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  1. 818 hard stalled just after the Louise. Massive delays.
  2. Must've been one stupidly minor CEL, since it's back in action on the 47 after it was pulled from the same route.
  3. 412 had an issue that forced the operator to punt everyone off of. Swapped onto 345.
  4. Here's what the frontside of the P/R looks like for those who haven't seen it, I wonder how they're going to squeeze TRAINING BUS into that now.
  5. While lurking the SkyscraperPage forum I noticed someone bring up that they apparently saw a XD60 doing a 48 run on Thursday. At first I was gonna call BS and ask if someone here saw that happening but then I remembered I've got a camera pointing out into my backyard, and lo and behold...it happened on one of the AM runs. Should also add that apparently it deadheads afterwards to St. Anne's/Shorehill and does one inbound 59 run. Edit: I guess this is a regular occurrence that I wasn't aware of because it happened again today. I think I know what I'm doing Monday for posterity before the schedule change hits. 1595658196.mp4
  6. It looks like they're gonna realign the Balmoral terminals with the change too, 48/49 will be moved from the outer one over to where 47's was, and 42 is going to share with 1's, leaving the outer terminal just to BLUE.
  7. And maybe pivot into Evelyne Reese to Warde instead?
  8. 997 has appeared from its slumber at New Flyer.
  9. Case in point this morning: 848 and 182 both tag teaming as 47 from Regent to U of M. BusTXT claims that 182 isn't on the road at all.
  10. It's straight up garbage that they aren't shifting some of the XD60s around. Or rather, that they didn't while they still could've, because yes, some BLUEs are pretty problematic now. Mostly the St. Norbert runs from what I've seen, UofMs aren't as terrible. They can respond "we're monitoring ridership levels and sending extra buses as needed" to people's images of overcrowding all they want, but these extra buses are going straight into /dev/null/ for all I know since they don't even show up on the online timetables, and because they don't show on the timetables, they sure as hell aren't going to show up on the electronic displays at the actual stops. What good is a bonus run if you don't even know there's a bonus run to begin with? And the times that I think I've seen a bonus run of a 47 Regent for example, it's literally right behind another 47 Regent at Harkness waiting to get out. 😒 It's pretty infuriating to see "Mayor Selfie" Bowman show up for a photo op with some Uber suit for what was effectively a soft paper launch turned hard because he just had to drag the media out, only for him to then say that this Jason Shaw character knows all when it comes to ramping service back up, and it's very clear that guy hasn't even so much as looked at any buses lately. Really comforting to know in case SHTF with something like a tornado. The province could be making absolute bank right now with $2500 fines all over the place if they actually bothered to give municipalities a slapping and held them to the same standards as every other business, but no. Maybe then Shaw would actually be bothered to give a damn. Some ideas for a partial ramp: - XD60 a 11, 21, 22, 47, 66 run every now and again. - Restore route 77 to most of its weekday service, at least to 8 PM (6 PM cutoffs at Garden City are pretty harsh on weekdays). - Start to revert BLUE to more and more of its original weekday service - Possibly discontinue the all-stops bit of expresses to better balance loads between local service and current "express" service Some drivers went a little mutiny a bit before that. Others have taken to switching it up with the elusive "OPERATING SATURDAY SERVICE" instead.
  11. Those Spirit drivers are probably pulled for the neighborhood shuttles and 11 Assiniboine Park, and given that none of those are running this year, there's no real sense in pulling them off.
  12. I just question whether an X47 would even be seen as necessary given that an X75 already exists and would most likely be quicker barring a CPR train past Lakewood (or Beaverhill/Willowlake if it's a weekend), and the fact that its terminal is a soft one instead of a fixed point (would it just end at Kildonan Place on the way out like 46 does after Edmund Gale?). You do have a good point about X74/X78, if Polo Park can have two IGF routes, surely Kildonan Place can as well. And, that's the thing, what is the value of an X-BLUE that stops short at Stadium Station? The only way I could see an X-BLUE happening would be something for St. Norbert where it either doesn't bother with Markham Station and goes straight to Bohemier, or actually does do Markham but then right on Southpark instead.
  13. Throwback notification to when I was at last year's Eskimos vs Bombers game had me thinking (at least for when the CFL can start back up): now that 160 is dead, or rather, merged into 47, along with its X160 variant, do we get an X47 in its place on Bomber game days? Or an..."X-BLUE"?
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