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  1. -Saw a Nova on the 12 (towards Blair) (4753) at 7:32 AM. You're most likely to see D60LFRs on 12 trips, but occasionally lower-capacity buses appear if the ridership is low for that trip. -Saw a D60LFR on route 19 (towards Parliament). It seems to be 6629 according to an extra shot. This was at 7:37 am. -Saw 4726 (Nova) on route 9 (towards Rideau) at 7:42 am. -Saw 6455 on route 46 (towards Hurdman) at 7:43 am. -Saw 4501 on route 55 (towards Bayshore) at 7:47 am.
  2. Saw 6672 at ALTA VISTA / DORION at 4:30 PM.
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