a driveway that was shared and used for access to the parking lot.. Any frieght is now being directed to london or windsor for pickup/shipping
  14. Kings asked for that scheme. Agree ugly colours
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