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  1. Inspired by the TTC thread, here is a thread for old bus photos from Ottawa-Hull/Gatineau. I'll start off with some of my earliest photos: 7403 on Slater Street near Elgin in June 2000: 7845 pulling away from Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997: Ex-STO 8013 at Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997: Ex-SMMBL 1770 laying up near Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997: 8790 on the Mackenzie King bridge at Elgin Street on Dec. 20, 1997: 9030 at Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997: 9109 at Lebreton Station on December 27, 2000: Brand-new 9126 next to 6101 during the OC Transpo Roadeo at Lansdowne Park on May 26, 1991 (one of my earliest bus photos): 9207 at Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997. 9244 at Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997: 9321 at Hurdman Station on December 20, 1997: 7901, the STO's historic bus, at Confederation Square on December 20, 1997: 8307 at Confederation Square on Dec. 20, 1997: 8404 at Confederation Square on Dec. 20, 1997: 8911 at Confederation Square on December 20, 1997: 9511 at Confederation Square on Dec. 20, 1997: 9601 at the Rideau Centre on Dec. 20, 1997: 2392 at Tunney’s Pasture in May 2000:
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    VIA Rail Canada

    Toronto Sun: Passenger rail advocate calls VIA's proposed Ontario-Quebec a 'tourist train' to the 'hinterland'
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    Mauricie Transit Discussion

    I checked the Fleur-de-Lys website and their current fleet appears to consist of cutaways and coaches. I really hope Shawinigan doesn't get a cutaway-only bus fleet. https://www.autobusfleurdelys.com/fr/nos-autobus
  4. I may or may not be able to attend the Cornwall charter. My wife is expecting and the baby is due right around that time!
  5. I remember those stickers. I thought they were on all of the old buses, but I checked my old photos and the Bob Hussey photos on https://public.fotki.com/esbdave/canadian-transit/ontario-transit-agencies/oc-transpo/ and it's clear that they weren't. IIRC, they were there because OC Transpo supportas the United Way, much as local government and corporate offices support the United Way today.
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    Société de transport de Sherbrooke

    Sherbrooke Record: Downtown buses to move from Depot to King ­August 19
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    Société de transport de Sherbrooke

    It's a Multi card based on the STO system, so it can carry both passes and an e-purse. However, I do not know whether it will work in Gatineau, Trois-Rivières or Saguenay, which use the same technology, or on OC Transpo like the STO Multi card.
  8. I think it's neat to see all of those old buses with the 1960s- and 1970s-era rollsigns. I spotted the following in the video: 6333: 46 EXPRESS 7805: 42 IRIS 8803: ?? BLACKBURN HAMLET 7916: 77 BELLS CORNERS 5743: 63 ELMVALE 7339: 62 CARLING BAYSHORE 7420: 65 HULL The video also shows that the old rollsigns and window signs were used up until at least 1980, because by mid-1982 new rollsigns with more generic destinations were installed and were used up until the last rollsign equipped buses were retired in the late 2000s. Of the routes shown in the video, three are still running today: - The 62 and 65 swapped their western terminals in 1981. - The 46 began running in 1977, became the 61 in 1985, the 269 in 2016, and is planned to become the 257 when the Confederation line opens. - The 62 began running in 1974, became route 8 in 1984 and the 44 in 2017. - The 65 began running in 1978 and became the 85 in 1986.
  9. I doubt it's 1983, because it looks as if the photo was taken in the summer, and the contemporary video from Lincoln Fields shows temporary shelters. BTW, Queensway Station is visible in the upper right.
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    Celebrity Death Thread

    WWE is saddened to learn that WWE Legend King Kong Bundy has passed away at age 61. https://www.wwe.com/article/king-kong-bundy-passes-away
  11. Ah yes, the January 2018 map was effective 24 December 2017. In any case, that's the most recent map OC had available at the Rideau Centre or the customer service office on Belfast.
  12. I was specifically told that it would be the December 2018 map that is now up in the shelters. Given that OC Transpo haven't issued a printed map since Dec. 2017, it would help passengers who don't have a smartphone (such as myself!) navigate the route network.
  13. Now that the Confederation Line won't be running for another few months (at least!), does anyone know when a printed December 2018 OC Transpo system map will be available? I spoke with OC customer service a few weeks ago, and they told me they weren't available yet but they would be printing them soon. Thanks!
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    OC Bus Spottings

    Last night I spotted a hybrid on route 44 on Alta Vista Drive, but the headsign only said "Gatineau", without a route number. The rear route marker was blank and I couldn't see the side marker. I also didn't see what the fleet number was as I was driving at the time.
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    GOA transit news, info etc

    The OC Transpo segment is featured in Sesame Street episode 4915, which also features a segment with buses from Denver.
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    Detroit DOT

    I found this video of the 1985 DDOT Roadeo while doing some random Google searching. Absolutely beautiful footage of Detroit Fishbowls in action! https://detroithistorical.pastperfectonline.com/archive/C35969AA-6906-4D17-A742-478347574338
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    Celebrity Death Thread

    Detroit Red Wings legend Ted Lindsay has died at age 93: https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/wacth-obituary-for-ted-lindsay
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    CitiBus (Watertown, NY)

    Watertown councilman says city should explore having CitiBus run by a transit authority.
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    Celebrity Death Thread

    Katherine Helmond, ‘Who’s the Boss?’ and ‘Soap’ Star, Dies at 89
  20. I see stop 4B in the background across the platform, so it looks as if the photo was taken from the north side of the local loop facing southwest, and the majority of the station would have been off the right of the photo. BTW, that's the same bus as the one in the photo taken at the Rideau Centre in 1985, and it appears to the same driver too--his jacket is the same colour. Both photos show that the bus has not been plated yet.
  21. Lincoln Fields was an original 1983 station, complete with local and Transitway platforms:
  22. I found these two photos on Ottawa's History and Heritage in Pictures: This is what appears to be an old Hull Urban Transport Ford bus on a charter in the mid-1950s: This is an early-1970s CTCRO Fishbowl in Lowertown in 1976:
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    OC and STO service disruptions

    Ottawa Citizen: Fire destroys popular Allium restaurant in Hintonburg Ottawa Sun: Crews fight fire at Allium restaurant Holland Avenue is closed between Spencer Street and Wellington Street West due to a fire. Buses are being detoured onto Parkdale Avenue: