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  1. yet at least 90% of his genetic code are either neutral and/or useless for the virus or even de-evolving the virus. 2, the flu isnt a bacterial disease, its a disease caused by the influenza virus... and if i take the thing you said. we should be all scared of any virus related disease. heres the proof that its a virus that's causing the flu https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthomyxoviridae and just to keep you in mind, remember the ebola virus from 2015-ish. it was 10x deadlier than the covid-19, yet very contagious and still, pretty much no ones was scared of the virus. It just makes you think edit: i have to agree with M.Parson about this remember kids, anxiety and fear is the reason of the infodemic
  2. guys, calm down about this deadly virus. its not that bad compared to, i.e. the spanish flu. The coronavirus is just a Flu, times 2. it may hurt you when you get the symptoms but it isnt that bad! The chance of dying, if your young and strong, is near 0%. the only group of people that could die form that virus is boomer (50-60), those who are born before WW2 and those with weaken immunity system or had a heart problem/lung problem. the only problem linked to the virus would be a economical recession for those who are old and weak. all you should do is stay home, do not go outside. if you have any symptoms that ressembles the flu, you should call the medical attention for a test to see if you have it. so... dont worry guys. dont be anxious about the virus. most of you are gonna survive this
  3. damn deleting a topic just for a legit question. alright
  4. you sound like a kid. how old are you?
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