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  1. The agenda for the next IRPW meeting is out, but this document, which contains next to no information, is all that is up with regards to TMP.
  2. I believe it’s supposed to be this month. We’ll see for sure whenever the agenda for next week’s meeting is uploaded.
  3. Even now, if they had RGB signs, they could use colored boxes and white text for the express routes and the BLUE line.
  4. The TMP document does say that the proposed DART services will be replaced with fixed-route service once ridership in the areas they’ll serve increases, so there may not be a real timeline.
  5. What do they plan on using for the TMP DART routes, then?
  6. Agreed. 30-footers are not used for the Phase 2 spine-and-feeder concept, but with the few remaining D30LFs getting old and DART service being expanded as part of TMP, another 30-foot order should be made at some point. Same thing with 60-footers. I can think of five TMP routes (A, B, C, D and F) that could use them and 45 buses isn't enough to run on five routes that are supposed to have a 10-minute headway at all times.
  7. This press release from NFI says that we’re buying 32 new buses. Which, by my math, would make the last bus 471.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. I wonder what affect (if any) losing the bus will have on the numerous small businesses along Westminster. The original draft of the TMP had the Arlington bus terminate at Aubrey Loop, but as you mentioned, it was changed to the Misericordia. The stops on Westminster and Balmoral were very well used pre-pandemic, so who knows how losing that service would affect ridership. Would those people just take the 11 or 17 instead?
  9. Changes to Route 10 to accommodate an active transportation right-of-way along Westminster are on the cards. http://clkapps.winnipeg.ca/dmis/ViewPdf.asp?SectionId=587781&isMobile=yes
  10. Did the Woodhaven and Whytewold Road buses interline? I see that one’s arrival time at Whytewold & Portage would be the other’s departure time at the same location.
  11. All the ad-wrapped buses’ interior ads are/were for whoever the ad-wrap is/was for (such as GoRVing on 184, Balcaen and Sons on 189 and Kiss 102.3 on 943). There are two LFRs (a 600-series and an 800-series - I don’t remember the exact numbers) that have or had the Reliance Superior wraps.
  12. On the few occasions I’ve gone busfanning since August, I’ve avoided being downtown at rush hour as much as possible and have opted for leaving on board quieter routes such as 12 and 66 when I have been there. I’ve ridden mostly feeders in that time and plan on doing most of my riding around on Saturdays when COVID cases start to come down.
  13. That was a similar process to what we’re seeing right now with the TMP - an early draft was circulated among the public, WT gathered responses to it and made changes as they saw fit before presenting it to council. Likewise, we’ve seen two draft versions of the TMP now - they released one, took in public opinion, made changes and have now presented another. That’s why I’m likening the TMP presentation scheduled for the spring to the introduction of the final version of the SW route network.
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