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  1. I saw a VMS sign this morning stating that the WB Moodie off ramp was closed, but it had been reopened by the time I got there at around 9:15.
  2. Diana Serra Cary, ‘Baby Peggy’ of Silent Films, Dies at 101
  3. Actually, I don't think that's a mistake. Before the Confederation Line opened, the last time route 14 was changed was in June 1989, when it replaced route 16 along Rideau Street, McArthur Avenue and St. Laurent Blvd. My guess is that OC printed new maps with the sweep theme and kept the old effective date and compass design.
  4. Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak dies at 91
  5. Good news. The top shield of the old 8-8-8 signal on Bronson SB at the Queensway has been repaired/replaced, leaving the incandescent signals intact. Bad news. These signals have been completely LEDified, and there is now a single-aspect pedestrian signal across the church driveway. The pedestrian signals across Maitland still have two housings.
  6. At least two La Québecoise LFS buses are running on the DND shuttle, as I spotted 0912 and 0924 running on route 12 Carling/Solandt yesterday morning.
  7. Spotted 6701 on route 23 this morning around 9:00.
  8. CBS New York: MTA Releases First Look At Next Generation Of Subway Cars
  9. I spotted 2019 in Aylmer this afternoon running on route 55 Ottawa via Portage, and 2020 En Transit on boul. des Allumettières near boul. des Grives. These new LFS buses have the rear route marker mounted on the upper right corner of the bus instead of in the rear window.
  10. Spotted 9225 in downtown Ottawa this afternoon running on route 27!
  11. I'd say 1979 or 1980, based on the blue transom windows, four-pane centre doors and blank panel next to the rear window.
  12. I've seen a Leduc LFS on at least one evening shuttle trip, so it looks as if DND are contracting out the work to multiple bus companies.
  13. I spotted a La Québécoise LFS on Carling Avenue and March Road this morning at around 9:30 am. It looks as if it was running as a DND parking shuttle as the rear route marker was displaying "12", and I followed the bus from Moodie Drive to Solandt Road.
  14. I took photos of Nova Classics in Rochester and Buffalo, and there are photos online of Classics for CT Transit, Pace and Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, all with the tall front door.
  15. The traffic lights at Blair and Meadowbrook Roads have been completely LEDified.
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