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  1. BBC News: Andy Byford to be commissioner of Transport for London
  2. CTV Toronto: Former TTC boss Andy Byford to take over as London’s transport commissioner
  3. According to the same website, it will also be the end of paper transfers and day passes. The STS are actually issuing three smart cards: La vermeilleuse, which is a personalised Multi card, with a monthly pass or electronic wallet; La pratico rechargeable, transferable and valid for up to ten rides; La pratico 24 h, a transferable cardboard day pass. The vermeilleuse PME and rechargeable pratico card offer electronic transfers for up to 90 minutes after being tapped. https://www.sts.qc.ca/123-La-vermeilleuse.html https://www.sts.qc.ca/265-La-pratico.html
  4. Oops! Forgot a system... Watertown, NY:
  5. Centro of Oneida took over the bankrupt Utica Transit Authority in April 2005, and absorbed the City of Rome VIP Public Transit system the following October. I've seen a few former Utica and Rome buses at the Centro garage in Syracuse over the years, in the Centro livery, of course.
  6. You're quite welcome! Here are some more Orion Vs, though mostly with electronic headsigns: Barrie, ON: Sudbury, ON: North Bay, ON: Terrebonne, QC: Beauharnois, QC: St-Bruno, QC: Ste-Julie, QC: Drummondville, QC; Cornwall, ON: Ottawa, ON: Kingston, ON: Peterborough, ON: Durham Region, ON: Oshawa, ON: Whitby, ON: Ajax, ON: Toronto, ON: York Region, ON: Brampton, ON: Mississauga, ON: Oakville, ON, Burlington, ON: Hamilton, ON: Brantford, ON: Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, ON: St. Catharines, ON: Niagara Falls, ON: Rochester, NY: Syracuse, NY: Rome, NY: Utica, NY: Binghamton, NY: New York, NY:
  7. I've always liked rollsigns myself : Orillia, ON: Sudbury, ON: North Bay, ON: Pembroke, ON: Ottawa, ON: Gatineau, QC: Montreal, QC: Longueuil, QC: Richelieu valley, QC: Sorel, QC: Drummondville, QC: Levis, QC: Quebec, QC: Trois-Rivieres, QC: Shawinigan, QC: St-Jerome, QC: Cornwall, ON: Brockville, ON: Kingston, ON: Belleville, ON: Peterborough, ON: Oshawa, ON: Whitby, ON: Pickering, ON: Toronto, ON: Markham, ON: York Region, ON: Brampton, ON: Oakville, ON: Burlington, ON: Hamilton, ON: Guelph, ON: Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, ON: London, ON: Woodstock, ON: Brantford, ON: St. Catharines, ON: Niagara Falls, ON: Buffalo, NY: Elmira, NY: Ithaca, NY: Syracuse, NY: Utica, NY: Rome, NY: Albany, NY: Glens Falls, NY: London, UK: Paris, FR:
  8. Fred Willard, the prolific and beloved comic actor and master of the mockumentary genre who stood out in ensemble comedies like Best in Show, For Your Consideration and This Is Spinal Tap, died Friday at the age of 86. https://www.rollingstone.com/movies/movie-news/fred-willard-best-in-show-actor-dead-obit-1000942/
  9. I was on the TTC website today and I just noticed that the system map link on the "TTC Schedules and Maps" page is for the May 2016 map. I've indicated the link and the date I took the screenshot: The system map on the "TTC Maps" is for the current February 2020 map.
  10. Comedian Jerry Stiller has died at age 92: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/11/obituaries/jerry-stiller-seinfeld-dead.html
  11. Someone at the City of Ottawa has a sense of humour (from 106.1 CHEZ Facebook page):
  12. Actually, it's a Ford Marmon-Herrington 8MB. They only appear to have been built in 1948, and they carried either Marmon-Herrington or Ford branding:
  13. Here is an interior photo of the Astral XL, taken by William Luke. According to the caption, only twelve of these coaches were built.
  14. There's a photo in today's Toronto Sun showing 3723 on a flatbed trailer crossing the US/Canada border in Sarnia on 16 March 2020: Photo by Geoff Robins, AFP/Getty Images
  15. Countdowns were installed (most likely) today at Montreal Road and Elwood Street in Gloucester.
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