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  1. IRPW is meeting on Friday, and the first item on the agenda will be TMP. Here’s hoping that goes better than last time.
  2. Is the seating layout any different? Or is the only difference the securements?
  3. Checking the schedule, I see routes 96 and 98 will be back to having two buses in the spring. Those routes had three buses pre-COVID, two during the reduced schedule, then three again in the summer, two again in the fall and three again now. At least they managed to include all-day service on Route 88 and (most importantly for me) to not make a mess of the 83 again. There have been “glitches” galore on every schedule since the fall, and this is quite possibly the most there have been since then. Will they all be fixed?
  4. The 10’s getting cut too. It will run with only two buses (instead of three) during the weekday mid-day period.
  5. Do you know which runs? I’d guess suburban feeders, seeing as ridership generally skews older on those routes and the white signs might be easier for some riders to read?
  6. On the “Active Fleet Roster” on this page, in the 930-949 row, could someone note that 943 is also retired and that all active units have been refurbished into the new livery? In addition, on this page, could someone note that 943 was retired in March 2021 and that it was the last bus in Winnipeg to operate in the orange livery?
  7. Saw a bus turn into Unicity this afternoon and sign “241 WORK BUS,” then “F DOWNTOWN RED SERVICE,” before finally changing it to “24 DOWNTOWN.”
  8. As was noted in the main WT thread, the final version of the TMP is out. This news article pretty much sums up what's in it. It looks like they decided to go with color-coded names for the rapid routes (BLUE, ORANGE and ROSE). I do notice some changes from the previous draft in the eastern part of the city compared to the last draft, but no changes in the St. James area and few in the area covered by the Phase 2 route network.
  9. The agenda for the next IRPW meeting is out, but this document, which contains next to no information, is all that is up with regards to TMP.
  10. I believe it’s supposed to be this month. We’ll see for sure whenever the agenda for next week’s meeting is uploaded.
  11. Even now, if they had RGB signs, they could use colored boxes and white text for the express routes and the BLUE line.
  12. The TMP document does say that the proposed DART services will be replaced with fixed-route service once ridership in the areas they’ll serve increases, so there may not be a real timeline.
  13. What do they plan on using for the TMP DART routes, then?
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