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  1. All 31+ buses which were parked at Malton for 2 years have now been scrapped. 0601 is now the only bus parked at the Malton deadlot.
  2. Any photos of that bus on flames?
  3. It depends on which bus is completed first, and if it’s ready to be driven.
  4. Did TTC release a report where we can see the specs on the buses? I know MiWay and some other American agencies have done it, also is their a possibility the XDE60s will have rear windows?
  5. I know some D40s are being sent to beeton, their could be a possibility these will be scrapped their as well.
  6. At this point city centre is becoming like eglinton lol. I was at City Centre today and their was more construction than before. Their mostly working on rathburn road, and station gate from what I’ve been seeing. I don’t see that many working on the bays though.
  7. Thankyou, thought someone said it got refurbished a few pages above.
  8. 6022 has been towed off due to it having some type of trouble
  9. What’s going on with the disposal of the 31 decommissioned buses at Malton? It’s been a few weeks since the bid ended but no one was awarded, Is it being canceled? Or are they still deciding on who will be awarded?
  10. 6022 is en-route for delivery
  11. Takes a few weeks-months depending on how busy the wiki mods are. Most of them have no time to read it so give ‘em sometime
  12. Nova Bus They will keep it, I know a bunch of agencies have the exterior grill
  13. Hopefully it’s the 4one Aries seating MiWay and some other agencies have, those are pretty comfy imo
  14. Are the D40s being sent straight to scrap? Or some other companies to be resold?
  15. Why would they continue with the 37xx? Haven’t they already used those on the Xcelsiors and BYDs?
  16. The bot they used don’t work anymore, discord server is gone as well. I remember making a bunch of MiWay codes with those.
  17. My fault, I was confused on which order type TTC would get. Another note, is their a specific timeline on when they will start delivery? Similar to how MiWay wanted it. (Ie) December 12th 2022 Another thing, will TTC lend an XDE60 from one of the neighbouring agencies to demonstrate? Same with the 60ft
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