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  1. Thanks for this i don't see anyone here how had an offer after June, so I was wondering if theres anyone left here who hasnt received their email for documentation yet? According to an email I received shortly after the offer they said documentation would be 3-4 months but still havent heard back. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  2. Hi all, first time poster. Was reffered here from a friend and boy do I wish I saw this while in the early process. Anyways my timeline is I did the info session/interview/offer on June 17, Medical on July 2, Police Clearance July 19. I got my copy of the medical clearning me but didn't send them as that was not part of the instructions. I only sent the police clearance. Its almost mid Oct and was wondering about documentation. I still haven't got an email for documentation. I don't want to email my recruiter right away and was wondering if anyone with a similar time line got their email for documentation yet? Also, while doing my medical, I tested high on the grip test. They said this month I was top. Does this move me towards a certain mode? Thanks again all.
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