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  1. Certainly running less service is another valid option. My thoughts on subsidies more aim for how small towns across Canada and the US are losing transportation access and the current model appears to be increasing unsustainable when funded fully with fares. Kinda like what happened to urban transit systems in the post-war era. Rural areas are more prone to poverty than urban ones and it's important access remains across the province for residents and visitors alike, so however those critical connections are provided doesn't matter as long as they exist kinda deal.
  2. Tofino bus is applying to end service north of Campbell river. There was a total of 4068 riders last year making for 5-6 per round-trip. 4068 is a lot of trips that'll be made impossible if this goes through, which is awful for those relying on it. The route isn't subsidized as of now though, and with how many private operators have struggled recently, it might be needed for a lot of small town and rural services to allow intercity mobility in BC for those unable or unwilling to drive. Like the current system is supposed to make the profitable routes subsidize the unprofitable ones, but there's a point there's not enough money and the cost to use the major routes just goes up.
  3. Is it possible the LED display is an accessibility feature? I'm not sure how HandyDART service works mind you, but the current signs aren't very visible especially in the dark
  4. On June 1st BC Transit plans to reinstate front door boarding and fare payments province wide. Buses without the driver door already installed will have a temporary vinyl panels. Copied is their full statement
  5. It's a McKenzie express, skipping the same stops as the 16. Also in fairness the stops along Island Highway/Sooke rd up to Kelly are for the most part spaced closer to express stopping patterns than a local one. There's a few that are closer, but not nearly as close as what the coverage loops have. Plus the highway segment is closer to an express/semi rapid transit than local service, a quality all the highway buses share during those legs of their trips. The 50 between Uptown and the Colwood exchange is probably the closest thing to rapid or semi-rapid transit the region has with both higher speeds and high (enough) frequency. Then it feels like hitting a wall on Douglas and Goldstream with many more stops. As for the 57x, it became the 47 in January 2015 as cited in the 2015 Westshore Local Area Transit Plan. The only difference was the number, done to differentiate with local service. The 48 was started at the same time extending commuter trips of the 52 to Latoria and Happy Valley (This route sign makes sense to me now). Later when the Westhills exchange opened (Sept 2017?) is when the 47 began using it as a terminus. I think that happened in tandem with the 39 terminus being moved to Westhills, and the 46 starting service. I think it's more just the close stop spacing, but it was confusing at first trying to get why arrows were where they were, and dots otherwise. Made sense after looking at Google Maps and seeing that it's intersection stop pairs and there's more random single side stops than I thought. Also for the transfer route colourization, this is a problem I have with all BC Transit maps, but there's no clear difference between limited service routes such as the 51 and especially 17, and almost frequent routes running 7 days a week like the 7 or 11. I do like showing the transfers, it's a good idea! Also sidenote but it's a little weird that different parts of Gordon Head get express service in the morning and afternoon. Also speaking of maps, has anyone else ever noticed there's errors in the system overview maps? For the Westshore one, that's displayed at both the Langford and Colwood exchanges, they call Veteran's Fulton and forget that the 48 runs up it (though tbf there's no stops on that portion). Fulton never intersects with Latoria, and Veteran's only changes name once to Millstream north of the highway, not again to the South of Sooke rd They also choose to showcase the school routing for the 52 and 59/60 which is pretty misleading for almost all cases. Unless they permanently move the 52 to the Royal Bay routing, again the Westshore local area plan mentions that. Though it shows a full Veteran's routing for both the permanent move and the school trips, but the school trips take Wishart instead so it's likely the permanent routing choice. But still unless it was planned for January 2021 with those Westshore hours it's still far off in the future so did they just mess up? There's also a weird bit of grey implying a bus route along Gordon Head rd to McKenzie though that's less problematic. The Westshore Local Area Plan also mentions a new Happy Valley route servicing Jenkins, Happy Valley, and Latoria aka a shortened 54. It's what I was thinking @Matt Dunlop when I mentioned that the 54 needs something up to Royal Bay, because yeah the rural areas further out are less busy. The problem with the 54 is that it's a rural route servicing relatively dense suburban areas, so alone it's overcrowded and frankly horrible service levels for an area as built up as Happy Valley is, even if the same service is fine for Metchosin. Though even just running literally anything but a community bus is enough to patch the overcrowding short term. On another note, I wonder with COVID and everything when the I wonder when the South Island Transportation Plan will be released. A year ago the province said Urban System was selected and they'd have a year to make it. I guess there's probably some approval stage without the added inconvenience of a global pandemic, but I wanna see it! I'm especially interested in what it has to say on rail, though I'm not holding high hopes. Bus based transit probably won't be radically different than what's seen in BC Transit's plans (50 routing with less stops = future BRT or LRT, Admirals/Mckenzie route, etc), though I also wonder if there's actual merit to a commuter ferry between downtown and Royal Bay. It always seemed like improvements to the highway 1 corridor would do better cost-benefit wise since there's still problems getting people to Royal Bay especially without decent local routes, and trips to the Peninsula or UVic are hampered. But at the same time population growth might make it worth it. Also curious for cycling improvements, but I expect those to be "build more bike lanes, finish the E&N rail trail, make a proper fully protected bike path/trail to UVic"
  6. Honestly I just want the local routes to have a better span of service. Just an extra trip or 2 on all local routes to put the last bus a little after 11pm to allow fast food workers, Walmart employees, UVic students writing a 7-10pm final exam and anyone else the chance to actually get home with transit. Maybe an extra earlier trip in the morning for some of them. I missed out on a job in high school because the local buses don't run past 10 at best (Except the 52, which is sorta becoming more of a Westshore only crosstown service than just a connector) and fast food often wants people till 11. My parents could have given me rides but I was too proud to accept them, not everyone has that option. A friend who worked at Walmart until recently was complaining about how a new hire kept asking her for ride home since transit stopped running too early. It shouldn't add much demand to the 50 since the infrequency still scares off most people, and generally the 50 isn't at high risk of pass ups later in the evening (except 50-61s). Span of service isn't just a means of generating ridership and reducing traffic, it's also critical for equity and economic mobility. Although the 54 needs something for the Happy Valley rd up to Latoria portion since it's also passing people up when it runs a community bus. 30ft Vicinitys work ok though so just that switch would hold it for a while. Weekend service should be hourly instead of every 2 though, it causes spikes in 50 demand too. I also wish that the local buses didn't line up with the 50-61s. They're always busy with people going to Sooke and are oftentimes later than a normal 50 with the extra load. Logistically it could be hard, but doing that would transfer local route transfers off of competing with Sooke ones. I feel bad possibly making people going to Sooke miss it, but what choice do I have on a weekend when the 50's dropped to 30 minute service? Just so long as the last bus is not moved earlier. I also tend to get pushed towards taking the 50 instead of the 51 since the routes to my house seem designed with a minute extra 20-30 minute wait if I want to transfer. It's also part of my issue with the morning 48s travelling down Sooke right after the 51. I get a longer trip transferring at Uptown instead of JDF and add to overcrowding on both Westshore-downtown trips, and Mckenzie trips. Minor (from a rider's perspective) changes like those shouldn't create a large spike in new demand on busy 50 trips, but might let people push back buying a car for a few months. Though you're absolutely right that the 50 is prone to overcrowding and better local routes could easily make it worse. I just want some relatively minor improvements for local service and I'll be satisfied with local service even if it remains hourly and indirect. It's just that 10pm is too early for the last bus, and adding an extra trip around 11:10pm or 11:30pm shouldn't create much new 50 demand. I actually respect Colwood far more than Langford for this reason. Colwood is stepping up to add sidewalks and bike lanes to streets built in 20th century sprawl. Latoria alone becomes far more walkable in Colwood than it is in Langford. More comfortable to bike too though the Verterans/Latoria intersection is becoming too busy to be comfortable. Not at all perfect, but in contrast Langford has some incredibility stupid road designs that feel like a f*** you to non drivers. There's dedicated left and right turn lanes on Luxton at Happy Valley/Luxton that comes at the expensive of any space for pedestrians. The existing property has a massive hedge there too so someone on foot has to literally walk into traffic to even see if a car is coming. You have to walk on the road to turn the corner. Like who thought this was in anyway ok?!? I don't understand, even a dirt patch to walk on would suffice. The subdivision behind it even put sidewalks on the dead end road sideroad but not Luxton which obviously will be busier. Latoria's also been getting a lot busier with new development, but only one of Langford's new subdivisions even bothered to have sidewalks, while all of Colwood's included them. Langford city planners are frankly incompetent. It's a shame since starting from Latoria Happy Valley is the flattest route meaning it could be a decent bike route, but nope somehow Veterans is for having shoulder bike lanes. Wishart almost is good, but that massive hill at the end of it is surprisingly steep. Langford's trash road design means there's a bus stop in an intersection at Latoria/Klahanie and it used to be on a decent sized shoulder. Past images on Google Street show pedestrian accommodations have actually decreased. They also put up a concreate barrier to prevent cars from crashing. Good idea, except the bike lane is on the same side as the car, and the other side is too narrow to walk so get f*** wheelchair uses and strollers, Langford doesn't want you. Have a bike for scale. It's a bad design. Just move the barrier over and call what's left a mixed use walking/biking path and bam inclusive design. Not like the current design prevents bike/pedestrian conflict either since the bike lane is the only realistic place to walk I also think there needs to be some form of pedestrian crossing over highway 1. There used to be a surface crossing when Spencer road had lights, but the province failed to keep a pedestrian connection when the Leigh Road Interchange was built. Not sure if a crossing at Spencer road to from the corner or Brock/Matson would be a better placement. Spencer road appears to have more space and would help Spencer Middle School students, but Brock/Matson would provide better access to Ruth King and Langford's major commercial areas of Goldstream Ave and Westshore Town Centre. I want both built but either would be great and allow so many trips to be done on foot that currently can't. Could also allow more people to take transit as a 30-40 minute walk to the 50, 46, and 39 becomes 10 -15 for people living near the crossing. Wouldn't help the overcrowding sure, but whatever it helps make the case for better transit priority and the eventual implementation of a higher capacity transit mode say rail, especially as the Westshore is supposed to grow to over 100,000 people by 2050. Not sure buses will be able to keep up forever with how funnelled. Also walkability alone is important so the effects on overcrowding shouldn't prevent it. Should I stop writing essays on here?
  7. It won't be on Monday, as I'm talking about the service change. The first 60 will leave at 10:20am starting Monday. Also, I take it you've never been on a UVic route during busy times, less buses would mean more pass ups. They're often full despite the 5-10min service, when UVic and Camosun are in session. They always have worse service in the summer, and it's further reduced for COVID. The majority of Greater Victoria residents live between Saanich, The City of Victoria, and Esquilmalt, these routes are used by far more people than just UVic/Camosun staff and students. The 12 is the only route that is near exclusively useful to UVic trips, everything else hits many key destinations and just terminate at UVic. Langford has about 40,000 people Colwood has about 16,000 people Metchosin about 5000 people Therefore Westshore totals to roughly 60,000 people Saanich has over 100,000 people City of Victoria, over 80,000 people It's natural for the Westshore to have less service especially with the low density car dependant design (Much of Langford is horrible for pedestrians. Colwood does a bit better). Westshore service expansions have not kept up to population growth, but that does not mean elsewhere is over-serviced. There's lots of expansions in core areas that should happen, as there is in the Westshore. That does not mean equal priority should be given to each expansion of course. Good news though: Westshore local routes are slated for a 5500 annual service hour expansion in January, pending COVID. See 2020/21 Annual Service Plan from the February 25 Transit Commission Meeting (PreCOVID). That's about 15 hours a day more service, which admittly isn't great, but it depends on how it's used. More concrete details should be given in the documents for either the June 16th, or August 11th Transit Commission meeting, depending what happens with them again because again COVID. I say this as someone who lives in the Westshore and relies an hourly indirect poor span of service route. They're bad and need expansion, but they're not the only lacklustre part of Victoria's transit system. Before COVID closed UVic, I took 3 buses one way, everyday. I've seen that the entire system has problems. Westshore expansions would certainly help me more than other expansions and I have pushed politicians on them, but I understand everything is a trade off.
  8. But isn't that the point of gutting some routes for the time being? It's unexpected that the expansion happened still, but in contrast the 6:40am 60 no longer exists shorting span of service on Triangle Mountain, and the combined 59/60 frequency is now every 2 hours in the morning after rush hour. I haven't checked many specifics, but I'm sure most routes have experienced additional cuts on top of the normal seasonal UVic and Camosun route cuts. Without COVID the addition of 2 buses running to the Westshore would be more than offset by the elimination of the 16, downtown only 14s, service every 10 or 15 minutes instead of every 5 on the 4, etc. The reduction this summer is far more significant than normal due to COVID so hopefully there will be enough drivers able to work
  9. For the expansions targeted to address crowding and pass ups on UVIC focused routes it's likely. For the 1500 hour expansion to peak hour 50 trips, it depends since some of the peak ridership is UVic and especially Camosun Landsdowne students. However for the 5500 hours of Westshore local routes it appears likely to proceed as planned in January since the extra 47 and 48 trips appeared on the new schedule despite service reductions elsewhere. Both have an extra evening trip leaving downtown after 5pm, and an extra morning trip. The span of service has increased for both the morning and evening periods. The 48 still has the issue of trips reaching the Colwood exchange a minute after a 51 though, ugh. Hope that changes before UVic resumes session since going to Uptown for a 16/26 is slower. The 51 is the greatest route I never catch since transfers to local routes are almost always timed abysmally. Now my curiosity shifts to what the plan on reinstating service is if social distancing starts to be lifted right after a service change. Some routes are extremely gutted which makes sense now, but what if things improve in late August after the fall service change has been internally confirmed? Some hourly routes are now bi hourly or worse and waiting for the Holidays or January would be quite painful for anyone relying on them if things are mostly normal by September. Though I imagine that's what will happen, infrequent service until the next scheduled service change regardless of how much ridership returns.
  10. You know I'm getting curious what's gonna happen with the summer service change. Will they still add the extra 47 and 48 trips? Then long term, will the September and January expansions happen? Those last two are definitely dependant on COVID so I'm guessing that's a big pile of IDK on BC Transit's part as with everything for everyone. I just hope Westshore routes aren't further delayed in hopefully getting a much needed service span extension since many start too late and end too early to hit a lot of low skill jobs. The last 53 leaving the Langford exchange is at 7:30pm weekdays which is insanely early especially since Walmart is open till 11pm. The 52 is the only that runs late enough to even have a chance at getting the closing shift home. Weekends are worse, not even the 52 operates with an adequate span for it. Also for stores that start shifts at 7am many local routes fail to reach central Langford early enough, which further erodes the social equity portion of the transit system and forces people to buy cars they may not be perfectly able to afford. Frequency for all the local routes is also important and lacking, but I still personally find the limitations of span a bit more concerning since bar overcrowding it is possible to plan around. It sucks and I know living it, but the lack of span just closes doors entirely without access to a car. IDK there's supposed to be 5500 expansion hours for Westshore local routes, we'll see what they do with them eventually hopefully. Obviously dealing with COVID is more important. I just have time to think being stuck at home everyday
  11. Calling people idiots for that is a bit harsh. The D40LFs are the only buses that explicitly need the passenger to do something to open doors. The only indication that the push bars open the door is an often peeled off and unreadable sticker. The Novas, double deckers, Vicinities and community shuttles all have what appear to be driver controlled doors. I got confused the first time I rode a bus in Vancouver because I was used to the back door just opening for me and not being a touch sensor (or IR?). And that's me a low tier transit nerd (Routing/service level stuff >>> Vehicles personally) who takes 3 buses one way in a daily commute. Most people don't care about transit except for the speed, frequency, and service span to their destination(?). Few people are watching how people get off the bus since it's not something anyone expects to be a challenge. If a large number of people are confused in the same way it's a design flaw, not a user flaw. Then you have the vast majority of trips made by Transit in Greater Victoria are done on a single route no transfer (See 2017 CRD Origin Destination Survey for stats), which reduces the chances someone would be exposed to a D40LF. Before COVID shut everything down I could easily go days without riding a D40LF on a 3 bus one way commute. And that's for semi regular riders. Transit ridership has rapidly grown (till COVID) with an almost 10% increase in boardings between September 2018 and 2019, lots of people are taking transit for what could be the first time in their life, or at least in months or years. Plus Victoria is both rapidly growing, and has a decently high transit mode share for North American cities, so anyone moving/visiting here from a small town or much of the US could have even barely seen buses in their hometown, let alone rode them. Language barriers can also be a thing, like once I had an awkward time on a bus in Wuhan while trying to pay via WeChat when it turns out Aliplay was the only accepted phone based option. I didn't, and still don't, speak Mandarin so oh dang that was a time and a half. I lived there for 3 months and never actually figured out how to find bus schedules and just relied on dropping location pins on a Chinese map app I couldn't read, high frequency service, and a couple cases a bit of luck. It's an extreme case, but a bus systems in an unfamiliar city can be overwhelming. Also the crush loading there is like actual crush loading where you're squeezed against other people while here drivers stops boarding short of that. They also seemed to assign buses to specific routes, so the 801(?) always had a different model of bus with far superior grab poles that didn't hurt compared to most other routes. I gotta say I appreciate Canadian buses more for having comfortable to hold bars and straps. Anyway that was a tangent. We all have unique perspectives on life. There's other places in life that all of us would be called idiots for missing something that's obvious to the adept. A classic XKCD comic sorta touches on it, indirectly. Also this was way too long a reply for a minor thing, and maybe you meant it in jest, but this was fun to write so Also thanks Matt, cool to know about the manual controls! I was under the impression they didn't exist since I've seen drivers get up to show someone how to open the back door before lol
  12. It's not just a rumour, Victoria and Nanaimo temporarily get fare free 'all' door boarding transit in an unexpected way. A small part of me wants to go catch a bus cause back door loading would be a cool novelty. The rest of me realizes that's not a good idea during a pandemic in case I'm asymptomatic so I'm not going to unless I absolutely need to. I'll bike the 20km if I need to get that far instead for the next while Edit: How does this work with the D40LFs?
  13. Based on the what bus to get to some location page it appears the the 1975 16 covered Arbutus rd into the UVic Exchange, and Cadboro Bay road the the least. No indication if Ten Mile Point was included, but it appears unlikely to have entered downtown based on the lack of it's mention in any downtown location or Royal Jubilee. A route 11 and 14 both reached Royal Jubilee in 1975 according to that list, but only the 14 went to UVic. Presumably the 16 was replaced entirely with an extension of the 11 moving it closer to, if not, its current form. That page makes me think it followed a loop before the 26? Then maybe it became a switchback at Cadboro Bay? Maybe a loop into the Uplands? Also apparently Vic General had a previous location much closer to downtown, did that end up as Mt St. Mary Hospital? The address 841 doesn't exist anymore but Google Maps places it across the intersection. In front of an apartment building that easily could have been built in the 70s. It just looks too small for it to have replaced a hospital.
  14. https://www.newflyer.com/2020/03/new-flyer-issues-order-to-bc-transit-for-more-cng-buses-further-supports-bcs-low-carbon-program-with-immediate-emission-reduction/ BC Transit apparently ordered 17 more XN40s. Not sure if they're already accounted for somewhere else, but they're officially ordered! 68 were ordered in August, so that's a total of 85 new XN40s between late 2019 and early 2021(?)
  15. I have a much longer commute. From Latoria to UVic. 59/60 - 50 - 26/4 is my daily commute. The problem I had with the summer 4 is that the 59/60 lined up with a 50 timed to maximize the wait for both the 26 and 4, on top of an already hour 15 at best trip. It regularly takes me 1.5 hours 1 way. Latoria was always 60 minute service, with punches of the 54/55 (that are often full), and starts an hour after your service, ends 10 minutes earlier. Service has drastically declined since I started taking transit between September 2017 and April 2018, when transfers to the 39 went from a 10 minute wait, to a 40-50 minute one. More importantly I used to be able to trust that I would make scheduled transfers, but that's increasingly rare. Tonight I needed the last 52 to have a 20 minute walk instead of an hour long one, but the 50 left a whole 5 minutes early from Douglas/Fort. Even risked it to run across Douglas against the signal and the drive won't let me on still, despite being quite early. I am really close to buying a car because more than half of my trips result in having to burden my parents and getting them to pick me up from either Westshore exchange. You're lucky that you only have a 20 minute walk to your work, it takes more than twice that to leave Colwood by bus. I hate it. The 10 minute drive from my house to Colwood exchange takes 35 minutes with a perfectly timed transfer to the 50, more often it's 45 to 50. Those are where my previous points about the 60 came in before too because I need it everyday, and can't trust BC Transit to get me home anymore. It has constantly failed me again and again. I completely agree they need to be 30 minute service with a far longer span. I was using the frequent routes as an example of how even the highest tier of service isn't quite enough for large segments of the population to live car free when given the choice. They're great at rush hour and during the school year. Westshore local routes though are a mess and needed an overhaul years ago. I wouldn't have been as harsh to the top tier routes if they were the only routes I needed to get to UVic. They'd last me until I graduate. It's the 59/60 and 54 that constantly f*** me over. Sorry to make you sick, my mistake, was not my intent I Want to join me in yelling at politicians about it? Westshore local service is pathetic aside from the weekday 52. It needs to be better as we both agree! Edit: also my complaint with the 4 is largely due to it being marked as a frequent service route with 7am-7pm weekday service, yet not fulfilling that for 5 months a year between summer and the holidays. Otherwise I wouldn't have really cared to be honest. Slightly hard because it's amazingly frequent during the fall and spring semesters, so it should be shown as such, but it's always a bit of an annoying surprise when I expect it to come within 15 minutes and I have to wait 19 for a transfer on an already over an hour trip and can't choose to leave earlier. Also the 4 is lined up at night to reach Douglas right after a 50 for Langford once service drops to half hourly in the evening. Like the frequency is fine, the lack of thought put into transfers is the overarching problem for me. Love everything about the 26 though! If only I lived near it, I wouldn't really care about the span of core routes. Everything kinda bubbled together with frustration at the local routes and most politicians just brush them off as irrelevant. I wish they didn't push off the 5500 Westshore expansion to Jan 2021. I'm not sure I can still deal with the local buses that much longer. They're already far more stressful than anything UVic's thrown at me
  16. Also Grande West is a BC based company, while Arboc is American. Well New Flyer bought them, but still. It might have some impact on the order choice on top of the Vicinitys being just a better bus with it's standees, night time bike racks, and as Matt said likely cheaper long term costs. Also they actually look like buses, and not a glorified van, though how much that matters will depend on who you ask. I may be jaded from seen a few too many full Arbocs
  17. Let's be honest though, BC Transit does not operate adequate service for most people to live a car free life. No service meets or exceeds the speed of a car outside of maybe some downtown trips along the Douglas bus lanes during congestion, and maybe some others with parking factored in. More important is a lack of frequent service for much of the city. In September the 26 became the first and only crosstown route to reach a 15 minute 7am to 7pm standard 7 days a week. The 4 doesn't even reach that with poor weekend service, and summer weekday midday service of 20 minute headways (frequency of the summer 26 is yet to be seen mind you), despite also being denoted as a frequent route. It makes many transfers painful as schedules are rarely lined to meet, which is especially horrendous between infrequent routes that sometimes force you to wait an absurd time that may be longer than biking or driving depending on your destination (Eg going from Latoria rd to Camosun Interurban midday requires either a 40 minute wait at Kelly/Sooke, or a long winded double back track trip to the 50 and 8/9/21) that feels completely unnecessary. If neither route can be frequent, at least line up nice transfers between them. Also the span of service on major routes isn't exactly ideal. The first UVic bound 4 starts downtown at 7:53am on Sundays. The 50 is the only route that gets downtown before 6am on weekdays. Next up the 14 and 15 getting into downtown right at 6am, but only from 1 direction of service. The 27/28 doesn't even start until 6:51am on Sunday, after 7 towards Gordon Head. And these are the major routes, with the prominent "we're good!" branding. Funnily enough though, the 61 going from Sooke into Langford actually has a 20 hour weekday span from 5am(ish)-1am(ish) which I believe should be the new goal for all major routes even if it's 30 or 60 minute headways after 10pm and from 5 until 6 or 7 . Most local routes would do well with a 6am - 12am span, every day of the week. Currently they exclude access to plenty of low skill jobs by starting too late, and ending too early. The weekday 52 hits somewhat of what the minimum service level should be for anywhere not actually rural, though has space for some improvements. Also the weekend 52 could really use an extra early trip or 2 even if it's hourly or worse. At least it'd allow transit to actually be an option for trips done by transit. Also mass trip cancellations are still the norm unfortunately. Transit in Greater Victoria sadly doesn't work as well as it could. I know there's physical and financial constraints to immediate expansion, but from all I've seen the planning is less ambitious than I would like it to be. So much can be done with just buses to drive down car dependency and auto mode shares.
  18. You might think, but the 59 had the higher average/trip for the fall. Not that bus choice for them even matters, 10 people at once is busy for them, except of course Royal Bay trips. The 54 is the most overcrowded local coverage route with an average of over 20 boardings/trip. It should never have Arbocs, even the 30ft Vicinitys feel crammed on it, yet the 7:10pm 54 is regularly a community bus. Drivers have to let people illegally stand or force them to wait until 8:40pm for the next and last one. Happy Valley road really needs a service increase, but hopefully more 35ft buses will fix the chronic pass ups if nothing else. Past Transit Comisson documents mention a new Latoria and Happy route in a priority ranking. It was sorta in the low middle of the laundry list of necessary expansions. Also I never realized the 47 was only 30 minutes offset. The 48 leaves the Langford exchange at 6:20am and 7:09am. Although I can see why they don't pull a 50 for another 48. By the time the 48 reaches Sooke road it might have filled up all the seats, but still has ample standing room, as of the beginning of the fall. It might have changed recently, but the 50 likely needs the capacity more. However the 47/48 would definitely attract higher ridership if they ran more. A major flaw is that the last return trip for both leaves downtown around 4:40pm. I hope if it's only one extra trip in April it's going to be after 5pm. I admit I don't know what the local office culture is, but I imagine less people get off work before 4pm than around 5pm. It's a shame they don't both run all day though, the 48 at least is fantastic and would solve so many of my issues only needing a single transfer instead of 2 to get home. The 47 has a couple of loops in it so that looks less fantastic, but likely still far better than the 50 + local buses. The 48 copies non Lagoon 52s from Colwood until Veterans. There is a planned 2200 annual hour increase of service allocated for the 47/48 expansion. Ps cool new profile picture Here's a link to all the transit commission meetings for anyone who never stumbled upon it. Open a specific one to find its documents. I'd link specifically to the Febuary 25th one, but the BC Transit set up their website means it'd break with the new year. And they have one of the better government websites :L Hidden in the operations staff report was this little timbit of a line "106 Lack of Service complaints vs 24 same period last year " Every other category of complaint has decreased. I'm not sure if this is for HandyDART or fixed routes, but neither would surprise me after a mess of a winter. The Planning update includes ridership data. Surprise surprise the 43 has 12 riders a day, which is unsurprising given it's a loop through Belmont Park and Royal Roads. Also seems to always be run as a full 40ft bus, at the height of rush hour, likely spending more time than the full loop on Sooke road congestion during the morning. The 13 meanwhile has a total of 11 riders. What odd little routes they are. Also now that I'm calm, and reading properly again, I found out why the Westshore local route improvements are delayed Also guess that new double deckers are sadly a little longer away now.
  19. I confronted the 60 driver who keeps leaving early about him leaving early, and he just brushed off my concerns saying a minute doesn't matter. Never mind it was closer to 3. Said it's not his problem if another bus is late. Who cares if it's right behind you at Jacklin/Dunford. I did not thank him when getting off. I have sent in another complaint. Confrontation kinda gave me a bit of an anxiety attack which didn't make for a fun ride, but also I'm pretty angry since it's likely the same driver who's left me stranded multiple times since the local buses already pretty bad to rely on, without the unreliability of an early bus. He has the honour of being the only driver I've ever actively disliked, and shouldn't be driving the last bus of such an infrequent route. Pretty sure the last 54 leads into the last 60 meaning he's very likely the same driver who left multiple people stranded from my last little rant. I should move. Or get a car. Either way time for student debt wwweeeeeeee Oh also new transit commission meeting minutes are up. Looks like the 60 has lost some ridership since last time, I wonder why? Hmmmmmm. Also the planned 5500 annual hour service expansion for Westshore routes got punted to January 2021, but the 47 and 48 get an extra 2 trips a day starting April. Not sure if that's supposed to be an extra morning and 1 extra evening, or 2 morning, and 2 evening. Either way it's soon and that's something.
  20. So I was told by a bus driver than at least some XN40s probably enter service tomorrow, so that's cool. He only said natural gas buses come in on the 18th, so it might just be one. We also talked about how car drivers are trash, and how transfers aren't well planned which works fine with frequent routes but not the hourly local ones.
  21. On top of the cancelled trips, the last 54 and last 60 keep leaving the exchange early. Fun times being in a slightly late 50 that pulls up to Jacklin/Dunford as the 54 speeds away multiple minutes before it should have left the exchange. Like being late? Fair enough, but leaving early? Just wait 3 minutes! That 50 was also supposeI have a lot of rage over overcrowding on the 54, horribly timed transfers between the 59/60 and 39, the poor span of service on local service, the 4-5 times time difference crossing Colwood by bus vs car, and infrequency, already so honestly I think my patience with this transit system is about done. It used to be good enough, then the April 2018 service change destroyed some transfers I relied on, and it's otherwise been an unreliable mess since McKenzie construction started and especially since September. Any one issue in isolation is understandable, but combined I've had to get rides from my parents more often than I've been able to complete a trip home by transit. I could leave earlier sure but it's already at best an hour 10, I don't want to waste an extra 20 minutes stringing transfers from UVic especially when certain times of day are already a 1.5 hour one way journey. And then the City of Victoria keeps pushing for free youth passes which yeah has some merit, but is there really any spare cash to do that when the system can't really even keep up with current ridership? When local routes cost people employment? McDonald's wouldn't hire me in high school because the last bus is too early. My mom works in Belmont Market and sometimes starts at 7am which is before transit can get there. Got a 7pm Saturday final exam at UVic that runs till 10pm and live on Happy Valley rd? Too bad the last bus is 7:30pm! Or 9:45pm if you're on the 59/60 loop! ARGH!! I have already brought these complaints up to every politician in the Transit Commission. I have yet to receive any real response past just "we passed it onto BC Transit" as if I haven't already spammed the likely stressed planners enough Also I don't bring up complaints about the system to job fair people, but half the time BC Transit runs a booth at UVic the people running it are very rude. Like once I asked if they had any similar Co-Op positions to one Translink posted and before I could finish the sentence I was getting shut down for mentioning them. A friend commented on the rudeness too. I asked if they had software jobs today since on the info thing some miscommunication had them flagged as wanting every field. Fair, these things happen. Didn't expect much but it was a rather dismissive reply. Not exactly a good face to recruit employees, and it's not a one off. Hello hi hope my rants aren't too bad. I just wish BC Transit would actually be dependable. I hate needing local routes, They're almost entirely just trash, I can't say anything good about them past one really nice driver who has been shuffled to trips I don't normally take. I can't afford to buy a car or move out. I want transit to be good, or at least as good as it was when I was in first year. Shifting the 59/60 off by a half hour really destroyed a lot for me. No more 10 minute wait at Kelly and Sooke between the 59 and 39 midday, heck the 59 that leaves the exchange at 8ish gets to Kelly and Sooke just in time to watch it turn taunting anyone headed to UVic or especially Interurban with a massively shortened commute. No more option of leaving UVic at 8pm, now the 2nd last trip on the loop is 5 minutes before the last 54 meaning my options are leave UVic at 7:40 or 9. It used to be leave 7:30ish for the 54 (the 26 expansion in the fall moved it a bit), 8 or 9. Less options, less reliable. Again like every issue would be manageable alone, but combined it's a mess and ridership already seems to have dropped tbh. There is only 1 other person I still see riding the 54/55/59/60 I did this time 2 years ago. 1! I hope to bail on them too sooner than later. Oh an in a less ranting note, I saw a XN40 out testing yesterday with one of them new white signs. Looked pretty cool. Quieter buses would be nice. The D40LF's interior has a charm to it, and the whine of the engine has a cool sound when I'm in the right mood, but aside from the maintenance issues, they're pretty loud and having to run after them is not exactly pleasant. Goodbye nice cushion couch seats, you will be missed. Same with on the Trident double deckers when they go.
  22. There's an old CBC clip about the introduction of the double deckers that Youtube recommended me a while ago. Might be of use?
  23. I saw a dart on the 16 during the snowstorm, night before UVic closed. Also only once have seen a dart 26 several years ago VictoriaBuzz claims at least 2 new buses have arrived in Victoria by the way. Also they did a surprise frequency increase to the 50 at the beginning of the month to address some of the weekend evening pass ups on the 50-61. No idea if it's working quite yet since I haven't ended up going home early enough on Saturday night, but definitely needed since when I tried taking a 50-61 in December 20 of us were left behind with the next 50 in 30 minutes, and the next 61 in an hour
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