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  1. 460 is out on a 48 run today. PM edit: back out on 32-12.
  2. I had a look at the building permits taken out against that address (1560 Seel) and the most recent one is for a burglar alarm in 2019, but looking at an older permit reveals that it's controlled by the RCMP since about 2012 or so. I can't help but point out just how many Ford Explorers there are plus a handful of Tauruses, as well as other knick-knacks like boats. On the most recent Street View you can just barely make out a "POLICE" decal and outlines resembling the RCMP coat of arms on that boat. If you've got an iPhone or Mac, Apple's most recent Look Around pass in the area has a pickup w
  3. 458 went out on the Kingston Row test run this morning.
  4. Here's a prime example of why the recommended EBRT alignment of continuing to use Nairn/Regent on-street is not just a horrible idea that doesn't actually solve problems, it's a complete joke: there's a car crash on Lagimodiere by Marion that has southbound traffic backed up pretty much to and sometimes past Regent, and the northbound side is a DCZ again through to Almey. That then has a knock-on effect of heavy and/or standstill traffic on Nairn which just a few minutes ago, stretches right over the overpass and goes to Watt, and at times goes all the way to Stadacona: The knock-on
  5. 448 doing a 57 run today. 452 on 32-12 too.
  6. WTMP survived council today. The lone no vote was from Klein. Otherwise, unanimous. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-transit-council-open-streets-active-transportation-1.6007124 Now the question is whether the province wants to play ball (yeah, right) and if the federal Liberal minority doesn't collapse by the time the province could be convinced to play ball.
  7. 361 crashed https://globalnews.ca/news/7773063/overnight-crash-in-winnipegs-exchange-district-triggers-lane-closures-during-morning-rush/
  8. This one was doing an S430 charter earlier too.
  9. They sent out some literature on the accessibility bits: https://globalnews.ca/news/7746002/winnipeg-transit-to-roll-out-new-scooter-wheelchair-friendly-buses/
  10. They've finally ditched keeping route 29 on its Saturday schedule during weekdays. About damn time, especially now that all-day 36 service looks to be no more during the fall/winter schedules, for obvious reasons. Kinda stinks that 641 users will lose the convenience of every 30 minutes on the :30s after 8 PM. Ah well.
  11. 443 went on a Kingston Row test run this morning.
  12. Hah. Speaking of which I saw a white XD40 going that way a couple weeks ago too, not sure if it was for one of the 440-470s or someone else. And then this week I happened to see what looked to be a TTC-painted core coming out of the Kernaghan plant on Thursday around 5:15. But now that I think about it, the paint was a little darker and they're all over the place for manufacturers, so maybe not them.
  13. Tell you the honest truth, when the first draft was released my first impression was that they just started off with those Red plans and worked their way out from there.
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