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  1. Seems like all the buses above 40-150 that are active are doing SL routes so far. Maybe that garage is the next one to receive the new batch of the 40 series?
  2. How the hell can a brand new bus that just entered service be already broken! I hope the rest of the fleet will be more durable..
  3. Spotted 40-048 (with Helvetica font) on St-Patrick street near the Atwater tunnel. Destination sign was indicating 809 🤨.
  4. Yes! I saw an STM Classic yesterday while driving on Wellington in the intersection of Robert-Bourassa! It was 14 series but I couldn't remember the exact fleet number unfortunately. It still has the same leverage as before; destination sign was set on "Special". Fun fact, just behind it was a brand new 40-117. I miss those Classics, brings back some great memories!
  5. 31-166 has been totalled early this morning. The driver was alone in the bus and only sustained some minor injuries.
  6. Is there a possibility for FR or MR to receive some of the new buses?
  7. So far I've seen up to 40-102 being sent to Lasalle. I wonder how many more new buses they will get?
  8. FR and SD bus lines now require validation. With most activities being done from home for tbe rest of the year (ex: school, office work), the STM will probably need to more financial help from the governments.
  9. 39-061 is on the 24 right now and 29-046 is on the 129. They are both equipped with the new driver plexiglass and a huge yellow sign asking people to move at the back. In about 6 weeks, all the buses will be equipped with those.
  10. 39-039 was on the 15 yesterday morning. It had one of the top panels opened and the LED indicated "21". I'm guessing this panel controls the temperature inside the bus?
  11. 30-003 (airport bus) was on the 107 this evening. It had the new rear-view mirror on it.
  12. What's that random vertical white strip beside the driver's window?
  13. FR 39-038 is the bus first bus to be converted into a COVID-19 mobile testing clinic. It will start its journey at Verdun. The STM expects at least 5 more buses to be converted like this based on news report.
  14. 39-090 tracking on the 747 right now?!
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