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    Public transit (obviously), sports and technology.

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I am a bus fan in Winnipeg, where I’ve lived my whole life. My interest in public transit did not come by accident - since I don’t know how to drive, public transit is my primary way of getting around. My primary interest is in transit systems and their operation, and as such, I had collected paper timetables for number of years prior to their discontinuation, and I often look at my local transit system’s website to check schedules and make plans for either lengthy, out-of-the-way trips from Point A to Point B or just to spend an afternoon out and about. I also design new routes for my local transit system and make modifications to existing ones. That’s not to say I have no interest in vehicles whatsoever, and there have been occasions where I’ve gone out of my way to ride a certain bus (usually when buses that generally are restricted to rush-hour service work all-day or even on weekends).

I regularly browse the City Council’s website in search of documents detailing recent or upcoming changes to my local transit system.

In my non-busfanning life, I’m currently in my final year of the education program at the University of Winnipeg, and also enjoy traveling, watching sports (mostly on TV) and playing video games.

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