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  1. Meanwhile the wiki says the 2600s are cab cars.
  2. But timeline wise the Colorado domes are newer, being built in 2000 while the Renaissance cars were built in 1995.
  3. Actually the Colorado Railcar domes were the newest passenger cars before the venture cars.
  4. WES commuter rail may finally get some service expansion. https://pamplinmedia.com/wsp/134-news/559704-448048-wilsonville-backs-four-legislative-concepts-ahead-of-2023-legislative-session
  5. Anyone that uses uses Youtube will know about shorts. but how many think that shorts are bad? rules for this poll: no bad words are to be used in any form. Comments with bad words will be removed.
  6. The end is near for Trimet's d40lf buses.
  7. What is the origin of this? Google Maps
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