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  1. I’m very happy that they weren’t sent in the scrap yard, it would been ashamed if these would be scrapped, well it’s really there decision, in my opinion I don’t like these gillig Phantoms being scrapped but sadly, things must have to go.
  2. Who serves Route W2 at 12 PM at this time
  3. I really like Bus 701 LED Lights now, I like the purple color to it, why did they change it again, but now when I rode it they changed it back to white, a bit odd right there, but my friend took this and got this on caught! Again can anyone explain why it has those kind of lights?
  4. Can anyone explain why they changed the LED to Bus 801
  5. I can’t be aware what happen I think they are probably putting it on since they just arrive, I’m pretty sure they would need to test the bus out first before releasing it.
  6. Have you seen it, I’m really excited to ride these new 4000s busses, also, is there more coming up?, I’m hyped up for this!!!
  7. Looks like Bus 4004-4007 are in testing phase, and have service after there done.
  8. I see this on the gps again Bus 437
  9. Here my list of the bus roster so far, its not fully perfect but i give it a try but here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J-zLg6AY0HanHoCKNbrz52auQZdMujO3_2goVdCzbO4/view#gid=0
  10. Wait what the, why is it going there?
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