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  1. For what it's worth it does seem to hang just a little lower than the current ones, though that's probably because of the increased size of the overall package.
  2. And I have to wonder if it'll be better at all against glare versus the LEDs.
  3. HDTVs are in! But they're not on yet.
  4. 183 whacked into a traffic light at car crash central, Bishop and St Mary's. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-transit-bus-accident-1.5468568
  5. While we're on the subject of indoor oddities, what causes a section of lights to go off that aren't even near the front whenever the doors open? Always seems to be a random section every time it happens.
  6. Yikes, this explainer from the CBC really doesn't sound that good at all. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-rapid-transit-analysis-1.5457171 In my opinion the whole 6 RT lines by 2030 vision put forward by Bowman wasn't ever viable. Especially not for Portage where it'd be glorified diamond lanes as it is today, which work just fine. At the TMP session at Kildonan Place a while back I spoke with Shawn Nason about what he thought about an eastern transitway, and if memory serves right, he said it'd be an okay idea, but took a Rand Paul like stance of "where's the money for it?". He does have a point though, especially with the back and forth going on between the province just to get general funding. The eastern study and the TMP were and still are two separate things, so here's to hoping that the eastern line does get built and that they just don't say "forget it, TMP is better". It's a shame that the original old St. Boniface idea was jettisoned because that's the best possible route, hug the CN line elevated off the ground, either keep hugging next to it or replace Thomas Ave, then hug CEMR out to Transcona Blvd. If anything, as long as it got built to either Peguis (forgetting about a "Costco Station"), or to one of the overflow Club Regent lots or Owen, I'd be happy, because Regent afterwards is just like Portage where everything is fine. So fine in fact, that the diamond lanes that were there previously were discontinued. At the same time the Louise is in dire need of replacing, so it'd be a perfect catalyst to kill two birds with one stone. Something that could make both the car and bus experience better at the same time would be something a lot of people would be happy to get behind.
  7. I like the idea of flipping the 98 to go east instead of west. The one change I'd make is to have it go left on St. James and then have it share the route 12 terminal, which is still close enough to that proposed residential bit. Only issue is that pesky no left turn sign, but that's easily solvable with the addition of an except buses sign underneath it. If I still lived on Portage, I would definitely consider using it over a regular 11/21 to bypass the Tylehurst and south side loop crowds.
  8. Hell would freeze over before we got context aware regular service.
  9. Watch, to make up for it there'll probably be a 60fter showing up tomorrow. If it happened to the 75 of all things on a 137/75 run, surely it could happen on Alex Taylor too! LOL
  10. They sent out 944 to do a 48/180 run. Surprisingly it's working well so far but I'm not even out to Plessis yet.
  11. Somebody found the YouTube password.
  12. I would be stunned if Nova or someone else won the tender. It's New Flyer's to lose.
  13. I chased the tender pdf down: https://www.winnipeg.ca/finance/findata/matmgt/documents/2019/901-2019/901-2019_Tender.pdf An interesting tidbit in there, they want to take the security cameras up to 4K from whatever was being used previously.
  14. Speaking of, 369 hasn't been out lately. Hopefully they aren't "fixing" the white LEDs.
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