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  1. There's been one or two front-page banner ads in the print editions of the Winnipeg Free Press too. On another note, I've noticed significantly more volume of buses utilizing it in the past week or two with sometimes one bus going out every 3-5 minutes at times. It seems that an okay has been given to operators that want to use it to deploy & all the testing has wrapped. I know there's a 72 run that pulls out and goes down SWRT2 right over Pembina around 3:50-3:55 pretty reliably as of late.
  2. I have to say that the new style signs are a bit hard to pick out at a distance on first glance. They do look nice but they seem to blend in to their surroundings, especially on a sunny day.
  3. 410 spotted being broken in along SWRT2. Orange front and rear signs.
  4. Mount Royal East could probably be moved further back a bit as well. It's not as ridiculous as Olive and Whytewold but I've had operators shoot right past it on a few occasions.
  5. I would happily forego SWRT1 if it meant 47 could continue on Graham and absorb the regular 60 instead. Sure, crossing Pembina at Stafford from west to east is a bit of a PITA in comparison to the ease of the SWRT2 bridge or doing it the other way, but it's at least doable if you give yourself at least 3 minutes extra. On the other hand I'm a little miffed that they didn't bother with stopping the new 47 at Lombard to preserve the Portage connection as it is currently with Colony. Yes, stopping at both McDermot and Lombard might be about as inefficient as Olive and Whytewold, but why not stop at Lombard instead since it'd go down to Pioneer anyway?
  6. I have to wonder if they'd push back the opening day due to the virus mania. It's almost certain that there's not gonna be a ribbon-cutting (or if SWRT1 taught us, an attempt at one, LOL) if they leave it as it is, and it'd be quite a lame way to ring in a half-billion dollar project otherwise. Plus I doubt that Brian Bowman and whoever else from the province and Ottawa that shows up will be terribly interested in dodging live BLUEs going 80kph. What I'd do as a quick band-aid is just run Lindenwoods Express out to Beaumont then to its regular route on Wilkes as originally envisioned with a 164, run 161 all the way down to the U of M, and run just the St. Norbert half of the 162/170 all the way down to Markham for the time being while leaving the U of M/Ft Richmond branch on Pembina. That way, at least something is using it and you still have April 12th service as planned and advertised. And with all the teleworking, it'd be quite a rude awakening when you get called back to show up physically that all of a sudden your system's gone upside down in a new paradigm while you weren't using it.
  7. Thinking about the virus craziness and how other agencies have back door boarding these days, I could've sworn I heard somewhere that the vast majority of our buses with the exception of very new ones in the last two or three years lack the ability to have the operator manually prop open the back door. Am I remembering right and is that really true? It would explain why we haven't done so if true. Even the ATU is campaigning for it and you'd think that if that was really the case then they'd know about it.
  8. They took out a 10-second TV commercial promoting BLUE and its changes. It was just on CTV's news.
  9. I can't either. They've had all the new stuff plotted out for months, while Google is still asleep at the controls.
  10. Normally I would agree that TeleBUS should be axed first, but on the other hand, it could also be justified as an accessibility service for the blind/vision-impaired. The counter-point to that is that pretty much every smartphone has a screen reader.
  11. Oof, some damning words from one of the ATU's people: Doesn't really instill a lot of confidence after what happened on Thursday with operators walking in to see several buses in a rush queue for cleaning.
  12. Telebus? Huh? I thought it was BusTXT that was on the chopping block.
  13. The 75's definitely is pretty short and would have trouble. The geometry of the 47's on the other hand would be able to squeak it in just barely, but it'd cause some issues with 45's terminal. If it were moved just a little bit down right to the edge of the sidewalk, it'd fit a bit better. Yeah, that. Does mention "or an emergency situation" and that's pretty open-ended.
  14. This would actually be a great time to beta test an XD60 on the 47 because there's literally no point to equipping a 160 or 161 with one while the university is shut down. Even on a 36 it's a stretch. It'd also open people's eyes to the fact that change is coming with 47+160.
  15. The ATU threw a challenge flag on the field as apparently a few buses have hold cards on them because of virus exposure fears, and it seems they only found out just this morning. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-transit-buses-taped-off-1.5502900 Might be time to deploy the Blue emergency plan.
  16. It should be noted that a problem spot for a 60 ft artic would be WB at Peguis, the extra length would totally block the exit and probably the entrance to and from the south side of the Costco lot.
  17. I know there was chatter about current wraps needing to come down with a touch of urgency in the general thread because of apparent police concerns about not being able to see in the ones with covered windows, but it seems that hasn't materialized at all as I've still seen the DrinkSense and APTN Lumi wraps out and about in recent days. Maybe they realized that it'd be a big revenue hit and put it on the backburner given the budget squeeze. I don't know how well that theme would fit on a whole bus though. I think the SWRT1 wrap will be the better looking of the two, but in any case, at least there's a wrap!
  18. It's only a matter of time before the advertising hits the SWRT1 infrastructure at this rate (I also caught a brief glimpse of a BLUE ad on the side of a bus yesterday). I bet they'll wait until Friday or maybe early Saturday to actually switch out the info boards though.
  19. Double whammy of bad news today. A pedestrian was hit and killed by a bus, and the city seems to not want to care about doing more frequent interior disinfections at least temporarily in spite of probable virus detections in the WRHA area. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/portage-colony-collision-winnipeg-police-1.5496416 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-transit-cleaning-coronavirus-1.5495520
  20. Would anybody really give a hoot if the first ever BLUE run at 6 AM is a 40 fter? Besides, it'll be a launch party bus anyway. The ribbon cutting and free tour rides day (if someone's able to find out when that is let me know!) is where all the media hype will be and they can drag a few XD60s out of regular service for their glamour shots. Also, all the TV news doesn't even wake up until 8 on Sundays, if you're lucky Surely on any other day all 28 won't be in use all at the same time on BLUE even at peak. Maybe 16 at most. Other routes still need and benefit from them (36, 54, 59) and there aren't enough D60s to go around.
  21. Some more napkin math. Sorry for the double post so soon. Route 85's full length is approximately 19.6 km. But it's so complicated that dragging and dropping so many turns eventually made Google Maps go woah there can't modify it any further. 10 runs to Whellams and 10 back to Kildonan Place on both Saturdays and Sundays for 20 total runs a day. 19.6 km x 20 runs = 392 km a day. 392 km x 52 Saturdays = 20,384 km a year. x2 for Sundays is 40,768 km a year. The short-turned route 85 into Springfield loop weekdays after 7 on the other hand is 10.6 km. There are just 4 runs either way after 7 PM for a total of 8 runs, which are scheduled to all hit the same points at the same time each hour (almost unheard of). 10.6 km x 8 runs = 84.8 km a night. 84.8 km x 252 working days = 21,369.6 km a year. Total proposed binning all together: 62,137.6 km a year. My idea: Send it all the way up Lagimodiere to Springfield and continue its usual footprint from that point onward, as Concordia is already served by the cut-immune 90, and London as well as portions of Gateway are served by 44. Or eliminate the CPT dogleg and continue straight on Gateway. Failing that, axe it totally and rework 11 Rothesay to absorb more of its footprint. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Route 95's length between Pan Am and Riverview is approximately 9 km. It's actually 8.9 km from Riverview to Pan Am, but it's little longer the other way because it continues all the way on Taylor to Pembina, so 100m ought to make up the difference. 25 runs both ways on Saturdays for 50 total. One starts short in the AM at FRS, two end early in the PM at FRS. 17 runs to Pan Am and 18 runs to Riverview on Sundays for 35 total, with the same FRS start/end-early behavior. On Saturdays: 9 km x 50 runs = 450 km a Saturday. 450 km x 52 Saturdays = 23,400 km a year. On Sundays: 9 km x 35 runs = 315 km a Sunday. 315 km x 52 Sundays = 16,380 km a year. Combine the two, 39,780 km a year. My idea: That could comfortably fit redirecting weekday rush hour 95s to Outlet Collection (savings of 48,384 km/yr) with a bit of room to breathe. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Route 82's total length is 8.9 km. 14 runs to Unicity, 14 to the Grace Hospital on Saturdays for 28 total. The website joins two runs into one so the real divider is "Arrive Unicity"/"Leave Unicity". 8.9 km x 28 runs = 249.2 km. 249.2 km x 52 Saturdays = 12,958.4 km a year. My idea: This is one that makes actual sense. Axe it weekdays as well (30 runs, 267 km a weekday, 67,284 km a year), rework 11/21/22 Westwood to absorb its footprint. --------------------------------------------------------------------- And a quickie, the distance from Waverley to FRS (5 km) and Beaumont Station (1.6 km): Route 84 does 42,840 km a year from weekdays (34 runs to and from Lindenwoods/FRS), 9,880 km a year from Saturdays (38 runs), 3,120 km a year from Sundays (12 runs) for a grand total of 55,840 km a year to FRS after Waverley. Presuming that the SWRT2 routes failed as appears to be the case in these bean counters' vacuum, and assuming the same scheduling regime: route 84 would do 13,708.8 km a year from weekdays, 3,161.6 km a year from Saturdays, 998.4 km a year from Sundays for a grand total of 17,868.8 km a year to Beaumont Station. Net savings if only the 84's transitway terminal changed: 37,971.2 km a year.
  22. I think the emergencies one is for the times whenever a big fire happens and they send out a bus or two to act as a shelter to keep people warm and out of the elements. Short-turn 89s appear as "DAY & REGENT".
  23. Apparently the Kevin Klein-Shawn Nason west-east team submitted a suggestion to outfit buses with strobe lights much like how taxis have them. It was at the most recent public works meeting. http://clkapps.winnipeg.ca/dmis/ShowDoc.asp?DocId=19417 Wouldn't adding a signcode that made the front/rear say "HELP!"/"CALL POLICE" be better? Unless you're some distance back, you probably wouldn't even be able to see the thing. Assuming it's roof-mounted like taxis and not something they could stick on the rear. Dirt cheap to implement since it's just a few firmware lines, in spite of the current budget drama.
  24. Just to give some perspectives on just how "expensive" and insane running 95s all the way out to Polo Park is, especially after the advent of route 74 and Outlet Collection: The length it takes to go from the Shaftesbury Park retirement residences out to Polo Park while absorbing some of the 66, 74, and 18/79's footprint is approximately 8 km (excluding the Polo Park loop itself). The length it takes to continue from SP to Outlet Collection is 1.6 km. Add 100m for the roundabout to go the other way to be precise. 252 working days this year. At least 10 days that would otherwise be weekdays will have Sunday service because of holidays. There might be one or two others that I'm forgetting about but pretend something earth-shattering happened like QEII croaked and the system took two additional days as Sundays if you want to be conservative about it. Under the current scheduling regime, there are 15 runs to Polo Park, and 15 runs back. Two runs, the last one in the AM, and the last one in the PM will terminate early at Tylehurst and not do the Empress loop-around into the Polo Park loop. In any case these buses are still on the road doing who-knows-what so I'll pretend that those two also do. (I have to wonder why it's kosher to be able to turn left at Regent into KP's loop but not kosher to do the same and put up some priority signals on Portage, and why pedestrian crossings are allowed at the latter and not at least the west side on the former in spite of Rougeau being close by. But that's a debate for another day.) The budget draft declared that Transit in total operated 30,328,539 km on its buses in the entirety of 2018. Now, let's do the math. To continue to Polo Park and back to Shaftesbury Park: 8 km x 30 runs = 240 km a day. 240 km x 252 working days = 60,480 km a year. To continue to Outlet Collection from SP: 1.6 km x 30 runs = 48 km a day. 48 km x 252 working days = 12,096 km a year. Net difference between the two: 48,384 km a year. That's right, just short of 50,000 km. And because it would actually go somewhere relevant to everybody and their dog, even if they just want to go to IKEA or the shops across the street, you'd have increased ridership and fare revenue pushing the route into the black and arguably even into the green, and yet another SWRT option of getting there (from Fort Rouge). Stack it up against the full-length 89 runs on Saturdays: 11.1 km to/from Redonda to KP. 24 runs both ways for 48 total (coincidence?? ). 52 Saturdays in a year. 11.1 km x 48 runs = 532.8 km a day. 532.8 km x 52 Saturdays = 27,705.6 km. Throw in the 7-Eleven runs after 7 PM that are also getting gutted on weekdays for completeness' sake (7.8 km including the Bond/Pandora loop, 15 runs, 117 km a day) which come out to 6,084 km in a year and your grand total of throwing all Saturday service into the trash is 33,789.6 km.
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