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  1. I saw MiWay 1138 running on route 35 today near Hurontario and Eglinton. I also saw 1141, 728 and 619 near Hurontario and Elia & Kingsbridge.
  2. I saw TTC vehicle streetcar #4603 running on 510 Spadina near the Rogers Centre on it’s first day.
  3. Yesterday, a GO Transit bus’s windshield broke because of “flying ice” near the 401 and Meadowvale Road. Anyone know what bus number it was? It was a double-decker bus.
  4. Hello everyone! Since Hurontario LRT isn’t a topic yet, I’ve decided to create one already. Hurontario LRT is a project under construction that features about 19 stations and runs through Brampton to Mississauga. Feel free to comment on this topic related to Hurontario LRT!
  5. So does anyone know why the 2019 buses (MiWay Nova Bus LFS HEV - units 1901-1910) didn't run today or yesterday?
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