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  1. Moving the general routing talk back over from the artics, I have to wonder why route 47 was the one that was selected to be married with 160. You would think that it would be a great opportunity to give route 46 Saturday service, while keeping route 47 as fully local service as it is today. Much like how route 21/24Exp also runs Saturdays, in tandem with 11's local service past Polo Park. Or even have it set up the exact same as route 11 is today to avoid duplication: route 46 replaces anything going east of Kildonan Place during the daytime, cut route 47 off at KP and have it go between just there and Balmoral. Then during nights and Sundays, 47 can have the whole jig.
  2. Ideally 95 should take the extra jog down Sterling Lyon to Outlet Collection to make it more relevant in general since it's already pretty much there.
  3. That's wild. I have to wonder if someone at New Flyer screwed up and grabbed a white one and then Transit said "whatever, it works". I guess if True North ever wanted to do a Jets themed wrap much like they did with the Moose many years back, that'd be the perfect one for them.
  4. Ooooooh. I wonder what it looks like on the outside. Probably something similar to the new SNIS look?
  5. Ohhh right, they'd collide with what's in for 16/17/18.
  6. Now that you mention it I'm not too sure. Do all the triple digits also use 4 digits on the controller (ie 1601)? Unless they decided to do it different. Never know. I guess it's a matter of whacking something in and seeing if it works. And yeah, 369's the only one with the white front that's been out and about that way, but it's the last of that series so it'd make sense if they had 1 to test some sort of multi-colored system and decide whether to keep it/buy others going forward. It would actually make a bit of sense...regular service can be white, express can stay the current orange, and then there's Blue. Edit: I guess if they're trying out one of those Titans then that'd explain it, since otherwise why would they have a bunch of Horizons in orange and then have that one be an oddball?
  7. I wonder if 369's white front goes blue when you punch in 19901 or 19902...assuming that Blue is still referred to as 199 internally.
  8. Gotta say I'm loving how quickly the AT paths, even on SWRT2, get cleared at least rudimentarily after snowfalls. It's too bad that the station platform shelters are locked up good right now (I get why) because they'd still make reasonably good warming huts for those that need a bit of an intermission while out there during the past week and a half of -20C.
  9. Looks like something new is gonna get thrown into the sign rotation tomorrow:
  10. Dead bus getting lugged down phase 2 from a few days ago
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome! Yeah, in the context of the master plan it obviously wouldn't work at all, plus there's already that one Warde feeder shown. That would be entirely contingent on getting Warde connected over, or right across CPR. I was more so referring to a short-term band-aid that could work in the near-term or if the master plan got sent all the way back to the drawing board.
  12. Royalwood is criminally underserviced despite being well over a decade old now. One of my aunts and uncles has a nice house out that way, and it's honestly a dream place (especially with the view out the back it had until Island Lakes started creeping up closer and closer), aside from that fact. It's a little crazy how the 93 runs every day yet the 96 can only be bothered to show up on weekday rush hour periods when there's already 57 service for the west part of Southdale that the 75 skips during then, 16 service in most of the southeast part with DART filling in that one small gap around Shamrock, and 50 in East Mint. Aside from letting it run even just weekdays and Saturdays, I'd cut it totally and just have 58s go up Shorehill and start/end at Bishop Grandin, or send some 59s down that way to at least maintain the weekday rush status quo it has in a bit of a more optimized fashion. Ideally a third 55 "via Shorehill" split would be perfect for Saturdays/Sundays.
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