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  1. I’m pretty sure that the 11s that run from Assiniboine Park to the Forks replace the Shoppers’ Specials, which (if I recall correctly) also don’t run Canada Day according to the paper timetable, though those aren’t running on Sundays either with the reduced schedule.
  2. Looks like the Spirits are operating today. Even though it says right on the paper timetable that they don’t operate on Canada Day.
  3. There were extra buses on the 162 out of downtown, but not out of St. Norbert, which is what we were talking about. What surprises me is that while there were X162s, there were no X170s in or out of the stadium evenings or Sundays. They even ran the X74 and X78 when the regular 74 and 78 weren’t running.
  4. Looking at schedules, it takes 41 minutes to get from KP to the U of M on the 75 and 47 minutes to get there on the 47, and even then, the scheduling on Bishop is so generous that a train would be of least concern (when I rode that bus back in February, we got stopped by one but still reached our next timing point, at Southdale Centre, ahead of schedule). Though Transitway scheduling is also pretty generous (it does not take two minutes to get from Harkness to Osborne at 80 km/h!). Seeing as there wasn’t an X91/X162/X170 out of St. Norbert in previous years, so I can’t see that happening.
  5. It wouldn’t surprise me to see an X47, seeing as they brought in an X74 when the 78 was split in two. I don’t know if an X-BLUE would be all that necessary, seeing as the BLUE line already stops at Stadium Station. I do think there should be an X36 as well, seeing as it’s the fastest route to U of M. If ever I attended an event at the stadium, I would definitely use the regular 36 to get there, rather than the BLUE, even, if it was an option.
  6. I have noticed some feeders seem to get XD40s quite a bit. Before the lockdown, I noticed that the 83 got them a lot. And that route would also see D30LFs quite a bit in years past. Slightly unrelated, but how much say do feeder drivers get with regards to what they drive? My longtime driver on the 83 (since retired) once told me that he hated driving small buses, and sure enough, he always seemed to get an LFR (this was before we had any XD40s, though when the first of those arrived, he got them quite a bit as well) - the other run would always have a D30LF.
  7. I know. How do the new ones get dispatched, anyway?
  8. 416 on 11 today. Why do they always seem to end up on that route?
  9. 237 on 88 today. Also, I saw a bus with a Route 694 run card (194-3, I believe it was) headed east on Portage signed NIS at around 1:30 this afternoon. Where would it have been going?
  10. Looking at the wiki, it first hit the road the other day. Same with 414.
  11. Drivers have complained to me about how some dispatchers do stupid things more than others. I recall one day where I rode a 500 on the 82 and another day that same week (maybe even the same day) where the only XD40 I saw was doing a rush-hour-only 98. I remember seeing that exact bus on Grant in December, signed “TO ’G’” and with the four-ways on (though according to the mobile website, it was doing the same run that evening - maybe it didn’t even need to go to G to get whatever work it needed done?). They definitely don’t make them like they used to anymore.
  12. Looking at TransSee, there are two D30LFs on the 95 today. I don’t know a lot about ridership on that route - it’s probably lower with it only going to Pan Am Pool instead of Tuxedo, but does it really need the D30LFs more than the 101?
  13. I was wondering if they were testing whether 40-footers would work on the DARTs, but the mobile website tells me that the 102 and 110 both have 30-footers, though maybe if it is a test, they’re starting with one? In addition, I would think that it would be mostly pickups made by that bus at this time, which would make operation on residential streets even more necessary and thus make 40-footers even more unfit for the job. It’s probably just dispatch screwing up again.
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