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  1. Now if they'd just add one or two downtown, where lots of people bike, there's a high risk of bike theft, and high transit use...
  2. Probably to reduce delays on the 351 and simplify the service so when you're at White Rock you can always just get on a specific route to get to either Bridgeport or Crescent Beach. From what I've heard the frequency will remain FTN on the 351 and the 350 will be every 30 or something. Not completely sure, though.
  3. Not much of a surprise, given the circumstances. My ride on it today was very empty.
  4. Saw someone yesterday (June 11) taking photos of the D40LF 7426 on the 2 Macdonald as we turn left from King Edward. Sometime in the afternoon - between 4-5 PM or so.
  5. 7426 is on the 2 all day. Seems like they've brought a few D40LFs out of retirement / training for some reason, since we had two out on routes yesterday and one already today.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's not the 9, given the D40LFs were retired for good. However, I still have no idea why it is there. Apparently the driver said something about not being able to drive trolleys and getting instead of a Nova. I doubt that VTC is out of Novas (they never seem to be LOL), so I really don't know.
  7. Here it is at UBC. What a beauty ;)
  8. Coast Mountain Bus Company (Vancouver, Canada): New Flyer XD40 New Flyer D40LF New Flyer C40LFR New Flyer DE60LFR New Flyer XDE60 Nova Bus LFS Nova Bus LFS HEV Nova Bus LFSe Nova Bus LFS Suburban Orion V Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 New Flyer E40LFR New Flyer E60LFR Arboc SOM 28 Girardin G5 West Vancouver Municial Transit (West Vancouver, Canada): New Flyer XD40 Nova Bus LFS New Flyer D40LF Arboc SOM 28 BC Transit (Whistler, Canada): New Flyer XN40 New Flyer H40LFR King County Metro (Seattle, USA): New Flyer XDE60 New Flyer DE60LFR Gillig Low Floor HEV Proterra Catalyst Arboc Spirit of Liberty StarTrans President LF Sound Transit (Seattle, USA): New Flyer D60LFR New Flyer DE60LFR
  9. Kind of sad that the only option is moving backwards in time. I personally think it might be time to switch to card / phone only. So then, people would be able to pay with credit card, mobile payment or compass card.
  10. Drivers, transit police, etc. There are people, they just have to do it as part of their jobs to help the public stay safe. It's not like it would be difficult to enforce; people are either wearing the mask (properly) or they aren't. Studies are showing that blocking seats on buses does just about zero to stop the spread. On the other hand, enforcing masks is the most effective thing there is. In Taiwan, for example, masks are mandatory and while trains are packed, it has an incredibly low infection rate.
  11. Now if they'd only require masks...
  12. I could see the 41 trolleys being a long-term change during the construction at least since with the 9s operating novas I think there will still be an excess of buses even with the 41 being all trolley, from what I've heard.
  13. Just looking on Pantograph today, and I noticed a couple things. First, a bunch of trolley routes are diesel right now. I'm not in the city at the moment, so it could be construction downtown, but does anyone know the cause? The 44 has also been operating with 40-footers instead of the 60s. Second, I've seen quite a few regular XDE60s on RapidRide routes, especially today and yesterday. This is mainly F line but the A as well (and I'm sure others I didn't notice). There was also a RapidRide on the 7 on Saturday I believe. Anyone have an explanation for the elevated concentration of regular 60-footers on RapidRide these past few days?
  14. A couple weeks ago I saw this at VTC. Does anyone know when this is from or why it's there? I'm assuming it's a practice bus stop for training, but I could be wrong. The stop number is at Cap U and the routes were all Cap U routes, so I imagine this was simply taken from Cap U when they built a new stop at some point. However, I'm still wondering what it's doing at VTC.
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