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  1. Haven't ridden a bus in a while lol - why is this happening? The 250s I've seen haven't been exactly full, although I also haven't been out much during rush hour.
  2. From what I've heard, the final KLM 747 flight recently landed at AMS. End of an era for sure. Qantas' last 747 flight landed last night in SYD, so within a few hours of KLM. Sad to see two iconic airline/aircraft combinations go at the same time.
  3. Thing is, cars are only more "convenient" simply because people refuse to pay money for better transit. That's really the only reason. But if we did do that, you wouldn't feel like you needed a car, neither would anyone else. Global warming is a crisis, one which will spell the end of human civilization if we do nothing about it. Having more people on the roads is exactly the opposite of what we need to be doing. In major cities such as Vancouver, there really is no need to own a car. Transit may be slightly slower, but at the end of the day it's more than convenient enough to get people where they need to go 99% of the time. Two years ago, I decided I'd stop using cars, and told my parents that same thing - I haven't looked back. Sure, there is the occasional time when the half-hourly bus from my school doesn't come and I'm stuck freezing at the bus stop, but it's just like when a car breaks down - rare and unavoidable. At this point, why should we be asking what people want to do with their cars? Inside cities, there really is no need for it, and the city should have the freedom to tell people that they aren't allowed their cars within city limits. Plain and simple, and the only solution that really should have ever been implemented.
  4. OK fine - car owners complain. Regardless, transit is an essential service, and making it cost money is essentially discriminating against those who are choosing to live a more environmentally responsible, lower-cost life by not owning or using a car. People don't expect to pay for roads or sidewalks - why should they expect to pay for an extension of that - an extension which is vital to having a healthy city? Transit is the only environmentally responsible way to get around, and many car owners don't take it because it's "more expensive" even when it isn't. If it was free - no one would have to worry about zone fares, if they have enough loaded on their card, etc. Those would be worries of the past, and people would be able to choose a method of transport that is essential to having a good city and a good lifestyle. Sorry this is getting quite off topic oops!
  5. We already pay for transit - fares honestly don't cover that much of the operating cost. And, at the end of the day, transit isn't there to make money. Car owners pay far more for the cost of driving, including gas, maintenance, etc., but they don't complain about that. Even if transit were completely free, the cost to the taxpayer would be far less than even coming close to owning a car. And, to be honest, in areas that Translink serves with few exceptions, car ownership really isn't necessary.
  6. I honestly doubt it since everything is so shut down. However, after this crisis is over demand might take a while to recover so that could be a good time for re-painting, new interiors, heavy maintenance, etc.
  7. KCM is reducing service due to COVID-19: https://kingcountymetro.blog/2020/03/19/reducedschedule/?fbclid=IwAR1vblwtWzu5QFfMQCYYMkvMgZK41SMBY75NPKJFhBIytVhLimGEJmvO_N4 Down below later in the article is also some news about route updates / improvements that Metro hopes to be launching soon. Full details are in the Spring Service Change: https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/transportation/metro/schedules-maps/service-change.aspx
  8. Seems like a bunch of airports are turning into temporary aircraft boneyards. Yikes
  9. Yeah, it sure is uncharted territory. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens - hopefully it turns out decently well but crossed fingers aren't going to help airlines in this one. I imagine we could see some early retirements, however I also think they might just store some of the planes, especially with the uncertain future of the MAX - when the COVID-19 crisis is over they'll still need planes and the MAX probably won't be ready for service for a while still.
  10. Well, I guess this means Translink will find out how much it costs to run a free service - which IMO is a good thing - free buses are notably good for communities in many ways. Of course, it is sad though that we're going through this COVID-19 situation in the first place and are having to figure out how to remain safe during this time. I'm really hoping Translink doesn't cut too much service - some people still really need to get around and I'm really not a fan of the cuts some other agencies have made.
  11. Yes, it's quite scary - we could really see so many major carriers gone bankrupt.
  12. Oh fair enough, and as you can probably tell I'm quite a Boeing guy myself Yes, it can pose its own difficulties, although at the end of the day, once the MAX gets back in the air I think it'll be one of the safest aircraft in the skies just because the FAA and Boeing are under such scrutiny to make sure the plane is safe before it's allowed to fly again. So I feel and hope that the plane won't have any more such issues in the future - and I think it'll go on to serve airlines for a long time to come. And yes to answer your original point, I was actually somewhat surprised personally when AC chose the MAX to replace the A320 family, as few airlines choose to switch aircraft families in this way.
  13. Honestly, that doesn’t make much sense. An airline that has already heavily invested in the MAX would be foolish to order the neo, as that introduces a whole new fleet, which needs its own pilots, mechanics etc. Yes sure they have some of those for the ceo, but they were being re trained for the max, which means they’d have to be re trained on a neo. That’s an overly expensive and time consuming process AC doesn’t need to go through. I’m honestly confused as to why they’ve canceled the max order, as previously AC has seemed to enjoy the max, using it to open up new, previously impossible routes as well as renew the fleet.
  14. Saw a Novabus LFS from West Van Transit yesterday right on the north shore side of the lions gate - looks like it hit a car, didn't catch the bus' number. Didn't seem to be a significant accident, although both the bus and the car were pulled off to the side of the road and the drivers were discussing with police. Looks like the bus lightly rear-ended the car.
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