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  1. TTC: my bus 8112 was involved in a T- bone collision on sherbourne right now. Car turned in front of the bus. Edit: 2:56am the driver and everyone else on board is fine & the bus only had a slight bent bike rack.
  2. 8550 is also on 34 heading east to kennedy 3408, 3413 also on 34/334
  3. TTC: 1279 came off of sherbourne earlier today due to a shattered window
  4. I literally just came off of 16 Mc Cowan and didn’t see any.
  5. 8588 8489 3127 & 3169 on 34A Eglinton East 3543 came on 34 around 10:20pm & is on 334 Eglinton East Blue Night 4:05am. 9044 is on 300A.
  6. TTC: there is a T1 set parked at Wilson yard. Can’t see the numbers.
  7. TTC: EMS transport buses 7956,7957,7958 Were parked at wilson Tuesday night. Not sure if they’re still there
  8. On my way to work decided to stop and snap a pic of the parade to honour our frontline & healthcare workers.
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