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  1. There is a 2003 Prevost h3-45 still running from bell horizon doing the 521. It has the 2012 front but still has the good old EPA 2004 Detroit series 60 engine. It is numbered #3034 if you guys want to find it
  2. There is also that black 2004 h3-45 and the two ex-Le Richelain 2007 x3-45
  3. Will they uses coaches or normal buses?
  4. Why is the media not reporting this like they did with the first gens back in the day?
  5. 31-118 was also involved in a crash a few days earlier
  6. Making it an express route would confuse people instead of making the brt route its own separate route
  7. They should've brought back the 505 brt line they took it off back in 2012 If they cared so much about heir logo and media relationships, I wonder why they don't recolor their old buses with the new chevron livery? Would that be too much money?
  8. They usually run mostly on rush-hour on the week days The h3-41 i took is the same as the one this guy took, credit to him for the video. Yeah its probably it, tho I think I saw 2 of these x3-45 from la quebecoise
  9. I took a week ago EXO L'assomption #2323 from la quebecoise, which is a 2003 Prevost H3-40 on the 200 line Still fascinated by how old the bus is and how la quebecoise uses these bus on the line, i think i also saw an EX-CIT le richelain 2007 Prevost X3-45 on the same route too
  10. Idk i think it was you, you said that this bus is getting retired by october
  11. This is why i call the 3rd gen the 'prototype" for the 4th gen, cuz of how badly designed the 3rd is compared to the 4th gen, which is miles better than the SCRAP, i swear i get better service and better confort for a chinese bus than a 3rd gen scrap. Even the first gen LFS, with how bad these buses were mechanically, were better than the 3rd gen (i think the reason why the STM are retiring the 2nd gen lfs this early is because of how similar they are from the first gen). Even the 3rd gen from the stl, rtl and exo are very bad. I legit rather ride a vicinity than a 3rd gen lfs. MTA should've bought those bus later. Man I hate those models. Worst bus on the planet so far. No wonder people complains about confort in the stm. Even a bus from cuba is better than those scrap and dont get me started with those stupid STM Shills that the stm is paying to defend them, saying that they cant retire the 3rd gen out of nowhere now and buy better buses because its """"""economically impossible""""" or """""""nooo the stm doesnt have that much money to retire and buy new buses"""""" these people need to have a brain no offense.
  12. This is the last week of september, which means the famous first gen lfs on exo la presqu'île is soon gonna retire, get in while u still can
  13. More images of the crash The driver of the bus who slept suffered no injuries while a passenger who was in the bus suffered only minor injuries Whats for sure is that the driver can say goodbye to his STM job.
  14. >Avant même la fin du service, l'exploitant exo avait l'espoir de trouver un acquéreur qui aurait pu prolonger la vie utile des 56 voitures MR-90, qui avaient été construites à l'usine de Bombardier à La Pocatière en 1995. The fact that they only check the one in america instead of giving it in a country in Africa or Asia, even eastern europe shows me how lazy exo is. At least they are only keeping 2
  15. Weird that they retire a 2015 vicinity this early when exo themself is praising that bus
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