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  1. What is the origin of this? Google Maps
  2. there's one thing that i never understood, and that's why almost all steam engines are painted black?
  3. 315 appears to be in service on the orange line!
  4. a much better render then before. kind of wired that they put the trimet logo on the bottom like that.
  5. the buses for will be in the 4500s
  6. true, but there's something about the way the Trimet phase 2 paint scheme fits so perfectly with the design of the Flxible metro. it's as if the bus was designed for that paint scheme.
  7. for me it's the Flxible Metro.
  8. what was Trimet's most iconic bus? Flxible Metro Gillig Phantom New Flyer d40lf Flxible new look
  9. trimet has never used a green paint scheme ever.
  10. wow green trimet, bus that's new.
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