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  1. Uh, I has thought that them only appear once or twice a month. I won’ts mention them again.
  2. 1. But Why are them called “Bingo Specials”, because them does three one-way trips, or there is money on the bus? Or them are diesels. 2. And why doesn’t them operate due to COVID?
  3. Then what’s are these three? Though on Fridays only.
  4. Any #14 night trips that extends to Kootenay Loop?
  5. Oh, okay, thanks you! Where shoulds I post this? Here or General Sightings? Anyways, saw a deadheading artic some weeks ago and them does have pull pullers.
  6. 99s terminating at VCC-Clark AGAIN, after 2:50 PM. Diagram below and sorry for it bad drawings.
  7. Someone change this to Vancouver Trolleybus Discussion, so there is no need to create each of them threads for every single trolley route.
  8. Don’t know where else I shall posts this, but my Twitter is @VTrolleybus.

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