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  1. It being just two blocks from 3rd Ave aside, I can see why people would generally avoid a route that ends before 4 PM and starts around 8 or 9 in the morning. Presumably not super convenient for most.
  2. I realize, but it wouldn't be too hard to extend the wiring along Henderson
  3. Slightly off-topic, but why hasn't the 7 been extended west to Rainier Beach station? I'd think it would be a pretty logical connection.
  4. Agreed. In my experience, the Phibbs - Vancouver section is usually fairly low ridership, especially outside of peak hours. It would probably make sense to cut the 211 and 214's Vancouver portions, especially the 211's off-peak service downtown.
  5. I guess we'll find out tomorrow - I'm hoping it gets pushed back some more, but maybe their time has finally come. I'm glad I got photos of a few of them today, but sadly I think my last ride on one was a month or so ago on the 75.
  6. Drives me crazy how ungrateful people are for transit. Translink is one of the best systems out there, yet people take every opportunity to attack it. If they don't want traffic to get worse, the only real option is for better transit, but people can't seem to connect the dots.
  7. I believe that they are inactive, since a lot of the Metro-operated Sound Transit routes are still suspended (or were deleted during the pandemic), so there isn't a need to use the entire fleet, and keeping an entire subfleet (namely, the only Gilligs operated by Metro for ST) inactive would save on maintenance costs.
  8. You're absolutely right. I unfortunately have my hands full at the moment but if one of the other editors wants to take it on, that would be a good project.
  9. Yikes, looks like Translink is pulling a King County Metro move here...
  10. That makes more sense, since plenty of them seemed to be out today.
  11. You're right about the signature, it's gotten out of hand haha, I'll go and cut it down. As for the route, in the world (or at least North America) we live in, transit funding is hard to come by. And the option in the case of the Scottsdale - White Rock route would basically just be to either have that route or keep frequencies on frequent core routes like the 319 and 321. Overall, if you just keep the frequencies, the trip for passengers will work out to be faster, since the overall total wait times will be lower. That's the beauty of Translink, in my opinion, and also in my opinion why it's been so successful compared to other systems (even just King County Metro right across the border). Most trips are made on frequent, all-day routes with easy connections. And I do realize that isn't the case in many places, like Surrey and Maple Ridge, that have far fewer FTN services, but it's still a successful model and IMO should be kept and expanded rather than just duplicating services so people don't have to spend a couple minutes waiting at an exchange.
  12. I'm sorry, but the first one would probably just end up being a lot of route duplication, and it's not that difficult to get from Scott Road or Scottsdale to either Surrey Central or Newton Exchange to then catch the 321. Also yes, lots of routes are overcrowded, but Translink doesn't exactly have extra artics, sadly.
  13. I feel like if service cuts are required, Translink would be better off cutting some of the lower ridership peak services, such as the 241, 354 and the 253 / 254 peak extensions to downtown, instead of hurting riders on the core frequent services, and probably discouraging many of them from riding transit at all.
  14. The riders might not notice the frequency change very much, but they will definitely notice the capacity decrease and the resultant overcrowding.
  15. I think I might have seen it somewhere on Instagram? Not sure where else it would've been other than here or Instagram haha
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