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  1. I’ve ridden the 110 many times during covid and ridership is 10-20% on that route. The 29/13 gets more ridership than the route. And yea people don’t understand that there isn’t enough drivers to cover that route…. Btw how come The 26 won’t service CCT during weekdays since they canceled the 76??
  2. I know 0614, and 0615 have been at central parkway for quite some time, but these types of movements are common. CP is probably low on buses like usual. #0614, #0615, 0642, 0645, 0647, are all at Central parkway temporarily.
  3. Not sure about 0733s story but my guess is he Tokyo drifted or something like that. I remember when 0325 slid into a ditch between during the winter break (2020) between Erinmills and Winston Churchill while on the 26/36 interline, still don’t know how the operator managed to do that.
  4. As of Monday, there were around 56 buses stranded during the snow storm. 0733 is still stranded after it crashed into a ditch while on the 57. 1782 got removed from Dundas street after being jackknifed in the middle of the road since Monday. Not sure how many buses are still stranded but there should be a bunch left.
  5. Every since the storm hit, there been so many rare sightings on many routes and cool sightings. (Ie) D40LFs on the 107/8/9 06 LFRs on CP routes for the fast few weeks, 2010 artics on routes which don’t need artics and school routes.
  6. 2151, 2152, and 2155 are parked at bay 43. Photo from a worker
  7. Sorry, I didn’t read the post properly my mistake. Above comment will be deleted.
  8. MT: 1071 on the 321, and than the 43/87 interline 1784 on the 43 1797 on the 304 1355 on the 45 1798 on the 13 1799 on the 8
  9. Photo from a Facebook group
  10. Kipling, Mavis, Derry, Hurontario, Dundas, Eglinton, as well
  11. I’m certain all those ghost buses are canceled runs, the 66 is completely fucked with 9 buses all bunched up with each other
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