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  1. I don't believe it's still officially an exchange (I think it was closed earlier this month), although all routes that previously stopped there still do so.
  2. I rode the 262 today and to be honest I was wondering why it's a shuttle? It seems to have higher ridership than some WVMT 40-foot routes, especially in the summer, and 40-footers have operated on it before, so logistically it should work, at least during the summer season.
  3. Unfortunate. One Mile at a Time has also added a note to the article saying that it's not true. I was certainly looking forward to seeing some Queens live on
  4. I haven't heard any sources saying this. Do you have a reference for this information? I've seen many major news outlets reporting on the sale of the aircraft being real.
  5. Routes like the 352, 256 and 222 (or really all the RapidBuses if you wanna be picky LOL) all say a street name and destination, but they're not the same idea, as they aren't the stacked sign and don't always display the same street etc. in both directions (as is the case on the 352 and 256)
  6. Well the hope is for it to go west of Arbutus eventually (who knows if / when that'll happen tho LOL), so I guess they'll have a fun time figuring that one out
  7. I think that buses and signs etc. could just say Great Northern Way Station or something shorter like that, similar to how Brighouse is abbreviated the way it is.
  8. I was just thinking of putting in something like this, but then saw your idea. I really like it tbh, and honestly prefer it to some of the other ideas that have been thrown around for new RapidBuses such as the 20 or something like that. A couple changes / additions I would make personally: Extend to Marpole Loop instead of just Marine Drive Station, yes ridership is lower, but it still provides important connections imo. Maybe even extend to Dunbar from Marpole, but that would be a stretch for sure. For the Marpole extension I think it would make sense to have stops at Oak St and then at the loop itself I would modify the 29 to continue down to Marine drive on Elliot St, just for easier connections and the like, and maybe the same with the 20, although that one is a bit closer I would keep the 100 running for local service, maybe running every 15 minutes or so, similar to how the 41 operates these days, I guess. I would think that it would be a good idea to get a bus route that goes all the way down Kerr to Marine for better connections. I might also add a stop at Marine Way + Boundary for connections to the 116 I'm not sure what your plan would be for once the bus reaches Byrne Road in terms of where it would go to reach a SkyTrain Station - personally I think it would make the most sense to head up Byrne and onto Marine Drive (maybe with a stop at Marine Dr + Byrne, although of course that would be more confusing name-wise at least, and then those two stops would be pretty close to each other, which isn't so good on RapidBus) and then to 22nd St Station. I also really like the idea of putting it on Marine Way instead of Drive in order to serve the River District, which I think could definitely work really well.
  9. Not sure if this is the place to share opinions on it, but to be honest I kinda think it would be nice to have the Downtown-Phibbs-Lonsdale and the Downtown - Park Royal - Lonsdale together. Imo it would basically continue the two main transit corridors between downtown and the North Shore without severely competing with the SeaBus. To be honest I don't really understand the middle one - why do that when you already have Seabus tbh?
  10. IMO these are better than the 10 since they list a street that the route mainly runs along plus a destination, while the 10 (at least on Downtown) just lists the old destination plus the terminus of the route.
  11. That's good, but to my knowledge there are only 3 bays that do anything other than unloading / layover, so I question how useful it really is tbh.
  12. I believe it's relatively common, since VIA Rail does the maintenance for WCE.
  13. KCM's September Service Change: https://kingcounty.gov/depts/transportation/metro/schedules-maps/service-change.aspx?fbclid=IwAR32hGozW2EMGq8kAq6pnSEErs-uw0mGviO87S4qtIvakzMJAvTSCMScIO4 Looks like a lot of the network is being gutted even if COVID-related service changes were to go away tomorrow.
  14. Very sad to hear. Are all the wires taken down as well?
  15. Some West Van residents are very vocal in their support of the 258 just because it's a bit more convenient for them instead of heading downtown and taking the 44. (Tbh I don't really understand it myself, but West Van clearly thinks it's an important customer base).
  16. Looks like I'll be avoiding the 130 for a while so I'm not jammed in a full bus...
  17. Sorry to repeat the above question, but is there somewhere I can find which stops are being removed, and the reasoning behind them?
  18. So is the 204, I believe. I think they just don't program the same signs across the different community shuttle bases.
  19. Had a very strange experience riding the 204 today. Got on at the South Mercer Island Shopping Center, and the bus sign read 635 Angle Lake Station. Unfortunately it was just a regular 204 LOL but still funny to see. Seems like we ended up with a Des Moines Liberty for some reason.
  20. See that's what I've been thinking. I'm not sure where the A350 rumor came from, but I'm honestly not sure that it's gonna happen or that it's the best move for AC.
  21. One of the highest numbers of RapidBus swapouts I've seen in a while. 3 LFRs on the R5 and 2 2015 XDEs on the R1. Meanwhile, there are 3 RapidBuses on the 99, one on the 150, one on the 145 and one on the 257. I would think that they could at least take care of the R5 problem by doing a little swapping around.
  22. It's not too hard to build charging stations relatively quickly and efficiently
  23. 4am - 3am is basically 24 hours, wow. I know I can probably find this somewhere, but what is the span of 351 service between White Rock and Bridgeport? I'm assuming something similar otherwise having such long-running 350 services wouldn't make too much sense imo.
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