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  1. Bit curious but do the sightings need to visual? I see some posts which aren’t even visual but are from the trackers
  2. This is gonna be interesting
  3. PrimeTio

    Orillia Transit

    It’s just seats, who cares. It’s not listen in CPTDB May he because no one updates that site.
  4. Came from Crookston, I was expecting North Tech to deliver them via Detroit but thanks for the update.
  5. Been noticing operators have been letting ppl on without paying (which I don’t care about) most don’t have money or didn’t refill their presto. I also noticed most new drivers pick crews which are less busy most of the times. I’ve heard they’ve taken school routes and the 76.
  6. Theirs some YRT shells up in Winnipeg atm. Should take 2 weeks for them to be fully produced in Crookston
  7. Yea it’s that but not only that. MiWay is in a really bad shape due to how bad management is doing their work. In the last few months, more than 150+ Drivers have quit their jobs due to them being stressed out completely and (etc). They don’t get enough layover times, they most of the times can’t even use the bathroom, most of the times can’t eat their lunch (etc). They get no time on any of the routes in the city and schedules are so tight. MiWay is also low on buses which makes it even harder. Theirs also major issues on Mavis but they haven’t done anything which would help solve the issue. From my understanding, and sources from other operators, MiWay employees should be going on strike in the next few months or possibly next year. They also have issues in the Union Rep department, where the reps sometimes don’t get access to the stuff they need, and their trying to expose that matter. This is the first time I’ve seen MiWay this bad imo
  8. This company is getting worse and worse each day, and they haven’t done anything about it
  9. What ever is left in the garage, Is what operators will take. Even if it’s a 60ft bus and the driver needs to do a 40ft route (ie, 68, 45, 9, 3, 23, etc) he will end up taking that. Same thing goes for a 40ft bus.
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