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  1. The yellow line could be extended to Fort Belvoir, the tunnels at Huntington extend beyond the station. Another set of tunnel stubs are located on the blue line at the Pentagon. They were built for a line down Columbia Pike. Those two should be done.
  2. I remember some in the summer of 2019. One of them was 2172. 2164 and another one did the Montgomery Division shuttle in early 2020.
  3. Those 2000 Orion V’s could run another 10 plus years. Still remember when they were brand new.
  4. Don’t know what numbers the Orion’s were, the numbers were taken off.
  5. Saw two 2000 Orion v buses being towed into va this morning. One heading south on 95 in Springfield and one on the Wilson Bridge. Couldn’t see the wrecker company name that was hauling them. 7088 is showing up on the 1A now.
  6. 7091-7095 are at West Ox now.
  7. Never thought I would see the day Fairfax Connector goes to Seven Corners! The 26A always seemed to have low ridership. It paralleled several other lines too.
  8. Here it is: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/connector/sites/connector/files/assets/july 2021 service changes.pdf
  9. The S80 route has finally been eliminated. It’s replaced by Fairfax Connector 350 and 351. They won’t show up in bustracker until the end of the month. I’m guessing they transferred some 30 ft Orion’s to the Huntington Division for those routes. Also the Connector is having hearings on replacing the 3A, 3T, 15K, 29C, and 29W.
  10. BusETA is now showing how full the buses are finally. MBTA and NYCT have been doing this for a few months now. New York’s shows the actual number of riders on MTA Bustime.
  11. I see the 2000 series are being put back in service. Were the 3000 series out of service until now too? Wondering where all the trains are being stored since no trains have been at Alexandria since summer.
  12. I don’t know how most of the 17 and 18 routes are doing. I know the 17M runs mostly empty in the mornings. Surprised the 17M is staying.
  13. A lot of protest with the 29W. 400-405 have been driving around not in service. Probably to get the buses out and moving.
  14. I was surprised about the 11Y cut too. Hopefully it will come back one day. The only other option is the Fairfax Connector routes to Huntington. The 11Y was an express route that had high ridership, would have brought in a lot of money!
  15. I’m surprised they didn’t keep the 29C too. It’s connected with the 29W route. Once the 29C gets to NOVA in the am, it switches to the 29W to the Pentagon. The afternoon drivers do the 29W and then switch to the 29C. Also, DASH has been running the King Street Trolley buses on the beltway and 395 express lanes lately because they have been parked for months.
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