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  1. I wonder how much heat WT’s taken for the changes to the 47. This isn’t like South Donald losing the Richmond and Grant routes (which was corrected after five months with the 99) - this is an entire neighborhood losing their one-seat ride to downtown outside of peak hours. That being said, they could transfer to the 11 if they plan to go to Balmoral or the 16, 18, 44 or 45 if they plan to go somewhere on Graham, whereas the 99 represents the only option for travelers going to/from South Donald.
  2. The 1996 D30LFs also had the flip-dot signs (to answer your question about what they’re called), but according to the wiki, the last of those are retired as well. So, thankfully, all the buses that had the flip-dot signs are gone.
  3. I wonder if they plan to replace BusWatch signs at other stops (such as Polo Park) with these. Those signs seem to malfunction a lot, and the one at Portage/Spence westbound wasn’t even in for the entire fall term.
  4. Same as a BusWatch sign really. I gotta say I like the addition of the page marker, as there have been times where I’ve looked at the BusWatch sign at Polo Park or U of W having no idea when it would cycle back around.
  5. Figured I’d put my money where my mouth is. After the Phase 2 route network was announced, one of the first things I did was change the modified 47 so that it accessed the U of M via the 60’s route rather than that of the 160. However, as @LilZebra and @Viafreak pointed out, there is demand for a route running straight down Main from north of Portage to south of Graham. As such, I created this. With the 26 terminating right at Main and the 68’s inbound terminal being moved to Garry and Portage, I connected those two routes so that they run straight down Main/Queen Elizabeth between Logan and Stradbrook, similar in length to the Main Street segment of the new 47. This would provide a connection between City Hall and Union Station without inconveniencing the people who take the 47 to/from downtown. You may notice on the map that it doesn’t run between Polo Park and RRC like the current 26. You’ll see why next week.
  6. So, what will be added? That article says there would be “added feeder service.”
  7. If they’re booked ahead, that explains why one driver would make sporadic appearances throughout. Are there many pieces (if any at all) that go unsigned? Because this isn’t the only time I’ve noticed different drivers doing the same work pretty much every day.
  8. Aren’t there already more spare drivers than actual drivers? ‘Cause on 21-7 this change, there was an older gentleman who I saw every so often and one younger driver who did that work all of one week, but apart from that, there was a different driver almost every day.
  9. So even the most senior drivers would have to work weekends?
  10. So, what constitutes “Saturday service with extra feeder service?” Would routes like, let’s say, 98 run?
  11. So will they be doing another sign-up? Also, what is a “letter group?” I’ve heard the term but have no idea what it means.
  12. WT is considering moving to an enhanced Saturday schedule effective with the schedule change. https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/transit-changes-could-be-coming-to-winnipeg-1.4881495
  13. I haven’t ridden a bus once since the 13th. It’s unfortunate that all this is happening so close to the Phase 2 opening, but if I have to wait a few months or even a year to ride it, so be it. I’ve already passed on riding one of the newest buses on a route close to my house. Not riding it won’t kill me, but riding it and contracting the virus while out and about might.
  14. The budget documents didn’t even say when those cuts will take place. At least they said the Spirits will be cut in the fall. There’s advertising galore. I’ve seen newspaper ads, TV ads, pictures of bus bench ads, and I’ve even had targeted ads on my iPad for the launch.
  15. Even if NFI introduces something new, who says that WT would buy it? Our first LFRs came two years after that model was first introduced, and our first Xcelsiors came five years after that model was first introduced. At the very least, the Xcelsior is more esthetically pleasing than any other bus on the market in North America.
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