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  1. Saw it an hour or so ago, but maybe I will take them pictures next time when I sees it!
  2. H18051 be unfortunately unwrapped from KPU wrap.
  3. 9533 and 16011 be on the R4. Seems like this happens every few days or so, with the one or two non-artics.
  4. 9535 on the 41. Yes, really. Go sees for yourself if you doesn’t believes me!
  5. Friend sent to me with "four buses at one time on the 19" but they did not specifies what intersection this be.
  6. Four buses on the 19 at one intersection. Doesn’t know what this intersection be. IMG_5353.mov
  7. The 19 is all diesel today. 7409, 7438 and 7426 the good old D40LFs be on that route and just some of ‘em Novas. Also the 17 be all diesel.
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