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  1. You’ll be fine! Be confident and listen to their questions carefully. They ask for specific events that happened and what the result was of what you did. how long did you wait to get the email/call for interview from doing the test? My buddy just got an email for the wonderlic test
  2. When I trained last year for bus, there was 8 of us on a Monday, 2 per instructor, 2 instructors per classroom. There was a new group training on the Wed. From what I remember it was like that for a while, 2 new groups each week
  3. Everyone makes the same amount as operators and changes once you complete your 1 and 2 years of work. whatever the rate you signed on the offer was from a previous contract. It changed earlier this year and you would start at the new rate
  4. Hey guys. Just wondering for those that are in the process. When you do the wonder pic test, do they tell you you’re out of the application and not getting an interview if you fail?
  5. Like the post above said, email your recruiter. They’re very helpful and will reply to you just to put you at ease. Also they’re probably very busy as they’re hiring lots of people this year so they may just be behind or have forgotten. IMO 2 months is too long to wait for an appointment.
  6. There are 3 written tests: MTO Z endorsement, MTO C Class, TTC test. All fairly easy to be honest. The trainers prepare you well for that. I had 8 people in my group no one failed those. There are 2 driving test, MTO C Class and the final TTC driving test where you drive a route. 2 failed MTO driving test, no one failed TTC test but also I was removed prior driving test due to inability to listen to instructors and arguing with them. Like all post in the past say, listen to the instructors with open mind and don’t argue with them and lose the ego, you’ll be fine. They all want you to do well, but don’t think because it costs a lot of money to train you that they won’t let you go.
  7. I’d assume it helps. How is York Region? Adaption to this lifestyle is definitely a big thing for me being a noob. Coming from a normal 9-5 job to training 645am-2pm 5 days a week to working splits and late nights and night shifts is very tough. My first month driving on my own with the inconsistent schedule on spareboard was super tough but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty nice. Good luck! Lots of info on this thread for your application process here.
  8. Mount Dennis. I wish I got malvern Others that live in Etobicoke and Brampton got malvern and I’m in Pickering and got mount dennis lol
  9. How’s everyone doing with work? anyone else still waiting to be called for training? They’re still sending more trainees to my division which is a good thing
  10. When do they give out the uniforms? Is it after the 5 weeks of training? Or during training?
  11. I would hope that’s the case. Some of us are coming close to 2 years since the info session where we all accelerated through that side of the process.
  12. Congrats! There was no new documentation or uniform fitting? I thought there might be a new fitting because the first fitting was almost 1 yr 6months ago and our sizes might have changed lol With another lockdown coming to effect at midnight, does anyone think training will be pushed back again? Looking at the Ontario site, MTO will stay open for classes other than G and M. Here’s to hoping everything stays in schedule.
  13. Congrats! There was no new documentation or uniform fitting? I thought there might be a new fitting because the first fitting was almost 1 yr 6months ago and our sizes might have changed lol
  14. I guess there won't be any training at the beginning of January? Anyways I know it's been like super quiet here lately. Just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone here, stay safe! And hopefully next year will be better. See you all in the new year. Thanks for the helpful posts
  15. That's encouraging news for us still waiting. Thanks
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