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  1. 9211 is on the retirement line not confirmed retired however could just be parked there for repairs
  2. Update: 9240 confirmed retired
  3. 211 is another cab car near completion
  4. Yes and they are to become cab cars again
  5. At least 4 GO old Cab cars are near completion in the hawker refurbishment program 204 and 212 are confirmed to be 2 of them
  6. KenrichYT

    CN Locos

    Really late on this but CN 2150 has been spotted at BCIT's Annacis Islands campus
  7. CN 3928 (former CREX 1431) is hauling a grain train on the CN New Westminster sub around a week ago
  8. System was in fallback mode, however system was just out of fallback mode
  9. Banned for telling someone to put a period after your sentence yet not put a period after your sentence.
  10. 92 funny number has been towed to the scrapper
  11. West Coast Express 7th locomotive numbered 907 is in the process of being refurbished in the US, the locomotive is an F59PH and appears to originally come from Metrolink. Screenshot from the TL Board meeting and the screenshot is not mine
  12. 9240 is on the retirement line. Not 100% confirmed could just be parked there
  13. KenrichYT


    https://www.railwayage.com/passenger/intercity/omicron-forces-amtrak-service-cuts/ I guess worth noting
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