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  1. it doesnt matter if almost all of north america use option A, they can still decide to gradually add the Volvo engine as an option in the future. in the 2000s, almost all of the coaches in NA used Detroit Diesels engines, with only a few case (like some MCIs) having Cummins engine. Volvo then, gradually started putting their own engines to newer Prevost and then now, all new prevost has a volvo engine. It doesnt matter if one option is more popular than the other. And either way. Novabus isnt just "part" of Volvo, its 100% owned by Volvo, so much so that you could merge both Novabus and Prevost, call it "Volvo Buses North America" and nothing would change. And I bet 80% of everything inside a Novabus LFS is Volvo tech, especially the chassis, which i bet is probably a Volvo B9L chassis modified to fit North American Standards. Im just rambling, but you get the point. Since Volvo owns Novabus, they could just make their own engine the standard for all new LFSs if they want, it doesnt matter is Cummins is the most popular amongst transit companies
  2. tbh, they might make a D9 engine that suits the EPA configuration and maybe, for the diesel buses only, they could use an allison or any other allowed transmission to make it up for that. But it would be funny if an LFS uses a volvo engine instead of a cummins engine
  3. This one @Gerbil posted a picture last year of the novabus plant in St. Eustache and there was a weird bus sitting next to other 4th gen novabus. It has a zebra-striped camo and weirdly has some north american specs features (such as the front bumper). The bus looks like a Volvo 7900. Zebra-striped camouflage are usually used by the automotive industry to camouflage the shape of the body so a vehicle that has not been released to the public (a prototype) can be tested on public roads.
  4. there are talks about an upcoming 5th generation LFS, should we discuss about it?
  5. it might be a stretch, but this year is the 30th birthday of Novabus. My guess is that they're going to reveal the 5th gen, Volvo 9700-based LFS either this year or next one to celebrate the 30th anniversary
  6. Do we have any idea what it looks like beside that it looks like a facelift Volvo 7900 with the na spec bumpers? Did they change the lights. How many other american spec feature does it have other than the na spec bumper?
  7. I dont want to spread fake news but from some unconfirmed source, the perpetrator of this double murder is a bus enthusiast. Is it true?
  8. im sorry, but what a disgusting piece of shit he is. and on top of that he gets naked too. i hope that crazy mf gets life in prison
  9. funny how they transitioned from a chinese style built bus to a turkish style built bus
  10. why are you asking this in a novabus thread lol i was about to call you the no no word but i dont want to be banned so ur lucky
  11. i hope mercedes-benz brings the citaro to the north american market so that it trigger orion fans
  12. Yeah, i get it, volvo owns prevost what i find it weird is that they never used Volvo buses style exterior styling until this newest generation of H3-45 and volvo owns prevost since 2004 the older, "before 2024" didnt looked anything like a volvo bus and looked unique. The new gen now looks like if Volvo added volvo's exterior styling onto the h3-45. It kinda looks uncanny
  13. New flyer changed its bus design dramatically more than a decade ago and it is still selling well its just how attractive and eco-friendly the bus is now and i doubt north america transit company hates european bus style now like they used to be 20-30 years ago. If they still hated it then i doubt we would've even had alexander dennis dd buses, vicinities or even novabuses.
  14. is it just me or the proportion of the new H3-45 looks alot like the Volvo 9900's proportions even the front light looks alot new-gen Volvo-ish
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