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  1. tomsbuspage

    OC and STO service disruptions

    Here are the details of the United We Roll detour: http://www.octranspo.com/updates/news/232901
  2. tomsbuspage

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    @NoUse4AName, here's a photo of the rear street side of a TTC Fishbowl: I know that photo's a little out-of-focus, so here are clearer ones from other transit systems:
  3. OC leased the buses in 1995 and purchased them in 1997, repainting them at that time. They were retired by February 1999.
  4. Route 5--the Riverdale bus before 1959--served Hull from 1954, when it replaced the western end of the Hull-St. Patrick streetcar, until 1978, when the route was redirected along Sussex Drive.
  5. tomsbuspage

    OC Bus Spottings

    Picky, picky. My point was that the bus was an artic on a route that normally gets a handful of riders at the best of times.
  6. tomsbuspage

    OC Bus Spottings

    Spotted another D60LF on route 23 this morning at around 9:15. This time it was 6664 heading toward Rothwell Heights.
  7. Tell me about it! Back when I was in school, there was STO 8015 and OC Transpo 8015, both of which were blue and white. I had to wait until an ex-STO was almost at the bus stop before I could tell which agency's bus was coming.
  8. Then there is this bus, of course: https://public.fotki.com/esbdave/canadian-transit/ontario-transit-agencies/oc-transpo/oc-transpo-8014af.html
  9. tomsbuspage

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    GO Transit's Fishbowls had A/C, TTC's did not. A quick check of the rear of the bus would show if the bus was factory-equipped with A/C or not. Photos are not mine. GO Transit w/ A/C: TTC w/o A/C:
  10. tomsbuspage

    Celebrity Death Thread

    Frank Robinson, Baseball Lifer And Orioles Legend, Has Died
  11. tomsbuspage

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Welcome aboard, @Inkling!
  12. That may be true today, but at one time most of Quebec's major transit agencies used light blue on their buses, at least in the Fishbowl era. Even the CTRSM, which started off with red-and-white buses from their inception, carried blue over from the old Metropolitain Sud system: Chicoutimi: Gatineau: Levis: Longueuil: Montreal: Quebec City: Sherbrooke: Trois-Rivières: All photos are from ESBDave's fotki page. Photo credits are in the frames.
  13. Here's 7903 as STCUQ 7961 a few years later: http://www.busfanplace.com/stcuq_list/st7961.jpg http://www.busfanplace.com/stcuq_list/st7961a.jpg Here's 7906 in Quebec City before becoming 7963: http://www.busfanplace.com/stcuq_list/sto7906.jpg
  14. tomsbuspage

    Orion Bus International

    I doubt it. Orion and Thomas were both part of DCBNA, so it would make sense that they would try to market Thomas/Dennis buses to Orion customers. Having said that, this slide is the first evidence I've ever seen of any cross-marketing by DCBNA, and I've been following Orion since their first website came out in the mid-1990s. Besides, if this is a Photoshopped job, I suspect that whoever wins the slide on eBay would be mighty disappointed.