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  1. ROUTE 11A -- I recently rode the 11A I.B. with my friend driving, the readouts for 2300- are: 11A MASON AVE / 11A VOLUSIA MALL 11A MASON AVE // TRANSFER PLAZA The annunciator is quite different, but the speaker was sorta low so I could only hear parts.
  2. Nice photos. Like the Christmas themed farebox. The ways they are formatted are very cool. I see a little Krispy Kreme thing in the corner near the printer. Yum! Lol
  3. Never Knew That, Thanks For The Info!
  4. I Am Well Aware, Thank You. Ask Megabus Rider As There Are Many Reasons. Some People In This Greyhound Forum Are So Rude. This Is The Last Post I Choose To Make In This Forum.
  5. Seems Like A Nice System. Are You Familiar With Spartansburg, SC?
  6. Well, 2 Things, I Was Responding To Someone Else. And Do You Think I Missed It When I Am In A Whole FB Group On It? Like Megabus Rider Said We Will Need Drivers.
  7. Same. I also love when people get retired buses and program their own stuff. Welcome To The Transit System Headsigns Forum! Thanks For Posting Again! I've Been To Rome/Utica New York On Quite A Few Occasions While Living In Long Island, NY. They Have The CENTRO System I Believe. I Mostly Saw Orion VII's (Very Common Bus In NY). New York City I've Been To A Ton. Orion V's Were Nice, RTSes Were Great.
  8. Yes, More Drivers. Then We Have Keep In Mind By The Time They're Out Of Training And Doing A Run It Will Be After The Pandemic. Then What Will They Do With The Drivers?
  9. That Last Photo. Lol. Thanks For Posting! Nice. Great To See Some Orion V's! Thanks For Posting!
  10. 5011 Likes To Play Around With Wraps. Look It Up On Google And You Will See.
  11. I Have A Feeling Once More Sates (In The U.S.) Open Up, Greyhound Will Slowly Start. Maybe By Having Social Distancing, The Passenger Capacity At 50% With The Seat Next To Someone Closed.
  12. The Megabus From Daytona To Orlando Is Still Working. Maybe The "Commuters" Will Use It. Anyone Have Info/Pictures Of The Daytona To Orlando Megabus?
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