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  1. I did a Google Images search and found what appear to be just two ex-Quebec school buses on the French Islands, one a Blue Bird TC/3000 with the license plate SPM 819B, and the other a Thomas FS-65 with a plate I can't quite make out. One thing I noticed in these photos is that apparently there have been no external modifications to these buses, with "ARRET" stop arms even though stop signs in France say "STOP". There's also an online blog entry about these buses (en français, bien sûr):
  2. I didn't notice whether the signals on Teron were LED lights, though both intersections still have 8-8-8 signals on the cross streets, but the ones on Ogilvie have definitely been upgraded with completely new traffic lights with the reflective borders.
  3. I haven't added any updates in a while, but here are a few intersections I've seen recently: Ogilvie Road and Eastvale Drive/Beacon Hill CC in Beacon Hill North Teron Road and Penfield Drive/The Parkway in Kanata Teron Road and Penfield Drive/Beaverbrook Road in Kanata
  4. If they did, it wouldn't be the first time (photo below from the May 1968 strike, copied from the ATU 591 website):
  5. This is the closest thing I can find to explaining the difference between grey and white boxes.
  6. Though it may have been updated/replaced over the succeeding decades, Federal legislation allowing Ottawa transit vehicles to cross into Quebec dates from 1892 (Dominion, 55-56 Vic., Cap. 53).
  7. OC Transpo and the STO are federally regulated as both systems cross an interprovincial border to serve areas outside their home province. OC Transpo is also provincially-mandated, though I do not have the legislation details handy at the moment. AFAIK, the only other federally-regulated transit system in Canada is Transit Windsor, which of course operates the Tunnel Bus into downtown Detroit.
  8. Interesting that there appear to be two holes on either side of the headsign behind 5022's destination glass, which makes it look as if it was taken from a TTC or NYC Orion VII.
  9. These are the extensions as described on the Transcollines website:
  11. Grève tournante demain selon les dires du syndicat
  12. TVA Gatineau: La STO paralysée jeudi? Driver's and mechanics could start rotating strikes on Thursday.
  14. From Transcollines' Facebook page:
  15. From Transcollines' Facebook page: