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  1. Drivers have complained to me about how some dispatchers do stupid things more than others. I recall one day where I rode a 500 on the 82 and another day that same week (maybe even the same day) where the only XD40 I saw was doing a rush-hour-only 98. I remember seeing that exact bus on Grant in December, signed “TO ’G’” and with the four-ways on (though according to the mobile website, it was doing the same run that evening - maybe it didn’t even need to go to G to get whatever work it needed done?). They definitely don’t make them like they used to anymore.
  2. Looking at TransSee, there are two D30LFs on the 95 today. I don’t know a lot about ridership on that route - it’s probably lower with it only going to Pan Am Pool instead of Tuxedo, but does it really need the D30LFs more than the 101?
  3. I was wondering if they were testing whether 40-footers would work on the DARTs, but the mobile website tells me that the 102 and 110 both have 30-footers, though maybe if it is a test, they’re starting with one? In addition, I would think that it would be mostly pickups made by that bus at this time, which would make operation on residential streets even more necessary and thus make 40-footers even more unfit for the job. It’s probably just dispatch screwing up again.
  4. Do we know how many of these buses made it up here before the border was closed, anyway?
  5. More XD40s by the look of things. Probably numbered 440 and up. I’d assume that these ones would be the first to have white Luminators all around?
  6. We’re coming up on the summer change as well, so service would’ve been reduced anyway. The 21 (and a few others) always operate on a reduced headway during the summer change than they normally do. Slightly unrelated, but I wonder if the routes affected by WT’s proposed cuts would look something like they do now. Some of the routes they planned on running at rush hour only, including 98, are only being run at rush hour now. That being said, I hope they keep something that looks like the 98’s pre-COVID-related service reductions rush-hour schedule. Before the reductions, the connections between the 83 and 98 at Unicity were fairly reliable at the afternoon rush (I remember taking the 83 from my house to Unicity to run an errand last summer, and I was able to get on a 98, which I took from Unicity to Moray and Portage, as soon as I left the bulk-food store - the 83 I had taken to get there pulled out of the terminal the very second I left the store), but now, the connection doesn’t always exist.
  7. TransSee says two 40-footers have been dispatched onto the 88 this afternoon. As if that route isn’t hard enough with the small ones.
  8. I’d assume so. Summer change usually begins in late June. Will there be any more service even with the reductions next change than there is this change? I’ve seen tweets about social distancing being impossible on some routes.
  9. Could someone add the following info to this page: - 408 entered service on May 21, 2020 on Route 19 - 409 entered service on May 28, 2020 on Route 36 - 410 entered service on May 7, 2020 on Route 56 - 411 entered service on May 21, 2020 on Route 83 - 412 entered service on May 28, 2020 on Route 31 Thanks in advance.
  10. 409 on 36 this afternoon.
  11. Would’ve been great if that happened while classes at the U of W were still in session. The Crestview that shows up to 10546 at 3:50 would always fill right to the yellow line.
  12. Even with the lockdown, it sure seemed it didn’t take long for us to get to mid-May, so hoping there isn’t a “second wave” of COVID as doctors are warning about, it won’t feel like too long until we get to see something. I wonder how many changes from that draft will be made. I hope they change their mind about removing service on Whytewold (because I use that bus quite a bit), but I guess Route A would get me to/from Unicity.
  13. At an Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works Committee meeting the other day, they extended the deadline for a report on the TMP from June to next March. http://clkapps.winnipeg.ca/dmis/ViewPdf.asp?SectionId=564434&isMobile=yes So we’ll have to wait at least nine months longer than we would have otherwise to see anything else. Which means it may take longer for the plan to be implemented.
  14. 408 and 411 on 19 and 83 respectively today.
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