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  1. Information like that isn't posted in these forums to avoid people from trespassing onto private property, and to avoid owners to hate us like in the past. MiWay buses are bidded off and who ever has the highest bid is awarded the decommissioned buses.
  2. Spotted a very rare sighting today. Peel regional Police MCI D4500 heading southbound on Mavis & Britannia around 11:18AM today. Does anyone have more information regarding this bus? and if it was purchased from another agency?
  3. It probably broke down or had some type of engine issue where it had to be taken out of service. It’s a common occurrence and shouldn’t really be a question posted here because no one will know when it’s minor.
  4. “This is in preparation for the new buses supposed to come early next year” TTCs order doesn’t start at new flyer for another 8-10 months. Not sure why you said “early next year”
  5. MiWay 1101 involved in a collision at Rick Hansen secondary school this afternoon while on route 314
  6. Yes it’s common on those buses.
  7. The only seats which are uncomfortable for me and some people are the novas. It hurts a lot while you sit on them during a long period of time. The plastic seats are pretty nice imo, they are also easier to wash compared to the other models.
  8. You can’t see them from the street, and it’s private property.
  9. Both garages do decommissioning. When buses are retired, they get sent to Malton than bidded off. Before CP stored everything which was was dead, not sure why they stopped doing that.
  10. Xcelsiors are in production, found them on a FB group.
  11. “2008 New Flyer D40LFR #8107 has also been taken off the road and I am doubtful of its return at this point.” Orion wrote this back in July I don’t understand why you keep asking.
  12. Wait I thought all of the Newer cars arrived? Did they order more?
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