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  1. From my experience, most people only ride the 74 between Polo Park and the Outlet Mall, so my guess is they feel that it doesn’t get enough ridership to warrant more frequent service. Whereas the 75 always seems to get pretty busy, especially around St. Vital Mall.
  2. Not to mention only operated with one bus on Saturdays, leading to an 80-minute headway on the individual branches.
  3. In addition, the changes to the 671 and 672 were discussed at last month’s IRPW meeting. https://clkapps.winnipeg.ca/dmis/ViewPdf.asp?SectionId=645803&isMobile=yes
  4. Indeed. Weekday service on the route the 677 replaced (the 84), which ran until 11:30, wasn’t even targeted by the hit list.
  5. Indeed. The 53’s new inbound terminal will be the Route 49 stop on Pioneer and the 56’s will be the Route 66 stop on Smith north of Portage. I rode a 56 last Friday and it took on nine passengers at the stops that will be canceled, so it’ll be interesting to see how the curtailment will affect passenger counts… will more people opt for the 10 or 19?
  6. The spring schedule went live today. Looking around, here’s some of what I found: An extra 672, departing the U of M at 3:45, will be added. Usual springtime reductions to the 75. The 36 (which already provides bare-minimum service) and BLUE will not be touched, however. The 22 will remain unidirectional. Buses will head to Portage West as 21s and back downtown as 22s at the AM rush and vice-versa at the PM rush. The 21 will continue to run on a four-minute headway in the inbound direction at the PM rush. 24 and 83 will not get their rush-hour buses back, and 50, 96 and 98 will continue to run on 45-minute headways. With one bus each, 53 will run on a 27-minute headway and 56 on a 43-minute headway.
  7. As much as I’d love to see XD40s in Saskatchewan, it’s the same contract as the artics, so it’s gonna be Nova.
  8. If you’re transferring to/from the 53, you can switch to/from a 14, 19 or 55 (all of which run on a 10-minute-or-better headway at rush hour) virtually anywhere along St. Mary’s or Main. Whereas if you’re transferring to/from the 56, the 10, 43 and 50 do not run anywhere near as often, so it may be advantageous for those passengers to ride further into downtown and switch to something that runs more frequently.
  9. The agenda for the first IRPW meeting of 2022 is up. They have a lot of changes in store for Zone 5. Notably, the service areas for all three On-Requests will be expanded. Specifically: The intersections of Route 165 & St. Anne’s and Route 165 & Shorehill, as well as Southdale Centre, will be added to the 101’s service area Royalwood will be re-added to the 102’s service area, as will St. Vital Centre An area bounded by Carrière to the north, the Seine River to the east, Fermor to the south and St. Anne’s to the west will be added to the 110’s service area, and Sunday service on the 110 will be added. Additional buses will be added to account for the expanded service area. There is some bad news: to make up for these changes, the 53 will be cut back to Portage & Main and the 56 to Portage & Garry, forcing passengers headed further west on Portage to transfer. There are seven documents (five of which are route maps) to sort through, so I’ll just post a link to the entire agenda for that meeting: https://clkapps.winnipeg.ca/dmis/ViewDoc.asp?DocId=21502&SectionId=&InitUrl=
  10. The DARTs weren’t tied into Navigo either. If you tried to plan a trip between somewhere and St. Amant, it would tell you to walk from the 75. With regards to the route list, they were probably removed because since there are no more fixed departures, there’s no longer any need for users to refer to a schedule.
  11. With "FACE MASKS REQUIRED" on the side and rear, of course.
  12. Made my way out to the East End this afternoon to check out the new 89. I rode it from Redonda to KP. The driver used the new signs. The front displayed “KILDONAN PLACE VIA TRANSCONA BLVD.” like this: but the side and rear only showed “KILDONAN PLACE” or “NORTH TRANSCONA.” Of note, the new signs on Transcona Boulevard displayed “48/49,” though the correct “89” was stickered onto signs elsewhere.
  13. With the 89 getting modified tomorrow, I figured I’d bump this thread to share something I came up with for the East End. Literally all I did was jam the 43 and the 89 together. This would provide North Transcona residents with a one-seat ride not just to KP, but also Crossroads, the retail along Lag and downtown (if less directly than the 48) outside of rush hour. I’d imagine that it would operate along the full length of the route at all times when the current 43 operates, including at rush hour and on Saturdays.
  14. I’m sure it’s a repaint. The 10-digit TeleBUS number is the giveaway.
  15. Saw both 120 and 111 this morning. 120 still has the old paint on the street side, while 111 has the same things as 110 (new paint on the street side, old paint on the curb side, rust under both doors). I wonder why they're doing partial repaints of these buses but nothing else.
  16. Got another look at 110 this morning. It only has the new paint on the street side of the bus. There's rust under both doors and the curb side of the bus still has the old paint.
  17. Which is highly unfortunate, seeing as a decent number of people need that bus to get to work (in the industrial park) and school (Sturgeon Heights and the RRC aviation center). Though with that, the changes to the 22 and the fact that the 24 still runs on a 20-minute rush-hour headway (compared to 16 minutes during the mid-day), the decision-makers in the scheduling department seem to think cutting service to Zone 2 is a game.
  18. Looking at the agenda for the aforementioned IRPW meeting, I see that a lot of TMP-related stuff will be discussed. Fortunately, neither those documents nor the draft budget say anything about service cuts.
  19. Same ones I get. I’m guessing it’s how your post was formatted.
  20. Welcome to the board. Anywhere downtown is a good place to spot them (especially at rush hour). Outside of downtown and away from the RT, Polo Park and Kildonan Place are pretty good.
  21. I was on a bus headed in the opposite direction, so I couldn’t see the front door.
  22. Noticed this afternoon that 110 has at least some new paint. Not sure if it has anything besides that, though.
  23. They’re easier to find the further you get from downtown. 88, 98 and 95 at rush hour are the best routes for D30LF spotting.
  24. What does the "mini-mini refurb" include, anyway?
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