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  1. That's really too bad. Seems really silly and wasteful to retire a very good 11 year old bus. Did anyone get a decent photo of 9710 in better days?
  2. Merry Christmas. There should be no need to walk around on eggshells and worry about offending someone in this country on that basis. Christmas is a nationally and legally recognized holiday and the vast majority of the population celebrates it. There are some in our country who wish to take that away from us. I might remind those people that our veterans fought for the freedoms we enjoy today and we should not feel ashamed to enjoy those freedoms.
  3. The cameras have started to appear for at least the past couple of months now. Funny how no one becomes indignant when the buses are outfitted with several of them aimed right in your face, whereas people freak out when I'm taking bus pix outside and several feet back from the bus. Anyway, the $5400 per camera figure is extremely high IMO. I've seen those cameras. For the input devices they are little more than glorified web cams, but then I suppose there are various other parts to the system, plus installation costs. Still seems high tho. I have unfortunately heard none of the privacy concerns here that were raised in Victoria.
  4. I agree with CK and Nova4. Things have gone too far. Riding the bus is not a relaxing experience and this only adds to the hoopla overkill to the detriment of the majority of passengers. Makes me fear what is coming next as it never seems to be enough for the lobby groups.
  5. Banned because subway actually had a point. You two are terrible for those sorts of bans. Some days are better than others lol.
  6. Banned for copying me. In my subway days, it felt like I was the ONLY one who would simply stand back and wait for the next train. I would always marvel at how people would run for a train when the operator has already whistled and the doors were closing. The way these 'suits' would run for the train you would think it's the last one of the day and service is ending or something. Hilarious!
  7. I never said that highways were not to be used by residents and that visitors from Manitoba took precedent. What the heck are you smoking?? You have really twisted my statements around. I think I remember the discussion now. You forget that I have spent the past 18 years in eastern Canada, only coming back to Manitoba last year. My issue was with the LOCAL idiots in the GTA who bullied their way onto the multi-lane 401 "expressway" during rush hour, interfering with all that traffic and causing accidents, only to then get off at the next exit. You can't tell me that makes sense when most of the users of the highway are there for much longer distances and can barely move because of these local idiots hitting an already-clogged throughway and then getting off at the next exit. I was cutoff by these bozos numerous times and they were almost always 30 or 40 something white males driving SUVs, pickups, vans or other larger vehicles while on their cellphone and numerous other electronic devices. They were always the most forceful, aggressive and most rotten drivers of the lot, getting into a big fit when there's clearly no time left for them after they've gone tearing down to the end of the ramp and finding no one wants to let them in when their bully attempts did not work on others. This was a DAILY occurence with myself and several others at the office. We noticed it was rarely with drivers of normal cars, but with those driving the vans and SUVs as mentioned above. Next time you want to slam me for something, get your facts straight. Come and talk to me about this again after you've spent several years of your life attempting to get to work in the GTA. You clearly have no clue what drivers are like down there.
  8. Banned for not supplying a good roof shot of a MT 92 to show the "scars" left from the CNG-diesel conversion.
  9. Banned for responding to the question. Good answer. Was there a lot of warning that the 92s were being converted to diesel? Was there a lot of fanfare at the time? Did you get pictures of them before conversion? Even today, the roofs are a bit different than the other Vs.
  10. Banned for agreeing (thanks!) and never having ridden the MT 92 CNG version.
  11. Banned for interfering with my ban for HSR Bus Freak (I'm fine thanks!). Also welcome to the new poster who joined our silly game. As for subway, you are banned for running to catch a packed subway train at rush hour, when there will be another one in like two minutes. Relax and just wait for the next one. Simple. When are you gonna learn?
  12. Banned for shunning me by not banning me. I thought we were friends. P.S. Headed down to Cornwall soon?
  13. Banned because Cornwall's 91s are MCIs and the 92s and 94s are the Vs and V CNGs.
  14. Banned because the Cornwall 91s are sorta close to that...
  15. I just find it adds to the hoopla introduced with strollers and other wheeled contrivances where most passengers are either standing or squished in, then to have to hear the same old stops over and over, that you heard the previous 100 times you rode that exact same route is kind of overkill. It adds to the stress of being in a sardine can with all sorts of people yakking and blaring their ipods. If a person needs assistance with knowing where their stop is, they need only ask the driver to bring it to their attention when the time comes. That would be a much more sensible solution. The buses have turned into a real circus these past few years. We have these bloody ASAs in Winnipeg now and they can't even get the pronounciation of Portage right. At first at was POORTAHJ, then they changed it to POOR T@DG. Both are wrong. Portage. Anyone local will question you if you pronounce it any way besides Portage, much like mortgage.
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