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  1. WCAX: Burlington prepares to welcome Amtrak route to New York City
  2. Iconic Replicas have made an HO-scale model of OC Transpo XE40 2102: 1:87 NFI Xcelsior Charge NG Transit Bus: Ottawa OC Transpo (87-0337) — Iconic Replicas (iconic-replicas.com)
  3. tomsbuspage


    CBC: Montreal's Metro will be free to ride on weekends at 7 downtown stations Measure will last from June 24 to Sept. 5 as part of effort to encourage visitors to favour public transit
  4. Even older were the black-on-yellow "NO SMOKING/DEFENSE DE FUMER" stickers used on buses until 7402.
  5. Of course, the signs are much, much older than the 1997 LFS buses. Here is a detail from one of Paul Bateson's photos from August 1986, showing the sticker inside 7711: https://www.flickr.com/photos/buses-international/51829275120/in/album-72157628138910998/ The earliest stickers were simple red stickers with grey lettering saying "Priority Seating" and the French translation, as seen on 7274: https://www.flickr.com/photos/buses-international/50992853953/in/album-72157628138910998/ Around 1982, these were replaced by stickers with three stick figures holding canes, as seen (not very well) on 8201, and these stickers were used until they were replaced by the four-figure stickers in the mid-1980s: https://www.flickr.com/photos/buses-international/51202213474/in/album-72157628138910998/
  6. Any word on whether the routes which were suspended last year because of COVID (17, 224, 225, 233, 235, 251, 266, 275 and 284) will be restored, or are they done like dinner?
  7. There's a photo of TTC 3714 next to an OC Transpo XE40 here:
  8. Yes drummer Alan White dies aged 72
  9. Actor Ray Liotta has died at age 67: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/ray-liotta-death-cause-goodfellas-b2088215.html
  10. Expect more routes to be added to the list if peak-period service runs tomorrow. For instance, a big tree fell across Crownhill Street north of Steel Street in Gloucester and it's still there today, so expect route 23 Blair to be affected. All CECCE, CEPEO, OCDSB and OCSB schools are closed tomorrow to allow City crews more time to clean up. https://cepeo.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/CI_LETPAR_ORAGE_23-05-2022.pdf https://www.ecolecatholique.ca/fr/Communications-De-Ladministration_325 https://www.ocsb.ca/2022/05/23/letter-to-parents-may-23-2022-from-the-director-of-education-and-chair-of-the-board/ https://ocdsb.ca/news/all_o_c_d_s_b_schools_closed_tuesday__may_24th https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/ottawa-s-english-and-french-school-boards-cancel-classes-on-tuesday-to-allow-for-storm-cleanup-1.5915212 EDIT: All municipal child care centres, most libraries, the Provincial Offences Courthouse, and numerous other City facilities are also closed tomorrow: https://ottawa.ca/en/news/city-services-impacted-severe-thunderstorm
  11. Ouch! Another long-time route bites the dust, if this change goes ahead. Route 16 began operating on as route 52 in June 1959 and got its current number in September 1985. It was extended to run between Carlingwood and Cyrville in September 1959, rerouted to Sandy Hill in June 1989, and extended through Old Ottawa East to the Smyth Road hospital complex in June 1990. Route 52/16 provided continuous service in the Dovercourt and Carlingwood communities until the Confederation line opened in September 2019.
  12. CBC News: A life 'defined by something he didn't do': David Milgaard, wrongfully convicted of murder, dies at 69
  13. According to banknote.ws, it is indeed a grain elevator, presumably for importing grain as there is also a cargo ship in the image. In fact, it is the "Grain silo in Port of Basrah," featured on the 2003 fifty dinar note: http://banknote.ws/COLLECTION/countries/ASI/IRQ/IRQ0090.htm
  14. One of the events I've been looking forward to is Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee, and I've ordered some coins sets to mark the occasion. So far, I've ordered commemorative coins from Canada, the UK, and Australia. Coins are also being issued by Guernsey, Jersey, Malta, the Isle of Man, and New Zealand: Royal Mint £5 Royal Mint 50p Royal Canadian Mint $1 Royal Australian Mint 50¢ Central Bank of Malta (Royal Dutch Mint) €10 New Zealand Post (Royal Dutch Mint) $1 Bailiwick of Guernsey £5 Bailiwick of Jersey £5 Isle of Man five 50p coin set
  15. tomsbuspage


    A tongue-in-cheek tribute to Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you): Montreal Metro Stations Got Star Wars-Themed Name Changes For May The 4th
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