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  1. Oh yikes Bus 158 crashed in downtown beretania st bishop st today it said on the news.
  2. Big question, does anyone have rode the new 30s gillig busses yet? And does anyone have a recording of it? Also mention that i haven't seen Bus 170 on GPS or am I wrong? Did the bus retired or something, i might be wrong but, this is just a question.
  3. I have rode the 100s and the 200s on route 20 along with the 800s recently, going to Ala Mona Blvd and Airport.
  4. Oh cool im curious what it will sound like.
  5. Rip bus 100 I didn't know it was retired till @Alika.valdez1234told me after my 1 month break 3 days ago thanks for telling me this info. im going to plan ride them thanks for telling
  6. Hey guys so. I found 861 on Route 13 anyone know why???
  7. It broke down? Damn it got fix on feb 6 2020 when i was riding 235 on 8 rare because it own by Pearl City. On feb 6 2020 this bus was on route 8 and i think this bus runs fine now.
  8. Can anyone explain to me why Bus #872 has a orange LED in the back of the bus? https://youtu.be/hOiSeK5Bu3M
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