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  1. I'm going next week tell me when its going to be active
  2. Is it possible that exo use a variety of e bus like what TTC is doing so they can test it? (Novabus, New flyers, Proterra, BYD)
  3. Sorry for the bump, but I think I remember when novabus wanted to make their first LFS artic prototype, they actually took 2 LFS 40 foot and merged it together.
  4. I wonder if you can ask STL to buy one of their ISC bus once they get retired
  5. I wonder if the STM would get the EV version of the vicinity.
  6. The vaping part alone is less crazier than the video i posted lol Even a few days before the tear gas video, students threw a water gun party inside another stm bus, at least the driver didn't cared about the party. From what it looked like, it was probably a 3rd gen LFS and not an Artic (29-XXX to 32-XXX) (video below). That and the tear gas video are both a thousand times crazier than people vaping. Students are crazy lol SnapInsta_286287428_766879544305562_2554669370529408419_n.mp4 SnapInsta_287313514_1350375578804358_9037087825393904788_n.mp4
  7. 37-026 had been tear gassed by students inside wanting to have fun 288298606_2263093420516388_7646615563875077958_n.mp4
  8. Well time to find that bus Possibly one of the last first gen in service to this day At what hour did you find that bus?
  9. Man today is filled with weird sighting, I just saw a white LFS CNG (probably a 2022) going by highway 420 in Laval. It has "1 BROWNESS" with the Luminator as his destination sign. Based from Google, its probably for Calgary Transit.
  10. Hahaha I really hope the stm would cry again knowing they are again at shortage of buses
  11. I just saw the retired STM 25-208 passing by terminus montmorency, it had the "En Transit" destination sign. Anyone wonders what the bus was doing in Laval? I love how unique 780 is, it has the newer light, yet it has the same engine as the 25-xxx to 27-xxx STM LFS
  12. Lol I just saw the retired STM 25-208 passing by terminus montmorency, it had the "En Transit" destination sign. Anyone wonders what the bus was doing in Laval?
  13. did yall ever though for a second about how the older LFX demo looked way european to be an american bus? just compare the bus with a typical european volvo bus...
  14. yet at least 90% of his genetic code are either neutral and/or useless for the virus or even de-evolving the virus. 2, the flu isnt a bacterial disease, its a disease caused by the influenza virus... and if i take the thing you said. we should be all scared of any virus related disease. heres the proof that its a virus that's causing the flu https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthomyxoviridae and just to keep you in mind, remember the ebola virus from 2015-ish. it was 10x deadlier than the covid-19, yet very contagious and still, pretty much no ones was scared of the virus. It just makes you think edit: i have to agree with M.Parson about this remember kids, anxiety and fear is the reason of the infodemic
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