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  1. I was curious about that. They seem to have ended up on the ferry, though I kinda just forgot to check what happened to them after taking this photo lol
  2. There's a bunch of unlisted 26 trips that just appear on the live tracking apps, but not the website. They said in one of the commission meetings that they're doing unlisted service and that the official published schedule is the "minimum" (Lololol) service standard. Lets them deal with the staffing issues, and unexpected demand. There was like a 26 every 6 minutes from Uptown to UVic when I was going to campus yesterday, made for a nice transfer (until McKenzie congestion made the bus like 15 minutes late, should've took the 4...)
  3. Can't wait for the fall when UVic and Camosun are back in person. It'll be some fun chaos. Bonus points, they need to do the normal large increase in service hours to have enough capacity wooooooooo Hopefully all those training buses I've been seeing is a good sign. A month hopefully will be enough time to get more people trained and ready, and presumably less people will be wanting to take time off compared to the summer. Not sure how successful they'll be, but hopefully it will improve substantially. Edit: I wonder how much transit staffing issues can be traced back to the housing shortage/crisis. Stuff's really broken here, it shouldn't be harder to find housing than it is to get a job yet here we are where it is.
  4. From what I recall from the Victoria thread, there's a weight limit on Atkins too eh? Which limits them to smaller buses on the 53 in general. Sad, but oh well haha. As for the 65, a friend of mine who lived in Sooke at the time it was implemented said it's about as fast as the 61, so the route's overall ridership is solid. It also provides peak service into Langford's core like combined 50-61 trips do, while the pure 61 skips that whole area during peak hours. Westhills meanwhile does have other transit services (39, 46, 47, 58). It's about an extra 5 minutes to the nearest 58 stop from the last 65 stop in Westhills, which while not ideal, is more than 2 buses a day. There is fallbacks. Definitely agree the 65 could use more service despite that. I'll also give the caveat I've never rode the 65, but I'd consider it if I needed to get to Langford and it showed up before a 50. Bonus points if it saves a transfer or walk to the 58 or 52. I'll also say that I regularly rode the 48 pre-COVID when it was 2 trips like the 65, and it was well used.
  5. Don't hold your breath for artics in Victoria. Pretty sure they're still planning double deckers, in part because of the constrained block sizes. Douglas street is pretty packed with buses at rush hour even with the bus lanes due to the sheer number of routes travelling it. While I guess you could take off some of the peak only one seat commuter trips, I doubt that's a major consideration considering they just added commuter service to the 53 (and apparently run a 30ft bus on it lol)
  6. From what I've seen from recent transit commission meetings it seems like COVID differed expansions will resume in January for Victoria so long as the province funds it. The Feb 23rd meeting had an annual service plan presented, which includes a mildly longer evening service span on the 3 and 10, and the 46 getting midday and early evening service starting in April, along with June's 53 re-route. I guess hourly service still applies, but at least it's a start. Here's a link to the specific document, and the meeting overall. I'd like to see more expansion than just the deferred hours, but hopefully 2022/2023 will see an acceleration.
  7. Bus wedding! Bus wedding! This is quite sweet. I wish them the best! : D
  8. I was gonna say what CV92 had said. It's the sustainability page that specifically mentions low floor. As for the NYC double deckers, It's an easy to miss historical fact. I only knew about them because some happened to be in the shot of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in these clips of a vacation in the 1930s. 13:45 for those of you who want to skip to them. Otherwise enjoy the 42 minutes of 1930s New York, it shouldn't disappoint.
  9. Where did you find that report? The only information given in the only linked article was that it was a 50. Nothing about the speed of the bus.
  10. Eh there's a lot that a driver could've done to contribute to it. Possible safety measures that could be added. The results could be a big ole meh, but maybe there's a couple small ways to improve the railings, add some padding, or something. Alternatively, maybe the driver hit the gas way too hard, or had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting something or someone, and it can shine a light on better tactics/the need for better road designs. Or maybe someone threw themselves down the stairs to see what'd happen. Never hurts to investigate and figure out what went wrong, and what reasonable steps to prevent it can be taken in the future.
  11. You should be happy with the plans in the Sooke Local Area Plan. It proposes cutting out Sunriver from the 64 and making it into one of 3 Sooke local routes. The 64 can then better service East Sooke with an additional connection to the Langford exchange via Metchosin, providing service to Beecher Bay. The 63 would also get a redo, cutting Whiffen Spit, while the 61/65/possible new variant would get a frequency boost. Lol if they add a new version and it ends up as the old 61x routing down Veterans. Here's a badly snipped screenshot of the planned local routes, check the real PDF for actually quality and individual route diagrams haha. The local routes would get hourly service 6 days a week, bi-hourly Sunday, 30 min weekday peak, while the rural 63/64 would double from 4 trips a day to 8 or 9 with added Saturday service. Here's hoping they happen since they'd be a great improvement for Sooke.
  12. So yesterday around 2pm I saw the hybrid double decker on Metchosin road somewhere between Painter and Wishart. Going towards Sooke Road, away from Metchosin/Royal Bay. It wasn't in service. Anyone have any ideas why a decker would be there? Never seen one south of Sooke road before with the 48 being the only route that doesn't regularly run Vicinities (though the 52 regularly runs at least one NX40). No depots or anything either. Could they possibly be investigating running deckers to idk Royal Bay or something? I didn't get to see much of where it came from or went after as I was walking and even if I wanted to follow it, I can't run at 50km/h lol.
  13. Most of Belmont Park is military housing too eh? I've seen a gov of Canada couch bus that seem to go between CFB Esquilmalt and Belmont Park at rush hour which would definitely take away a nice chunk of potential ridership, leaving mainly just families. As for John Stubbs, it's an SD62 school which means school buses are a thing unlike all the SD61 schools further limiting ridership potential. Especially as an elementary school with smaller scale enrolment numbers and as parents are generally less willing to let their 6 year old kid ride transit alone than they would a middle or high schooler. So that leaves the few non-military housing units in the area, and families of military members as riders. Many of those families own cars too since I think it's all family housing as well. There's also the case that a decent chunk of Belmont Park is within a 10 minute walk of stops along Sooke Road and Goldstream which further lowers potential local trip ridership as it becomes easier to just walk to Sooke road for the able bodied living on that side of it. 20+ minutes at the far end certainly makes the case for the 43's existence, but as you said it's just nearly impossible to service well without compromising service for the rest of the Westshore.
  14. Not a problem now with Sooke road experiencing far less congestion than before, but the morning runs of the 43 would have been vastly improved by running it the other way so it didn't just get stuck in this mess every morning I mean I guess technically this way Belmont Park residents can get to Royal Roads but idk if enough people need that for it to be worth the empty 40ft bus idling in traffic. Although saying that Ocean Blvd also got pretty bad congestion too, so idk maybe it was a negligible difference time wise Ngl looking back there's a few times I should've just got off the 48 and walked to the preceding 51. (Both 48s were timed to go down Sooke road right after a 51 did. Hopefully the April 48 changes mean it's fixed once the 51 is reinstated) I could've actually made that transfer with how bad this was lol
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