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  1. Well I've heard that there will be 300+ buses? But how on earth they’re gonna deliver then all on time with the current situation?
  2. Gerbil thank you so much for that! Something tells me you have a google sheet where you put all the numbers of buses? Also, on run number sign, corner of windshield, is the run number? (Ex. : 0015) ?
  3. Hi, new member here. It would be great if somebody could explain the Run Number, Trip ID, etc... of the STM.
  4. Hi, I’m not so sure but I guess it’s just some random tape from the factory...? Does someone know the reason behind putting the route display in the corner but still keeping the rear (useless?) window?
  5. Hi, new member here, if the second batch, STM decided to remove many stuff to reduce cost, what about the rear number display? Will it still be on the side? Rear window?
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