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  1. On a lighter note, Iqaluit's mayor was in town recently and he apparently got to drive a bus around as part of a tour Bowman offered him.
  2. The latest IRPW is up. You know that 47 Kildare change that Shawn Nason originally proposed a while back to have it utilize Peguis St and Transcona Blvd instead, but got shot down? They want to do it with both routes 48 and 89 instead when the winter service hits. However in spite of 89 being given a brand new market there isn't any mention of resurrecting Saturday runs beyond a vague "as well as on weekends", which if the new status quo remains, is really more like "as well as on Sundays". As well, no change proposed for route 90, so it'd be the only zig-zag option.
  3. They're also doing runs out to the Red River Ex for their slightly delayed event this year starting today. But of course, as is Manitoba tradition, when the Ex is in town, it rains. It just has to. https://winnipegtransit.com/en/service/event-service/redriverex/
  4. Much more action than Greg or Randy could be bothered with on that front in Winnipeg (read: none). Hats off to Brandon on that one.
  5. Same is also true of the Google Play side too (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=winnipeg.canada - rather basic package name there, Via Transportation). ORT 110 grows a bit in size to the east, but at the cost of ditching The Forks access. ORT 102 also has a Plaza Station style "island" of sorts for Paterson/Lagimodiere, but at the cost of completely ditching Royalwood (which was in a weird place of being pickups only but not dropoffs under DART). Not that I care anymore myself since July, but someone else might.
  6. 931 will have a promotional wrap for ORT too.
  7. Spot the redundancy that doesn't even exist anymore: "All Blue Bomber Park & Ride service and extra regular service on routes 74, 75, 78 (via Cambridge and via Kenaston)"
  8. 460 is out on a 48 run today. PM edit: back out on 32-12.
  9. I had a look at the building permits taken out against that address (1560 Seel) and the most recent one is for a burglar alarm in 2019, but looking at an older permit reveals that it's controlled by the RCMP since about 2012 or so. I can't help but point out just how many Ford Explorers there are plus a handful of Tauruses, as well as other knick-knacks like boats. On the most recent Street View you can just barely make out a "POLICE" decal and outlines resembling the RCMP coat of arms on that boat. If you've got an iPhone or Mac, Apple's most recent Look Around pass in the area has a pickup with RCMP decaling on it. Then it clicked: I have to wonder if that's a GCSurplus staging compound in addition to being an RCMP garage. Although the Manitoba/Nunavut branch is listed as being on Inkster by Dunlop whenever you go to bid on something Winnipeg-based that has a set of four or more wheels, they share that building with Library and Archives Canada. The parking lot they have on the south end is puny in comparison. So it would make sense that Tony (the local rep) would have a few cars and trucks dragged over when they're just about ready to list a car on GCSurplus, get them photographed in the dock, then park them outside and let the bids flow in. Though because of what happened in Nova Scotia, and only several months after it happened at that, they've stopped selling ex-RCMP vehicles for the time being. I have to imagine that lot must be more and more packed now if they're not wanting to move those wheels while they figure out what to do. Though it still doesn't answer that burning question of why the feds have a municipal transit system bus. Did they buy it off the city at some point? Did the city give it to the feds because they "needed" a bus for something but then whatever that need was fell through and it's been sitting that long? Something is definitely off.
  10. 458 went out on the Kingston Row test run this morning.
  11. Here's a prime example of why the recommended EBRT alignment of continuing to use Nairn/Regent on-street is not just a horrible idea that doesn't actually solve problems, it's a complete joke: there's a car crash on Lagimodiere by Marion that has southbound traffic backed up pretty much to and sometimes past Regent, and the northbound side is a DCZ again through to Almey. That then has a knock-on effect of heavy and/or standstill traffic on Nairn which just a few minutes ago, stretches right over the overpass and goes to Watt, and at times goes all the way to Stadacona: The knock-on effect it has? A whole crapload of red on the timetables, with some delays easily nearing 20 minutes or more. And as you can see, Regent east of Peguis, despite the curb lane being closed from Rougeau onwards to Plessis right now, is still totally fine. If they went for a fully separated approach up to Regent/Peguis, I would be absolutely fine with it stopping there because fewer people really need or otherwise stand to benefit from anything beyond that. Even if you did stand to benefit minorly from going all the way to Transcona Blvd with a "RED ROSE Kildare" (really?), at best it's just a convenience by that point.
  12. 448 doing a 57 run today. 452 on 32-12 too.
  13. WTMP survived council today. The lone no vote was from Klein. Otherwise, unanimous. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-transit-council-open-streets-active-transportation-1.6007124 Now the question is whether the province wants to play ball (yeah, right) and if the federal Liberal minority doesn't collapse by the time the province could be convinced to play ball.
  14. 361 crashed https://globalnews.ca/news/7773063/overnight-crash-in-winnipegs-exchange-district-triggers-lane-closures-during-morning-rush/
  15. This one was doing an S430 charter earlier too.
  16. They sent out some literature on the accessibility bits: https://globalnews.ca/news/7746002/winnipeg-transit-to-roll-out-new-scooter-wheelchair-friendly-buses/
  17. They've finally ditched keeping route 29 on its Saturday schedule during weekdays. About damn time, especially now that all-day 36 service looks to be no more during the fall/winter schedules, for obvious reasons. Kinda stinks that 641 users will lose the convenience of every 30 minutes on the :30s after 8 PM. Ah well.
  18. 443 went on a Kingston Row test run this morning.
  19. Hah. Speaking of which I saw a white XD40 going that way a couple weeks ago too, not sure if it was for one of the 440-470s or someone else. And then this week I happened to see what looked to be a TTC-painted core coming out of the Kernaghan plant on Thursday around 5:15. But now that I think about it, the paint was a little darker and they're all over the place for manufacturers, so maybe not them.
  20. Tell you the honest truth, when the first draft was released my first impression was that they just started off with those Red plans and worked their way out from there.
  21. Wow, it couldn't even make it out of IRPW, at least not yet. I also noticed that they finally attached an Eastern corridor update to the agenda, and pretty much everything about it seems to be a complete 180 from what happened with SWRT1 & 2. They say no to the north St. Boniface alignment next to the CN line because of a "lack of destinations" and that they didn't want to figure out permissions for an underpass "with the railway companies east of the Seine River" (read: CP Rail). Lack of destinations is definitely an unfortunate truth (I can think of one: winning Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo), though they even admit that the Provencher alignment proposal was not going to be unanimously popular. I ultimately see that excuse as a bit of a farce though. Get off on a theoretical Shaw Park Station, then go for a walk on the Esplanade Riel if you actually wanted to do something in St. Boniface proper. They say no to using Thomas Ave or the bits south of it because people would have to walk an extra 200m to Value Village thus it'd have "fewer customers from the local neighbourhood", and that they'd have to talk to Morguard to hand some land over (they own a patch beside Petland that has nothing on it) at the east end of segment 2. The people concerned with walking in that stretch would be better off with route 45 anyways, and even then that's a very small slice of inconvenience in comparison. They also say that redevelopment potential is limited, but aren't you guys in need of a replacement North Garage there?? More on that below. This would absolutely be a dream come true, and really, a problem solved for any potential western Transcona Trail extension beyond Peguis to allow for an AT component to ERT, which they were really wanting to do to Panet generally along that way and ultimately under the Lagimodiere CN overpass even without an ERT impetus, but that is still yet to happen. Then they say no to hugging CEMR to Transcona Blvd under the assumption that the WTMP would provide a Primary line and 2 feeders in and around Park City Commons, despite saying on the first page that "it did not consider a full realignment of the transit network city-wide" (WTMP). If they officially okayed buses can go 70 or even 80 on Regent through to Plessis, this I'd be fine with, because 42/46/48 operators already do this anyway. That, and trying to figure out Transcona Blvd, CEMR, ERT, and then Edward Schreyer whenever it gets built would be believably quite painful. I can't see them at-grading Edward Schreyer and CEMR despite how low volume CEMR is, especially if they want to hook it in to Chief Peguis Trail. But, you know, that stupid flyover to continue to Bishop Grandin got built, so that could happen yet. That there's a project to investigate for embezzlement alongside the police HQ. Further, the North Garage replacement that they were desperately wanting to stick in as part of ERT is mentioned a grand total of once in this update in the outline of what the Eastern corridor scope was. I get that this document pertains specifically to alignment but their selections leave very little, if any room to set up a replacement for NG. They seem to be giving way too much focus towards East Kildonan to put it plainly, and for Transcona, I'd say it's a betrayal that they want to keep segment two on Nairn/Regent (before Lagimodiere), which is the second biggest source of problems with today's service besides the Louise. The needs of East K would almost certainly be better served by any potential Northeast corridor between Raleigh/Gateway, which also gives you a bonus opportunity of having it attached to an Eastern one or even a Southeast one. Hugging CN and CEMR (even if just to Regent) means that they could axe THREE mostly overlapping express routes (42, 46, 48) in one go. They also allege that the offset alignment for segment 2 between Grey and Peguis would lead to competition for resources between any Nairn/Regent local service (r47) and ERT/RED (or "ROSE", come on) and that service quality would be diluted on both as a result. Sorry, but that didn't really seem to be the case with route 60 and 160/162/170, and it certainly still isn't the case with route 60 and BLUE, especially now that the former was reverted to its previous configuration of going to the U of M through Chancellor Matheson with the elimination of route 162/170. That also leads to another point I want to make, probably the biggest loss was that a Super BLUE wasn't introduced to replace route 137 and 161 for those who didn't care for anything past/before Jubilee Overpass and wished to go 80 kmh all the time (sans station bypasses) after/before that. If they ever get RED off the ground, I would certainly want a Super RED to skip between the downtown core and Peguis.
  22. 453 just came north on Pembina, didn't get a chance to grab a picture.
  23. Ladies and gentlemen, 440 and 447:
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