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  1. Portage is going to reveal a few service options at an event tomorrow night. A few options are on the table - fixed-route service, dial-a-ride service, or a hybrid of both. Seeing as the article mentions “routes” (plural) and the lady quoted in the article mentioned that the dial-a-ride/on-demand option would serve the entire city, I’d guess that the fixed-route option would involve a mini-network, similar to what Isaac posted above, rather than a Selkirk-esque giant loop around the city. https://portageonline.com/local/feasibility-study-reveals-potential-public-transit-options-for-portage
  2. No mention of evening service, either. In addition, the fact that the 90 isn’t being modified means that Transcona Boulevard will have peak-direction-only service at rush hour, though Lakeside Meadows already does (why can’t the 42 be bidirectional, like the 67?).
  3. I rode the 101 this afternoon. The times the app gave were pretty accurate. They are dynamic, as well, so if the bus spends a long amount of time sitting at a red light, the tone will change (for instance, when I boarded it, the app gave an ETA of 3:42, which changed to 3:43 while the bus was waiting to turn onto Route 165).
  4. New schedule is out. The 83 will go back to its reduced schedule from last year, so it will only have two buses all day - even at rush hour.
  5. Rebuilding the low 100s, as well. Do you know how long it will be until they start rebuilding the newer LFRs (i.e. the ones with A/C units on the roof)?
  6. The second time I rode a D60LF, I sat in one of the seats on the turntable since there were none available in the back row, and as cool as it was to watch the bus work its magic around 90° turns, it was annoying to have to move my feet every time someone wanted to get on or off, so I know where you’re coming from. In any case, regardless of the model or how it’s powered, I’m just glad to see we’re getting more artics (even if I know they’re not gonna show up on the routes I ride on a regular basis).
  7. Agreed. And they need to go on other routes, as well - while I can’t call this an unbiased opinion since I live half a block from Portage, the 21 needs them at certain times of day. Same with the 11, especially at night.
  8. And those who do phone will need to call 311 rather than going directly to the driver. In any case, that change will make the DARTs harder to ride, if only marginally so, for anyone whose trip doesn’t originate in a DART area, even if it terminates in one.
  9. The details about the On-Request pilot project are finally available. As expected, it will operate in all three of the current DART zones. The app will be made available on Friday. Notably, the website says that “bookings are required before using the On-Request service to ensure there is enough room for everyone.” I wonder whether that means the 101 and 102 won’t observe their terminals anymore (the 110 doesn’t anyway). Full details can be found here.
  10. 40-footers have been showing up on the DARTs quite a bit lately. Just the other day, I saw 365 on the 110.
  11. Looking at the website, I see nothing about that changeover, but seeing as WT hardly even acknowledges that the DARTs exist, I’m not surprised by that. Did you see when the new service will start?
  12. Are there any plans to dispatch these buses more widely, rather than only on certain rush-hour runs?
  13. Especially worrying is that Kevin Klein - the only City Councillor who voted against the TMP - is said to be considering a run for mayor (the article on the Free Press’ website is paywalled, but if you have a library card, you can read the article here). If he wins, who knows what will happen?
  14. One page 3 of this document, there is a note that TMP implementation will begin in 2023.
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