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  1. Hello all, I would be grateful if someone could make these changes to the Air Canada Express wiki pages. I know the edit requests are spread out and I apologise for that. This is also my first post here so please let me know if I can make these requests any easier to process for the wiki editors. As an aside, I feel there may be merit for readability reasons to merge all three series of DHC 8-400 pages into one. I would be curious to hear others thoughts on that. On the Jazz Aviation page, the 2015-16 DHC 8-400s are noted as having GE engines. The engines specified are jet engines. It should read PW150A. The DHC 8-300 is listed as a 40 seat aircraft. It is 50 economy seats. The 2007 fleet of DHC 8-400s are missing from this page, as noted below. The 2011 fleet of DHC 8-400s seat 78, all economy (not 74). On the page https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Air_Canada_Express_DH4_(2011) As above, should be 78 seats, not 74 An airplane is missing. C-GJZN FIN 498 First Flight Jan 2011 Delivered to Jazz Mar 2016 Ex Colgan Air/Republic Airways DBA Continental Connection/United Express N341NG. Note: Involved in collision with LH A333 in IAD in 2012. https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20120810-0 On the page https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Air_Canada_Express_DH4_(2015) C-GJZH and C-GJZF are part of the series built in 2007, and should be moved to that page. Additionally, ZY, ZA, and ZD have had their FINs changed. Now: C-GJZY 432 C-GJZA 433 C-GJZD 434 On the page https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Air_Canada_Express_DH4 These are noted as being operated by Sky Regional. Sky Regional only operates E175s under the Express banner at this point; these aircraft are now operated by Jazz Aviation LP. All the FINs are incorrect. It should be: C-FSRJ 489 C-FSRN 490 C-FSRW 491 C-FSRY 492 C-FSRZ 493 There are also FINs missing. Fleet Number Registration Thumbnail Airframe First Flight Delivery In-Service First Flight In-Service Final Flight Seating Notes 494 C-GJZH Aug 2007 May 2016 Previously operated by Frontier Airlines N502LX. 495 C-GJZC Jan 2008 Feb 2016 Previously operated by Frontier Airlines N507LX. 496 C-GJZR Dec 2007 Jun 2016 Previously operated by Frontier Airlines N508LX. 497 C-GJZF Jan 2008 Jun 2016 Previously operated by Frontier Airlines N510LX. That's all for now. Thanks again.
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