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  1. YEAH BUS 901 IS BACK Also a friend sent me this
  2. I was informed to go in Kalihi Yard today and to update you guys, I saw Bus 4018 turned on in the garage, I also got information that theres now 5 retired buses in Kalihi. Bus 114, 115, 116, 123, 130 Pictures references: Bus 4021 Bus 116, 130 Yes 114, 115, 116, 123, 130 are in Kalihi Yard by the 300s.
  3. I HAVE TO UPDATE THAT BUS 4017 IS IN CALIFORNIA, YARD: N/A @Alika.valdez1234 not sure if you know this.
  4. I am in Kalihi Yard, I saw 4013 bumper gone. All of the 4000s and 3501 are inactive because there batteries are getting replaced soon. I will update you when my uncle brings inside the yard again, it was fun when I was inside the yard, let me know if you need more updates, and also, there only a few retired 300s left in the yard as I saw 901 in the yard, so let me know if you need me to get back in, heres a picture of 4013.
  5. @Alika.valdez1234 Bus 860 is in Kalihi Yard
  6. I could check Pearl City Yard, but however, Its not really easy for me to see things, hopefully I can ask some drivers, I know a few drivers that I have in contact and I can confirm it for more updates, Ill let you know if these fleets are retired. Yes, the 500s. as for the LSFA, there heading for the older Hybrids, meaning it might be possible for 151-160 to retire and 161-180 the DE60LFR’s, but I highly doubt.
  7. Near September or October, the 100s should be retired by now.
  8. Bus 166 code breaking on Route 92 Im pretty sure this is impossible to fit a bendy bus on Makakilo. and also 934-940 are PC now
  9. Yard update: 902-933 (Pearl City Yard) 230-236 (Kalihi Yard) The remaining 200s gillig lowfloors are entirely owned by Kalihi now 934-940 remain Kalihi still.
  10. They sound like 880-896 6005 on A 6004 on 20
  11. BUS 6001 AND 6003 ARE OUT OF SERVICE 6001 ON 20
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