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  1. I would imagine that's impossible to stage something like that, on the existing streetcar system, as there's no crossover tracks anywhere. Am I right?
  2. Yup, I was on it last night on the 506. Something did NOT sound/feel right. Actually curious what it is ....
  3. Isn't there an auxillary socket at the back, that you can plug in a power source ... specifically when they get pushed/towed?
  4. 4057 4081 are running on 501. There's 3 CLRVs running on 506 at the moment
  5. Random Question - On the CLRVs - How do drivers activate/toggle track switches from the cab?
  6. Ladies and Gents - 4178 Just started a run on 501 to Long Branch! Vehicle 4178 CLRV 2:24 ahead of 12:13:56PM. towards ←West to Long Branch aprchg River St on Queen St East Vehicle History trip path
  7. Training run? Maybe it was just an out of service 506 heading back to Russell and didn't bother to use the not in service sign. I can't imagine them needing to train new driver(s) on for one single (511) route for just one month ....
  8. Anyone know why the ALRVs were so quick to be retired and the CLRVs outlast them? Was it because they were higher capacity/used more and racked up significantly more mileage ? Did them having 3 trucks (instead of two) mean more maintnence and repair?
  9. Does anyone know what parts the TTC strips the retired CLRVs/ALRVs of? Seeing that they're retiring the entire fleet in about a month, I'm wondering what parts they're actually salvaging, and why they're salvaging them? I can't see them being repurposed for any other use.
  10. Looks like all Streetcars are now correctly pinging their position.
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