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  1. 1063 and some other units are receiving new seating railings. Also 1785 will be MIA after it was sideswiped on the 35. not my photos
  2. May have been the only available bus at the garage eh?
  3. A lot of stuff has been going down around MiWay lately mostly regarding the fleet. As for now 2152 is the only 21xx XDE60 on property and got the MiExpress Logo removed. 2151, was spotted in Winnipeg a few days ago by someone on Facebook which I will not be naming. Abubakkar was able to get most of us photos by a friend of his of 2152, (getting the MiExpress Decal removed) 2053, and 2059 at the garage getting repairs to the skirts, and the windows. 2059 seems to have a big hole on the side skirt which could have came from road debris? And 2053 with the window missing beside the 2nd rear door. 1359 should be gone for sometime until it’s fully functional and repaired back to service, since it had a 2nd fire a few weeks back. The first one was during the first week or two? When it arrived from New Flyer and took 1 year to be repaired at Arnprior according to comments on a Facebook group regarding 1352 It’s posted all on Facebook.
  4. MiWay 0728 On the 109. (Spotted by @H4 5600) 1052 On the 39
  5. TTC 9092 will be MIA after the fire suppression went off. Credit: @leylandvictory2
  6. New Flyer completed MiWays order during 2020-21 with no issue which I know and ontime.
  7. How many buses are on order? And will they arrive during the summer? Or the fall?
  8. Oh really?? I heard Gillig will mostly likely win!
  9. He didn’t take the photo, he was able to get it from a different Facebook group which those were posted on.
  10. Speaking of 2003-2008 buses, has there been any newer retirements in the last few weeks?
  11. This same unit had another fire back when it was new, it was taken out of service for about a year, and was fixed in Arnprior I believe.
  12. 1359 had another fire today at Central Parkway. Right now CP is closed and there parking buses outside on the street. (no one was hurt)
  13. The garage looks 50% complete, it’s located south of the 407 on the border of Brampton and Mississauga https://bddy.me/2W5hlic
  14. More photos coming out from North Bay… (None Are Mine)
  15. He has a point… and I still don’t understand why MiWay doesn’t have a fire suppression system in there buses like the TTC.
  16. The Facebook groups are called: Ontario Transit Enthusiast Group Official Mississauga Transit/MiWay Group And also 2152 displays “MiExpress” instead of MiLocal underneath the drivers windows which is pretty funny, can’t wait to see these on Express routes
  17. In my opinion it’s pretty stupid what they did… I remember the driver on my bus breaking very hard and the person in the middle back seat didn’t move an inch. When it comes to rush hour I’ve seen many people sit on top of the cylinders they installed on the 19-20xx buses.
  18. 2152 has arrived today, parked at CX thanks to Chad King on Facebook.
  19. Multiple reports coming in that 0542 caught fire on the 39, not sure about any injuries but hopefully everyone made it out alright.
  20. Another bus which will be MIA for sometime, thankfully no injuries.
  21. @Enviro_1203 Can you close this thread? It’s pretty useless and everyone who said they wanted there account deleted are still on this thread.
  22. I know septa has it but Im not sure about other agency’s.
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