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  1. I'm in holding pool A and haven't heard anything for about 2 month. Last email they sent was that everything still on hold. I believe all of us in Holding pool A will have to do another medical as it's been over a year since the last medical.
  2. https://www.cp24.com/mobile/news/ttc-to-temporarily-layoff-1-200-staff-in-response-to-90m-monthly-reduction-in-revenue-1.4908576 I guess I'll see you guys in a couple of months or even next year if our offers dont get pulled. All the best to everyone and keep safe during these times.
  3. For us new people in the hiring pool, do you think its possible for them to take away our offers? I've come to the conclusion that a full year will pass from my medical date and will have to do it again, but just wondering the possibility if they can pull our offers? Has that ever happened?
  4. Hey all, hoping everyone stays safe during this crazy time. I know this should be the last thing on my mind amidst all the stuff going on in our city and country but I have to ask for opinions. Do you guys think training for those waiting will be delayed further admid all the lockdownd happening?
  5. Congrats! All the best in the beggining of your journey!
  6. Since angi got her date, and you have the same medical, you should be very close 😀
  7. Shankl, have you got your training date? You are part of June medical right?
  8. Thabks for letting us know angi! It means im slowly getting closer *fingers crossed
  9. How many people in your training group? Did anyone fail?
  10. I checked this thread today hoping id hear someone got the email for training date so I can feel like im not too far off. Oh well
  11. My timeline is 1 month after angi and to hear that their training is now in April or later is deflating. At info session we were told Dec or January training. Documentation said its most likely Feb or March, and now it may be May or later. Oh well.
  12. Hey guys, since a majority of new transit operator are is bus mode, would it be advisable to read up on the oficcisl airbrake handbook from MTO prior to starting?
  13. Hi Haks810, thanks for sharing your starting date. All the best to you! So from what I see: Haks810 offer in in March, documentation was in July, training originally in October, last teaining session, and moved to Jan 2. Pkshah offer in April, documentation in August, no training date yet. For me, offer in June, Documentation in October, no training date. Would it be safe to say, my training date would be 2 months after pkshah? Pkshah, I'm sure you're close to start training, please do keep us informed when you start. Happy holidays to all!
  14. If it's anything like the transit opertor process, they will email you if you they will not move forward with you in the hiring process. No news may be good news.
  15. Has anyone here recently finished training or started and would care to share their experience? Would be curious as to if you were successful and how many of your peers were successful as well.
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