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  1. Sure, “no all-caps”, but someone passed away! Surely exceptions for those things.
  2. Spam? You calls one of these posts spam? Okay. I respects your opinion. Alright. End of discussion.
  3. 9666 on 14, and some of them regular trolleys - including 2111, 2129 and whatnot.
  4. Diesel on 41. It be displaying "41 JOYCE STN" instead of them stacked signs.
  5. How does the 44 has been reintroduced on September 13th as indicated on T-Comm? I thoughts 44 route cames back on September 20th?
  6. If it hads doors, and four wheels, and two poles, then yes, probably not too serious.
  7. Yep, especially compared to them RapidBuses on 410 and 340 and whatnot.
  8. Sorry for asking, definitely mentioned before somewhere on this forum, but what be the number of the bus who be set on fire by bad vandals on Halloween 2007?
  9. Saw this somewhere - be this 21002 bus really registered on T-Comm or be this a fake image? I guessing fake image! Photoshopped hoax.
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