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    Public transit (obviously), sports and technology.

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I am a bus fan in Winnipeg, where I’ve lived my whole life. While vehicles do interest me, my interest is primarily in systems and how they operate, including routes and schedules. As such, I design new routes and make modifications to existing ones.

My interest in public transit did not come by accident - public transit is my primary way of getting around. Prior to their discontinuation, I had collected paper timetables for number of years, and I often look at my local transit system’s website to check schedules and make plans for either lengthy, out-of-the-way trips from Point A to Point B or just to spend an afternoon out and about.

I regularly browse the City Council’s website in search of documents detailing recent or upcoming changes to my local transit system.

When I’m not on a bus, drawing up new or modified transit routes or browsing this board, chances are I’m playing video games, coding, watching TV or focusing on my full-time studies.

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