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  1. the email I got after testing was to say I'm moving to the next phase and that was an interview on september 23. After that they contacted my references via email and that was early OCT. At the interview they told me that the position was for the new year 2020. So not sure if that's why it's taking this long.
  2. have you heard anything from Miway after the interview
  3. I think so. Maybe try calling them see what they say
  4. What does the Mississauga site say under your profile
  5. The email I got after I did my test was to book a interview with them
  6. I applied is June. Got a test invite in august and a interview September 23
  7. I'm still waiting to hear back. I interviewed on Sept 23. They sent my references a survey in early Oct
  8. I had my interview on Sept 23 and they sent my references a survey in early Oct but i haven't heard back from them. Have you had any updates?
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