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  1. My timeline is 1 month after angi and to hear that their training is now in April or later is deflating. At info session we were told Dec or January training. Documentation said its most likely Feb or March, and now it may be May or later. Oh well.
  2. Hey guys, since a majority of new transit operator are is bus mode, would it be advisable to read up on the oficcisl airbrake handbook from MTO prior to starting?
  3. Hi Haks810, thanks for sharing your starting date. All the best to you! So from what I see: Haks810 offer in in March, documentation was in July, training originally in October, last teaining session, and moved to Jan 2. Pkshah offer in April, documentation in August, no training date yet. For me, offer in June, Documentation in October, no training date. Would it be safe to say, my training date would be 2 months after pkshah? Pkshah, I'm sure you're close to start training, please do keep us informed when you start. Happy holidays to all!
  4. If it's anything like the transit opertor process, they will email you if you they will not move forward with you in the hiring process. No news may be good news.
  5. Has anyone here recently finished training or started and would care to share their experience? Would be curious as to if you were successful and how many of your peers were successful as well.
  6. This thread is for TTC application process. Please post in the other threads. Someone like myself who saw this thread in the process can find this thread very useful, please keep it for TTC.
  7. Is documentation 1 on 1 or is it done as a group?
  8. Hey all, I got my documentation date for next week! One step closer
  9. Thanks for this i don't see anyone here how had an offer after June, so I was wondering if theres anyone left here who hasnt received their email for documentation yet? According to an email I received shortly after the offer they said documentation would be 3-4 months but still havent heard back. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  10. Hi all, first time poster. Was reffered here from a friend and boy do I wish I saw this while in the early process. Anyways my timeline is I did the info session/interview/offer on June 17, Medical on July 2, Police Clearance July 19. I got my copy of the medical clearning me but didn't send them as that was not part of the instructions. I only sent the police clearance. Its almost mid Oct and was wondering about documentation. I still haven't got an email for documentation. I don't want to email my recruiter right away and was wondering if anyone with a similar time line got their email for documentation yet? Also, while doing my medical, I tested high on the grip test. They said this month I was top. Does this move me towards a certain mode? Thanks again all.
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