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  1. Can you not read? Or did you not pay attention to the posts in this thread?
  2. I have my own contacts in the states who work at new flyer. MiWay has not received any of the new buses. Their being delivered to a contractor who will do PDI work, Ibus installation, MTO, presto, farebox, etc so it’s road ready when delivered to MiWay. Also just because they supplied them money to help with the shortages, doesn’t mean the buses will be completed right away and delivered.
  3. Why are you repeating the information as I just replied to your answer? “As for the other units”
  4. I saw 3348 in Mississauga for repairs weeks ago. As for the other units, there probably going under repairs which is common for any bus.
  5. I’m sorry what? What does that have to do with anything related to this thread?
  6. No one knows what the fleet numbers will be. Until we get proper reliable information from someone who was able to confirm what the fleet numbers will be, we can’t rely on anyone who’s posts it. This thread and other TTC threads have been consistently gotten members who’ve posted false & irrelevant information which was deemed untrue. A lot of people are unfortunately also believing it as well.
  7. TTC will definitely not cancel the order lol, it would be weird if they did. A lot of agencies who ordered Xcelsiors buses, and MCI coaches, from new flyer which were slated for delivery in 2022 have still not received the orders yet. MiWay is a great example to use, the first 90/165 buses for the 2022 order were suppose to start delivery in September. It’s currently February 4th and no buses have showed up yet. Another batch of buses for the 2023 order are also due for Summer 2023 but no word on that. Other NA agencies were suppose to get delivery of buses from summer of 2022 and have still not arrived yet. Once production ramps up for Torontos order, I will post updates when they roll into Winnipeg, than Minnesota.
  8. New flyer hasn’t even started production on the new buses, and don’t plan to for another 6-7 months. And also New flyer is going through massive delays as well, TTC may not expect there last Xcelsior bus until spring/summer 2024. Supply chains issues, and parts, play a massive role in the delays.
  9. The 2010, and 2012, Orions aren’t due for replacement for another few years depending on how everything goes at MiWay. including funding to replace those buses for brand new ones. As for now the 165 Xcelsior buses which will start delivery very soon until the end of the year, are primarily focused on replacing the 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, buses (2010 D60LFR only). It’s not fully confirmed if all those buses will be gone, but I’m certain some of the older buses will probably be here until 2024.
  10. No need for a source on the fire. Photos have been broadcasted when it first occurred. The bus has been retired and is currently at CP.
  11. Will there be an update to the applications being read? I reapplied back in February 2021 and still haven’t heard back. Hoping something can happen to change this
  12. #2201, and #2218 have been delivered to Concord Ontario for MTO, and PDI.
  13. 3314 will be gone for sometime after a colliding with something. Front side is smashed.
  14. Someone was stabbed around 4pm today https://t.co/DH6Cdn2nTk
  15. Will Oakville be borrowing any Electric buses from agencies in the GTA to have operators experience the electric buses? I think I an agency did it in the past but I’m not quite sure.
  16. Drivers aren’t a reliable source as well, most don’t know anything about fleet, retirements, and new buses but say other things which are false.
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