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  1. 39-061 is on the 24 right now and 29-046 is on the 129. They are both equipped with the new driver plexiglass and a huge yellow sign asking people to move at the back. In about 6 weeks, all the buses will be equipped with those.
  2. 39-039 was on the 15 yesterday morning. It had one of the top panels opened and the LED indicated "21". I'm guessing this panel controls the temperature inside the bus?
  3. 30-003 (airport bus) was on the 107 this evening. It had the new rear-view mirror on it.
  4. What's that random vertical white strip beside the driver's window?
  5. FR 39-038 is the bus first bus to be converted into a COVID-19 mobile testing clinic. It will start its journey at Verdun. The STM expects at least 5 more buses to be converted like this based on news report.
  6. 39-090 tracking on the 747 right now?!
  7. 38-013 on the 35 this morning around 9am. It wasn't tracking.
  8. It seems like the STM will in fact reduce its service very soon according to their website: http://www.stm.info/fr/presse/communiques/2020/covid-19---ajustements-a-l-offre-de-service-du-reseau-bus--metro-et-transport-adapte-de-la-stm
  9. AN 39-098, 39-094 and 39-063 all tracking on the 51 route right now 🤨
  10. Spotted MR 36-030 on 125 this afternoon (not tracking). Also spotted 40-053 En Transit. I guess the new batch of the 40 series buses are coming very soon.
  11. Should we expect those newer 2020 models to have the 39 series features such as the door opening system?
  12. Excellent points! Today, I just saw a petition to close down the metro and it already reached 5000 signatures. Maybe some people want a complete shutdown of the transit system which would be crazy!
  13. Does the STM really need 1425 buses for morning rush during the quarantine period? Most buses are empty; they could maybe take advantage of the situation and service more buses to avoid any shortage in the near future when the situation comes back to normal?
  14. 39-029 was on the 15 this evening but not tracking. Spreadsheet says Feb. 5th as last active date.
  15. 37-011, 37-021 and 37-038 have been tracking on MR routes for almost a month now
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