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  1. Former Global News anchor Peter Trueman dies at 86
  2. I totally agree with you here. I have a science degree and I have been telling my friends for months that just about everything PM Trudeau and Premier Ford have been doing to fight COVID is based on fear, not science. I have been reading the news lately and seeing how British PM Boris Johnson is being excoriated by his opponents for reopening his country even though the number of new COVID cases each day is skyrocketing. Basically, the UK is being held up as an example of what not to do to stop COVID. However, focusing on new cases while ignoring how serious they are (or aren't) fee
  3. Aw frack! CNN: US extends Covid-19 travel restrictions with Canada and Mexico through August 21
  4. Kansas vocalist and violinist Robby Steinhardt died on 17 July at age 71: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/robby-steinhardt-kansas-obit-dead-1198999/
  5. ...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here's the story from the American side: CNN: White House won't commit to reopening northern border, despite announcement from Canada
  6. Global News: Canada will allow fully vaccinated American leisure travellers as of Aug. 9
  7. CBC: Fully vaccinated Americans could be allowed into Canada by mid-August, Trudeau says One question on my mind is what the re-entry requirements will be for fully-vaccinated Canadians returning from the US after day trips or short visits. Currently, the rules require returning Canadians to upload both their proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test, taken in the US less than 72 hours before arrival, into the ArriveCAN app or website--BTW, I have neither a smartphone nor a data plan, so I'd need to take my wife's iPad and find a wifi hotspot to upload the documents. Also, w
  8. Actually, it's not that easy for traffic to access St. Laurent Blvd. from Highway 417 westbound. Remember that the St. Laurent exit was blocked when the Split was reconfigured in the last decade, and now the off ramp can only be accessed from Highway 174. WB traffic on Highway 417 must exit at Innes Road or the Aviation Parkway to get to St. Laurent Blvd.
  9. At least I was able to get photos of the three 1996 units: The photos of 670 were taken in 2003 while the photos of 669 and 671 were taken in 2011.
  10. My wife and I got our second shots tonight, Moderna this time, exactly one month after receiving our first Pfizer shots. In addition, I've been selected for a survey to measure the side effects of the vaccine after both the first and second doses. My wife got a call from her Dad yesterday, and he's inviting our family to visit him and his wife at their home at the lake in two weeks, once our second vaccines have fully kicked in. In addition, they're inviting my wife's brother and his family as well, so there will be the two grandparents, my brother-in-law, his wife, their two girls, my
  11. Haiti's President Jovenel Moïse has been assassinated and his wife injured in an attack on their home in the nation's capital, Port-au-Prince. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-57750358
  12. My question to Prime Minster Trudeau, Minster Blair and Dr. Tam is this: is this vaccination requirement just for Canadians, or is it for Americans as well? The number of Canadians being vaccinated is still surging, but the percentage of Americans having received at least one vaccine has stalled at about 55%. https://health-infobase.canada.ca/covid-19/vaccination-coverage/ https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations
  13. "Canada's Rabbi" Reuven Bulka has died at age 77: https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/canadas-rabbi-reuven-bulka-dies
  14. I was finally able to change my appointment for my second shot from 30 Sept. to 10 July. The end is in sight.
  15. According to Health Minister Patty Hajdu, the international situation might delay reopening and "As COVID rages out of control in other countries, it presents a clear and present danger to all countries." So basically, she's saying that because there could be outbreaks on other continents, fully-vaccinated Canadians and Americans cannot make quick trips across the border to do a little shopping or visit friends and family. Totally disappointing, but not surprising in any way. The truly sad part is, it looks as if popular support for Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberal party are holdi
  16. CNN: US extends Covid-19 travel restrictions with Canada and Mexico CTV News: Canada lifting restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers in early July
  17. https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/18/us/alex-harvill-death/index.html
  18. I totally agree with scrapping the traveller jails mandatory hotel stays as they are completely ineffective at stopping the spread of this disease. The federal government began imposing the hotel quarantines in February 2021, well before the Delta variant began ravaging India in April. Guess what? The Delta variant is here and is expected to become the dominant strain in Peel Region within a month, and it has been detected here in Ottawa as well. However, I don't agree with setting travellers free after their first test, because there have been documented cases of people being paroled
  19. National Post: Trudeau tests negative for COVID, exits hotel quarantine in Ottawa after 12 hours I'm just going to leave the link here and allow folks to draw their own conclusions.
  20. My wife and I got our first COVID shots today. Everything went smoothly at the clinic and we're both feeling fine so far. I'm looking forward to when fortysomethings can apply for earlier appointments for their second vaccines. I also found out today that our school board will be ending the school year three days earlier than planned so the students can return their laptops and clean out their desks during the last full week of June. I've never looked forward to summer vacation so much as I am this year!
  21. Toronto Sun: Epidemiologist says school closures about keeping parents home So this health expert is fine with using children as pawns to keep their parents at home. He's obviously one of many who wants to crush COVID regardless of the cost to society at large. I just hope he's happy with all the therapy our children are going to need once this disaster is all over. Oh, by the way, online therapy was as successful with my girls as online schooling was--not at all.
  22. "A hotel in Ottawa is currently being prepared for him and Trudeau — and the delegation travelling with him — will remain there until his PCR test comes back negative, sources in his office said." This sounds to me as if he and his team will be staying in a hotel without any other travellers, which reduces the risk of them coming down with COVID. If he really wanted to show he's serious about these restricitions, they'd stay in one of hotels near Pearson with all of the other international travellers and see what they have to endure for three days after arriving.
  23. I doubt anyone on this trip will face time at all in the Hilton Prison for Travellers. Trudeau et al will deem the trip essential and avoid going into quarantine. "Rules for thee but not for me!"
  24. Agreed. My younger daughter is in Grade 1 and does so much better in the classroom than she does on a laptop, possibly because she can get teacher/educational assistant support, peer pressure from other hard workers, and the lack of competing distractions, such as doing just about anything else on her laptop. She loves art and music class, math is a crap shoot, and she does almost nothing in English or French. During those two classes, she complains about being bored and then proceeds to watch YouTube videos or plays on any of a number of apps available to her. Another issue is having
  25. I found these two photos of Philadelphia Airport shuttle buses, one from ebay and the other from WorthPoint. Both photos were taken in 1985 and show 35' Orion I buses with extra-wide exit doors positioned in front of the usual position. I've seen 40' buses with this option but not 35' buses!
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