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  1. Why would a s.way or st.car operator change to bus??
  2. From what I know, they have stationed security at 85 industry, some of the construction sites as well, they have two security vehicles running all eglinton line, one for the west side, and one for the east side, I don't know details. And I don't know whose the client is it mereolinx or the contractor!!
  3. They already have a security company taking care of their facilities
  4. Just opinion, even with those 25% decide not to take the ttc, when people come back to work, if the city wants to keep social distancing it will need more busses, more street cars, more subway cars, MORE OPERATORS, to keep the health and safety guidelines in effect. In UK the minister of transportation said that if we bring back the transit service level back ,and wexwant to keep heath and safety guidelines in effect only 15% of the riders will be allowed to use the transit service, which I agree One more thing, any plan to keep everyone on the transit to be safe won't be perfect, which will be very stressful and concerning for some operators, To be honest with you guys it's a big challenge for everyone
  5. That's true, but from what I know that they didn't laid off anyone yet Am not sure I would like to be optimistic, by increasing the ridership flow they will need more busses and operators to keep social distancing in effect And they know that to put a new trainee on the road it needs a month or may be more , on the other hand as the city starts to reopen, I think by the end of may to mid june 80-90 % of the businesses will be opened They will find themselves in a race with ti.e ro accommodate the demand Just brain storming with wishful thinking
  6. I like your point, it sounds logic, but the concern here is when.
  7. What is the collective bargaining agreement??
  8. I think that's the right thing to be done
  9. What's your opinion based on, you just joined the TTC 2 MONTH AGO
  10. Do you guys think that the ttc would need more operators, and if so , do they gonna think about hiring new ones
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