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  1. TTC: 1324 on 34A Eglinton East. Visual sighting. 41: 8149
  2. I seen a error in the TTC Orion VII NG Diesel wiki. It says bus 8104 entered service on April 27th 2010 but I have a picture of it Aprill 22nd 2010 on 162. Wondering if that can be updated.
  3. Westbound does say to Scarborough Centre Stn. I have a pic but didn't come out as great
  4. They should be. Here's a pic of 8759 displaying 938 a few days ago
  5. They have been built. 4001 has been doing Driver training this week.
  6. Not sure if anyone has seen the seating arrangement in the new SuperLo's yet. But here's a pic inside 8533
  7. My Stouffville line train is running 10 cars today. Can't remember the last time I've seen them run that much on this line.
  8. 8561 also came into union. Both on route 16.
  9. One of the New SuperLo's today at union Station. 8556. Driver said it only had around 1000km on it!
  10. 8415 has the new Driver barrier.
  11. GO Transit: Training: 2452,2533 16: 8332,8419,8476 21: 2471(W), 8377(W), 8399(W), 8415, 8426(B), 8461(B) , 8465(B), 8515(B) 31: 2446(J), 2502(L), 2525(L), 2605(L), 8402(L), 8449(A) 61: 2564,2583 65: 2527,2574,2595,2611,8482 71: 2459,2545,8311,8403(E)
  12. Is this the ones with the sliding barrier windows? If so 8467 has that as well.
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