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  1. Last Tuesday morning, 40-011 broke down in the middle highway 20. Not sure if it was an accident or a mechanical issue. I'm still surprised by the amount of brand new buses that need repair!
  2. I don't understand how we can have a brand new bus already needing repairs...
  3. 40-054 was on the 24 this afternoon. It will be interesting to see how the STM manages its bus and metro schedule when the curfew goes into effect this Saturday. They will obviously have to keep up the service for the essential health care workers.
  4. Just saw airport bus 39-010 on the 51. We don't see that very often on this route
  5. Saw 37-051 on the 80 tonight with FR stickers on it (..?)
  6. It was probably mentionned before but it seems like Stinson sent buses 38-026 to 38-040 to Frontenac.
  7. It had that number at the back of the bus! I was suprised too! It was on rue Cathedrale, then Notre-Dame towards Robert-Bourassa. Couldn't take a picture as I was driving Possibly an error by the driver??
  8. Saw 40-220 on the 177 earlier today on Notre-Dame West street
  9. Do we know how many 38s were transferred to FR? It seems that SL is making space to store more 40s in their garage?
  10. Do we know which routes have the most chances of getting those electric buses? Or is it any of the SN routes?
  11. Spotted 40-001 on the 51 West and 37-089 on the 427 this evening.
  12. Seems like all the buses above 40-150 that are active are doing SL routes so far. Maybe that garage is the next one to receive the new batch of the 40 series?
  13. How the hell can a brand new bus that just entered service be already broken! I hope the rest of the fleet will be more durable..
  14. Spotted 40-048 (with Helvetica font) on St-Patrick street near the Atwater tunnel. Destination sign was indicating 809 .
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