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  1. 37-011, 37-021 and 37-038 have been tracking on MR routes for almost a month now
  2. While I was driving today, I spotted 32-017 on the 61 and the destination sign read "61 Wellineton" instead of Wellington. First time I spot a misspell on a destination sign 🤨
  3. Took 37-021 on the 51 during afternoon rush. A week ago, I took 37-029 on the 165 and the front door was making a loud cracking noise, probably needs some repair Is there a possibility SD will get some hybrid buses this year? I miss hybrids on the 55 because it was a smoother ride on a pothole infested route!
  4. Took 29-099 on the 125 this morning. Also saw 40-046 a couple of days ago on the 35. Believe it or not, it already has a big graffiti at the back 😕
  5. With a difficult day for artics yesterday (especially on the 80), none of them are on the streets today. Thank god the storm didn't hit on monday or it would've been a very long week for everyone.
  6. Currently riding 40-059 on the 35 in this beautiful snowstorm!
  7. With 30cm of snow announced for Thursday and Friday, it will be interesting to see what the STM will do. I guess no artics will be out, but will that affect the service elsewhere on the network?
  8. 39-903 on the 36 this afternoon. Took 38-008 on the 125 in the evening.
  9. @Blue Hybrid Bus you were right. Today the engine did stop at every bus stops on 40-025. Cold weather does affect it!
  10. I took several 40 series buses and I noticed the engine doesn't stop when the bus reaches a stop like other hybrids would do (most of the 36 series; and all of the 37, 38 and 39 series). Would someone know why?
  11. 25-205 is equipped with the new card reader. Has a lighter color than the readers seen on hybrid or artic buses.
  12. Today I took 40-060 on the 106; and during PM rush, I was on 40-023 on the 35.
  13. Spotted 39-903 around 12:30pm on the 36.
  14. 38-026 to 38-040 are only tracking on SN routes recently. Perhaps due to the 15 airport hybrids sent at SL this year.
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