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  1. I heard from someone that transit system can't order school type vehicles. So I can imagine that headache.
  2. Basically a Major System gets ahold of a contract for buses which can become a state contract which companies "Piggy Back" from.
  3. A couple things.. 1st) Are any NABI's still in service? 2nd) I'm assuming we should find out what the 2021 buses should be soon.. Which, will most likely, Be NFI, Since they are the current contract holder. That will be cool to see a LYNX XN40 being that its a change and all the colors they will be in.
  4. Was it stated on that section? Furthest I read was Revenue vehicles. They could have forgot to list the 1500s. Completely understandable. Me neither. --- Updated my Votran roster PDF to add 2701 and 2702 shield status. Any errors seen, Please PM me. If all is well this roster won't be updated until 2021. VOTRAN-UPDATED-ROSTER.pdf
  5. Well... They are not Revenue vehicles. Therefore, That could be the reasoning for the updated version (Also correct version) not displaying them.
  6. Hi. Can a admin change my username to FLtransitPhotos? Thanks.
  7. I noticed that recently it went up. It used to be around $300 for roomette. Depends on the condition of the pandemic for flying. I will also be traveling with someone who doesn't like to fly. This is only a emergency family trip.
  8. Hello all, Looking into taking Amtrak sleeper service both trips on the following routes soon: Deland (DLD) to New York Penn (NYP), NYP to DLD. Anyone have thoughts on the Viewliner Silver Service sleeper service? My trip would consist as this: Deland (DLD) to New York Penn (NYP) / MTA LIRR Hungtinton Branch | Vice Versa
  9. ROUTE 11A -- I recently rode the 11A I.B. with my friend driving, the readouts for 2300- are: 11A MASON AVE / 11A VOLUSIA MALL 11A MASON AVE // TRANSFER PLAZA The annunciator is quite different, but the speaker was sorta low so I could only hear parts.
  10. I Am Well Aware, Thank You. Ask Megabus Rider As There Are Many Reasons. Some People In This Greyhound Forum Are So Rude. This Is The Last Post I Choose To Make In This Forum.
  11. Seems Like A Nice System. Are You Familiar With Spartansburg, SC?
  12. Well, 2 Things, I Was Responding To Someone Else. And Do You Think I Missed It When I Am In A Whole FB Group On It? Like Megabus Rider Said We Will Need Drivers.
  13. Yes, More Drivers. Then We Have Keep In Mind By The Time They're Out Of Training And Doing A Run It Will Be After The Pandemic. Then What Will They Do With The Drivers?
  14. 5011 Likes To Play Around With Wraps. Look It Up On Google And You Will See.
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