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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/AlexanderGlista/status/1289380259784081409/photo/1
  2. 4187 has been hauled away as of 10AM this morning. I missed it, but there was a CP24 truck there, so hopefully there was some coverage of it. But yeah, that's it - CLRV retirement appears to be officially done.
  3. Just went down there. 4187 is pulled forward towards queen. Presumably to be picked up for scrap.
  4. So are there any left at Russel on the dead tracks? Was thinking about heading down there ....
  5. With only a few left, I'm dying to get a glimpse seeing them sent away. Is there a particular time of day they're picked up for scrap?
  6. Any ideas what they do with the old headlights? I would imagine that have hundreds piling up somewhere. Or do they toss 'em?
  7. Definitely not long exposure. Otherwise the maintence worker would have motion blur. Def higher ISO film or push processing.
  8. CLRVs are done. That's it. Finished. Gone. They're inaccessible. At high(er) risk of breaking down. Their retirement ceremony has passed. TTC has confirmed all surface routes are now fully accessible. There is no going back at this point.
  9. Current state. Although it seems utterly pointless speculating about the future of these. We all know that all (but a select few) will be sent to the scrapyard, so it's just a matter of time.
  10. Gonna swing by Russel today and grab some pics and see who's on death row.
  11. Wondering if they're starting the scrapping or preservation process of 4148 ....
  12. Soooooooooooooo, now what? Is that it? Will the remaining/surviving CLRVs make it to graveyard, with the exception of a few that will be preserved?
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