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  1. 5401 and 5402 were at FMR for the 5A during the Thanksgiving rush. I know FMR could use them now on the 16A, C and 28A, those buses mainly run full now. I think FMR is suppose to be overhauled in a few years. Cinder Bed can hold Artics. One of them was tested in the bays.
  2. Saw four 6300s going across the ww bridge this morning from Va while heading to work. Couldn’t get the numbers. 6363 was on the B2 and several other old Cinder Bed buses were around Sheppard Parkway.
  3. DASH bus 68 is up for auction now. Looks like in good shape too. https://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/auction/view?auc=2727495
  4. The old 9A went from the Pentagon to the Lorton VRE station.
  5. The Orion VIs were wrapped for the REX route when it was created replacing the old 9A route that went to Lorton. Speaking of the flip phone, I love my iPhone but one thing I miss about the flip phones is that the battery lasted all week and it never had to be updated!
  6. I believe so. I remember them in the low 2000s
  7. I remember when the Orion VIs were brand new. They had a few assigned on the 38B in September 2001 when NextBus was a pilot program. I remember being able to track them on my flip phone, seemed high tech!
  8. They replaced the John Deere engines during the midlife overhaul with Cummins.
  9. Royal had Flxible’s, and 1997, some 1999 and 2000 Orion’s. Metro does have a 75 year lease at West Ox. As for Connector’s Reston division, I think they did an overhaul there lately. I don’t see it closing since they have a lot of routes around there.
  10. I can’t remember if they helped with the old 9A when it went down to the Lorton VRE.
  11. The 8’s, some of the 10’s, 11Y, 13’s, not sure about the 17 or 18 routes, 28’s and the 29’s. The old N11 and N13 use to be out of Royal too.
  12. I’m guessing 3766-3770 will go to Sheppard Parkway. Not sure about the others.
  13. Cinder Bed is listed for 160 buses. I’m sure the 11Y and 28A will go there along with others that use to run out of Royal.
  14. The yellow line could be extended to Fort Belvoir, the tunnels at Huntington extend beyond the station. Another set of tunnel stubs are located on the blue line at the Pentagon. They were built for a line down Columbia Pike. Those two should be done.
  15. I remember some in the summer of 2019. One of them was 2172. 2164 and another one did the Montgomery Division shuttle in early 2020.
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