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  1. Honestly save up a few change, go to school for either carpentry, plumbing, hvac, welding, fabrication or even engineering. All you need is 1-2 years of schooling,Then get some experience anywhere that's willing to train you. If you end goal is ttc, or any major company. Keep applying, i can honestly say that there's no shortcuts, as long as you put in the time, the money will come.
  2. First id like to thank you for responding. How much is the amount of the due? is it per cheque? or monthly?
  3. I was just wondering, how much is the deductions aside from regular ei/cpp and tax? how much is deducted for your pension, and your union dues. What other deductions do you guys get per pay cheque. Lastly, are union workers of ttc paid weekly or biweekly?
  4. Its kind of hard to swallow the fact that i got this far you know, but i guess i did man thank you!
  5. Anyone knows what the look for? (ii got a conditional in the technical trades department), and im in the process of doing my medical. I was wondering how long the process takes, what they look for,what would hinder them from hiring you so on so forth. And whats next after medical.
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